Monday, December 17, 2007

Save the pigeons!

It's been almost a month since I've shown you a Paris demonstration! This time it's got nothing to do with retirement nor education, but... with the pigeons! I actually came across this "No to the pigeons' massacre" demonstration opposite to where I took the rooster photo. At first I thought it was some hoax but it turned out it was not, as you can see for yourself on this claim billboard I shot here.


  1. I agree!
    I'm still angry with Ken Livingston in London for getting rid if the pigeons, but at least he used hawks.

  2. the pigeons in Trafalger Square, that is.

  3. No post about pigeons is complete without a link to the (London!) blogging pigeon.

  4. Oh this is surely one for Olivier, Eric. He has a thing about them!

    Ham that's always good, that site. Hope the rooster's safe, Eric?

  5. Oh, I see! So that's what's that rooster was looking at! No wonder he's not smiling! ;)

    Funny how much we all hate pigeons, yet they're actually very peaceful, easy going birds, if you think about it. Too bad they go to the bathroom everywhere!

    Kearny St., in San Francisco (where all the restaurants are) is just like an airport! There is always a bird landing or taking off around you, and many others just waiting nearby for someone to drop a piece of food on the sidewalk. Doesn't make me too confortables when there are so many birds around, but I suppose they have rights, too?

  6. LOL Tomate for remembering Hitchcok... after watching The Birds it's impossible not to find pigeons a bit... errr creepy....

    Amazing, parisians will demonstrate against or pro just anything!

    Hi again Lynn!!!!!!!

  7. TOF (Totally Off topic): I just read in the papers that Sarkozy has a new girlfriend, the ex-model and now singer Carla Bruni.

    She's stunning so I guess many people will be jealous.

  8. Marie Antoinette said something like "let them eat cake" and now this just "takes the cake"! As tomate said on the Making Of version of this blog, people find time to demonstrate in the cold for pigeons! Don't any of you find that just a bit bizarre and ironic considering the problems of the world?

    Anyway, I'm glad PDP was there out in the cold as there was no way I was going out this weekend!

  9. Bonjour:

    I consider pigeons flying rats and attempt to discourage them at any opportunity.

    Don't get me started. They are not cute nor charming.

    Steve, in pigeon infested Chicago

  10. As they say..."get a life"...pigeons are like feathered rats to city folks..unless it is "Pigeon" like that case..yummm! know that whole "Birds" thing was all because of those love birds she bought in Union Square..right??

  11. I'm not a big fan of birds in general. When they congregate in big numbers I just get nervous. *shudder*

  12. Sometimes i wonder if there is a civil disobedience gene dispersed within the french population! ;) Still, nothing better than taking democracy to the streets!

    And, it's so cold across europe at the moment, i find it utterly amazing that people take to the street at this time of year, and for what, upholding the rights of pigeons??!! In a strange way i find it endearing.

  13. Main Entry: stool pigeon
    Function: noun
    Etymology: probably from the early practice of fastening the decoy bird to a stool
    Date: 1826
    1: a person acting as a decoy or informer; especially : a spy sent into a group to report (as to the police) on its activities
    2: a pigeon used as a decoy to draw others within a net

    Is this cafe selling a lot of warm drinks? (definition 2) Is it le Cafe du Musee Rodin? Pigeons around the sculptures would be a problem, which makes the demonstration ironic.

  14. Are they serious about the "contraceptive seeds"????? That is too much. Pigeons on the Pill? What will they think of next? ;)

  15. Gosh, I would not spend any time demonstrating against pigeons, but on the other hand, this is really a plague in modern cities.

  16. Je déteste des pigeons ! On est un trop grand nombre !

  17. I do remember reading about contraceptive seeds for pigeons. I wonder if they'd gain weight, get moody, etc., as the artificial hormones change their natural balance. Yikes--a pigeon on a crying jag. Then she'd want to eat to feel better, and that means more contraceptive seeds... Oh, what a vicious cycle! Poor dears.

  18. Jeff. "Is it le Cafe du Musee Rodin?"

    Pont Girl. "Are they serious about the "contraceptive seeds"?????"

    Lynn. "Hope the rooster's safe, Eric?"
    I'm pretty sure - although I pass by the Invalides again today and did not see him (too cold, probably!)

    And Monica, yes Sarkozy has an official new girl friend! I'm on the story, will keep you posted ;)

  19. That's funny! I know that in Paris I think it's actually against the law to feed them, and you often see club-footed birds which I think comes from them landing on acid-laced balconies, or is that just an unban legend?

    In any case, birds always add something extra to a picture, so I can't be against them!

  20. i am anti anti-pigeons. haha..

    pigeons stole my food while i was eating. it was scary!

  21. Steverino: Last time I was in the Windy City there was a plague of wild geese, too. Is that still a feature of the city?

  22. @ everybody : Excellente année 2008 !

    @ Monica : about demonstration for anithing... the funny thing is that I have this feeling about american people capable of demonstrating alone in front of an official building with a pannel on the shoulder.

    About flying rats :
    a funny picture :
    an article about the harmed or missing pigeon toes in Paris

    I hate parisian pigeons, they're flying rats, dirty, filthy, discusting. They're absolutely not kild and I don't understand why those demonstraters talk about a massacre. 1/ They're sterilized with seeds and Paris has built a few pigeon nets in the suburbs to attract them and it's true that it's kind of working : there are less and less pigeons in Paris and it's a damn good piece of news.

    @ Michael : Marie Antoinette said about the french or parisian starving citizen "s'ils n'ont pas de pains, qu'il mange de la brioche !" (if they don't have bread they should eat cake !)