Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paris Center of the world!

New elections are coming up..."Les Municipales" (local elections). Yes, we are going to renew our mayor in March. Well, when I say renew, in fact we are going to "revote" for Bertrand Delanoë, the present mayor as polls show there is very very little doubt on the outcome of these elections ;) Unless, unless... some outsider confuses the issue. I let you find out yourself ;)


  1. How many times in a roll can a french politcian be elected?
    Here a politician can only be elected consecutively twice.

    I'm assuming this is different in France. Since Delanoe is doing a good job, as I often read about it, then I think it's good to "revote" for him over and over.

  2. I always wonder what time you post new photos!!

    Our elections are coming up too and everyone is pretty excited about it. Usually we're so apathetic over here.

  3. He is great honest but we more and more realise that the capital is becoming a ghetto for rich people.

    And maybe the 'blondinette' of the find-out-yourself-link would have charmed the olympic games jury ;-) (not the finest hours of Delanoe still a bit irritated about not having been chosen).

  4. So THAT's where she's been!

    For months the Hollywood news was saturated with Paris Hilton. It became tiresome. Then we stopped hearing about her. Perhaps France can stand it for a while.

    A charming post, Eric. Interesting to read about the mayor of Paris. We've heard plenty about Sarkozy, but I hadn't heard about Delanoe. I don't think most American cities would be progressive enough to elect a gay mayor. Except San Francisco, of course.

  5. Paris au centre du monde...ça laisse rêveur.

    Petrea the question is: are the American people progessive enough to elect a black president or a woman??
    What do you think about this election by the way?

    Monica actually there is no limit for a mayor, he can be elected more than twice (the mayor of my parents' village was elected 4 times).
    A law project limits the election of the President (one re-election) but it's only a project, the law was not voted since last year, the Senate will vote it I think during Sarkozy's mandate. So French people think that there is a limit but not yet!

    Have a sunny sunday (encore un!)

  6. he he Petrea, that made me laugh!

    Jamie, Eric likes to keep us guessing, fingertips hovering at our keyboard, not knowing when he'll post!

    I like this claim, Eric, that Paris is the centre of the world!

  7. Some French towns have the same mayor for ages, some stay 30 years on duty (6 years terms)
    some even have their son or grandson elected when they admit they do feel too old

    some kind of elected dynasties ;o)

    this might change especially in small places, because of increasing mayor's personnal responsibilities
    They are more and more often
    getting sued in case of local problems

    I think one large city in UK has a mayor who was formally a man and is now a woman
    that beats Paris or LA, I suppose

  8. I wonder who the average Frenchman would like to see the next President of the United States?

  9. That's easy?
    I bet they would vote for Hillary. The Ségolène Royal of the American Democrats.
    I wonder ?

  10. That's a good question, oldmanlincoln. I'm interested to hear how the world views this election. I know how they viewed the last one (much the same way I did).

    To answer your question, guille, I'm relieved that for the first time in years, we Americans can choose from among excellent candidates instead of the lesser of evils. I would be proud to have Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as my president. It was hard to vote in the primary. The first woman president? The first black president? (Well, he's half white, but the closest we've come so far.) These are minor points. There are other, countless ways in which they are both vast improvements over what we've had over the last eight years. I wish we could elect them both.

  11. Oh and by the way, Paris IS the center of the world. I'd never think to question it.

    Lili, despite outward appearances, I think LA is too conservative to elect a gay mayor. The people might be fine with it, but the tabloid press would ruin it. They ruined Paris Hilton. But see, she's found herself a new political career in France!

  12. PH can't even save herself from . . . herself

  13. Hilary seems too aggressive for my tastes; too desperate.

  14. There can be no question that Paris is certainly the center of the world for all PDP readers! Thanks to you, Eric, we can be in the center of it all everyday, no matter where we live. That is fantastic!

    Our public radio station carries some news braodcasts from around the world, one of them from Germany, Deutsche Welle Radio, reported on your mayor just a couple days ago, and it was very interesting.

    I, too, would be interested in which American presidential hopeful Parisians would most like to see in office. If you see anything Eric, would you let us know? Thanks.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  15. Well, of course Paris is the center of the world! I love the Gertrude Stein quote, "America is my country, but Paris is my hometown." C'est vrai pour moi!!

  16. Hillary, the aggressive lioness? :)
    Aggressive women do not eat quiche, but buffalo meat.
    Robespierre used to tell Charlotte, première de cordée, "there is nothing like a hungry woman".

  17. Paris is NO longer the center of the world, Monceau-les-mines is...

  18. Eric? I bet you've NEVER been to Picpus Cemetery?

  19. "I, too, would be interested in which American presidential hopeful Parisians would most like to see in office. If you see anything Eric, would you let us know? Thanks.
    Seattle Daily Photo"

    Dennis Kucinich, because he saw a flying saucer...


    A wicked beautiful sculpture! Thanks for sharing it Petrea

  21. C'est drole, mais "Paris Hilton" est une vraie bécasse!!! A really insipid bimbo!! I certainly wouldn't wish her on Paris or any other city in the world for that matter. America deserves her IMHO. LOL!!

    I remember when I was in Paris and Bertrand Delanoe was first introducing "re-cycling" bins that were color coded like we have had in California for many years. The French people in the building where I was staying really didn't know what to do with them, but eventually they caught on. So I will always remember him for that. As far as Paris becoming a "ghetto for the rich", which certainly rings true to many I'm sure, it seems that all big, beautiful cities in the world are heading this way. I don't approve or condone it, but take San Francisco for example; even a tiny apartment without a garage can't be bought for less than $500,000 and it is almost impossible to rent an apartment for less than $1200.

    Because there are less people to do the service related jobs necessary in a city[drycleaning, restaurant, etc..]because they can't afford to live in the city, it has become necessary to pay them higher wages which has made the price of services raise exorbitantly and created a real division between the "rich and the poor"!!! Welcome to Globalism...we all suffer together?!!

    And I'm sure you have heard the saying..."They say‥that when good Americans die they go to Paris".
    [1894 O. Wilde Woman of no Importance]...and “Paris is well
    worth a Mass.” Henri IV being received in Paris in 1594!!

  22. If he is going to be renewed, Is he at least a good mayor!?

  23. Eric you are playing with us! he he sometimes you post early, sometimes late. Your fans are running in circles to be first! Well, Monica, Phx and Guille are anyway. I'm just here...because...well i just made a coffee and came here by chance on my way through...:)

  24. Lynn I try to post around midnight but sometimes I go out - yes I do have a social life LOL! - and yesterday evening I came home late...

    Tonight I went to the movies (see the Barber of Fleet Street) and I'm late again...

    Tricky isn't?!

    And on top of that I have to wake up early tomorrow, so no time to answer some of the above questions. I'll try tomorrow...

  25. Anonyme, you're sweet to link to my blog. It's a lovely sculpture--I can say so because I didn't make it. It's a pleasant shock to find something like that out in the wild.

  26. Very interesting to see the politic views of others here.

  27. Thanks for the mini vacation. Paris is the ONLY city that I've ever wanted to visit. How lovely to know I can visit it every day right here.
    Carolyn, A Jersey Girl