Friday, July 15, 2005

Firework on the Eiffel Tower

Yesterday evening, as I mentioned it in my previous post, there was a firework in Paris to celebrate Bastille day. I generally don't enjoy fireworks for they bore me very quickly! But this one was absolutely magnificent and I consider myself as very lucky to have seen it; not only were the effects very good but they also managed to mix them with the usual enlightening of the tower. Really fantastic. I am a happy tax payer!


  1. Wow!!! Congratulations, the image I like very much, I check ur blog because I like see other blogs when I put post in mine... very amazing and beatiful!!!

  2. Salut Eric,

    Je viens de decouvrir ton blog, et je l'adore! Comme tu peux le voir par le manque d'accent sur mon clavier, je n'habite plus la France (depuis 1995) mais les photos que tu prends me rendent tres nostalgique!

    Keep up the great posts!

    Sophie (reading from Australia)

  3. Absolutely spectacular. I could kick myself now for never having gone to the Eiffel Tower for the fireworks on July 14 (I was in Paris for July 14 in 2004.) This is something that I will do as soon as possible. At some point they light up the Tower in blue, white, and red, and it's pretty cool. I believe that the green and yellow this year were in honor of Brazil, since France is celebrating the "Year of Brazil."

    Do they play music during the fireworks and, if they do, what kind of music is it?

    As usual, thanks for the photo.

  4. > Rock. LOL.

    > Marely. Thank you. I will visit your blog soon too.

    > Elisabeth you should (kick yourself for not having gone to the Eiffel Tower in 2004!)

    Yeah the Red, white and blue thing was quite impressive and yes they had many "tableaux" relating to Brazil. As a matter of fact they did play music at the same time and all kinds of music (Brazilian music of course - and not the usual songs - except the Girl from Ipanema -, which was good) but also rock, classical, etc. Really well made.

    >Sophie. Well Australia is not bad either! Mais bon, c'est vrai que depuis que je fais ce blog je réalise encore plus à quel point j'ai de la chance d'habiter dans cette ville!

  5. Wow! That's incredible! I love Paris, I want to go back!

  6. Magnificient shot! I was in Paris for the 14 juillet one year and it rained on the parade unfortunately.

    Nice blog you have :). I'll be back.

  7. voila une photo qui kick ass !...

    ce qui me fait d'ailleurs penser que je n'ai jamais assiste a un feu d'artifices de 14 juillet a paris. quelle honte ! en attendant, je me souviens d'une annee ou j'avais passe mon 14 juillet dans un bal de caserne de pompiers. et honnetement, c'etait super sympa aussi. y'avait a boire et a manger...

  8. Erik,

    What a great pic! You are quite the talented photographer.

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