Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A must see Museum

If I tell you I photographed this masterpiece in a museum, which one do you think it was? The Paris Modern Art Museum? The Beaubourg Center? The Cartier Foundation? All wrong! I took this photo in the computer museum, a pretty new place, located up top the big arch of La Défense. This place is like heaven for geeks, believe me. Not only can you see what a computer looked like in the 40's (well, OK, maybe they did not really qualify as computers...) but also discover - or rediscover, depending on your age - the first PC, the first laptop, the first Apple Macintosh... I had a blast! More here.


  1. Okay, this is definitely up my hubby's alley! He loves to work on computers!

  2. ...and I'm certain it will turn out to be a Frenchman who invented computers ;-)

  3. WOW!:)
    This seems like an interesting place!!:)

  4. Wow, this looks like a mini-version of the outside of the Pompidou Centre! Just kidding, hee-hee.

  5. Oh boy! Rainbow pasta. I'm so hungry. But that flat colander it's being drained on looks a little impractical to me.

    Actually, the history of this stuff is kind of mind blowing. I was skeptical when a friend mentioned that FAX machines were used in WW2 (OK, not computers but electronic tech). But we can see here that the history of the FAX machine goes back much further.

    Look at the size of the monitor of the Osborne 1 Eric showed us among the "more" photos. If we still used those Eric would have to re-title his blog as PDP = Paris Daily Pixel.

  6. Hi everyone -- so, here's the cool deal PDPer story of the day. Pont Girl and I -- who've never met --but have communicated thru PDP and gotten to know each other over a link that's in Paris -- actually work in the same building in Los Angeles!! Isn't that wild. :) We're planning to have lunch soon to celebrate our PDP addiction and the wonders of the internet age. Perfect application for the photo of the day.

  7. I have the first Macintosh in my garage!

    It reminds me of the tops of the bus shelters in Barcelona, where the tour bus passengers throw their headsets after a day on the bus. I thought you had found the Parisian equivalent.

    Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

  8. That's amazing as i was convinced i was using the world's first laptop!

    My eldest son is studying computing and i'm sure would be interested in this museum.

    I think the first computer i had was a Commodore 64 - is that right? - who else remembers their first. Come on, one never forgets their first... ;)

  9. Ha ha. What a great site USElaine. I hesitated for the longest time to click the window shut for fear my mouse would drag that stuff all over the outside of my monitor, onto the keyboard, the desk, my pants. Wait! I'll toss a canvas on the floor!

    Carrie and Pont Girl: That is astounding, but, you know, I kinda feel the same way being on the same planet with all of you guys.

  10. Hi Carrie - can't wait 'til we have lunch! Join us, Tall Gary!!

  11. Eric, I remember traveling around the US lugging the first Compaq portable computer (1986). It looked a lot like the Osborne in one of your photos and it weighed 32 pounds, had two floppy drives and a larger monitor. The good old days - NOT! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  12. Yeah! And Petrea, too. I don't know if there are any other Angelenos around, but, maybe we can find a great French place.

    I love that site, too, USElaine -- I wish there were colors.

    Lynn -- I'm - blush - a late bloomer, I only had my first a year and a half ago -- named Dell.

  13. T Gary and Carrie - Some hints.

    Spacebar = clears canvas completely, even off your pants 8^)

    Mouse click = starts a new color (it randomly chooses, and the effects are always interesting, so let go of any control issues)

  14. It sounds so dirty to say it, but I just used the ones at work for years, and the first was enormous!! Oddly enough, I think its name was PDP! Or maybe it was PHP... You see, you can forget...

    Now that Mac has become part of my life (September will be our first anniversary), the past isn't so important.

  15. How cool is THAT! Lovely and colorful abstract from that board. Did they have any IBM punch cards? When I was a very little girl in the 60s my mom used to bring used ones home from work (the computer these were used in filled a whole room!), fold and staple the ends into points, staple them to a cardboard round in layers, add pine cones in the center, then spray paint the whole thing gold or silver and hang them as Christmas wreaths on the door. A great compliment to our aluminum Christmas tree with the color light wheel!
    This museum sounds fun. I LOVED my first McIntosh SE all in one little computer, and I think I still remember DOS commands from the ancient PC at work. Them waz the daze!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  16. Eric, who says musicians have all the good "gigs" in town? [you Geeks out there should follow that one] What a cool place to hang. Takes me back to the movie "War Games" (1983) starring Matthew Broderick (married to whom I wonder?...Lynn can help here) and Ally Sheedy (who all but fell off the map after all those John Hughes films). Loved her in "The Breakfast Club."

    Carrie and Pont Girl...definitely the story of the day award goes to you two. Wow!!!(Check out that "six degrees of separation" theory)

    Uselaine...merci to your link, I'm, I'm an artist...I really can dribble like Pollock! I need a Kleenex.

  17. Ha! I remember the punchcards! God help you if you dropped the pile! And the paperbands with holes in them (we had to read them when they came out of the mainframe if memory serves) and the first drawings made by zeroes and ones on these very large continuous feed dot-matrix print-out ... ah... memories ... My first PC (or should I say Micro-Computer, since technically it wasn't a clone) was an Apple 2E!

    Cool post, Eric, and La Defense is definitely a perfect place for this.

    (As you can imagine, we have a couple of tech museums in the SF Bay Area, too. I believe Intel lets you visit for free or at least used to. Maybe you had a chance to investigate when you came last year?)

  18. "this looks like a mini-version of the outside of the Pompidou Centre" LOL Pont Girl!

  19. Lynn: I definitely remember my first main frame, my first PC and my first Apple computer. You might want to be a litte more specific when you ask for the "first" ;)

  20. Eric,
    you have 5 minutes to untangle it. If you lose you have to take home the childzilla from the other week.

    good luck my friend :)

    P.s. Have you ever been to Angelina's cafe. I heard the hot chocolate is unbelievable :)

  21. GREAT LINK, USElaine! Love this Jackson Pollock thingy! :D

  22. First video game was PONG...Oops! the first computer I used was at Univ of North Texas; it was the Apple II+ that sold for around $1200 in 1979, followed by the Apple IIe in 1983. I recall studying BASIC and DOS terminology and flowcharts and tiring of ones and zeroes and ones and zeroes. My first computer to own was an IBM. I'm now running on a personal configured system a friend of mine helped to build.

  23. TColtrane, tomate, I'm glad you're enjoying your power to produce art! I found the site last year while exploring on-line demonstrations of interactives built with "Processing" open source code. There's no "save" capacity that I'm aware of, but if you create something you want to keep, you can to a screen shot, then crop to the art that way.


  24. My "first" was an Amstrad, with twin (CD-size) floppy drives and considerably less grunt than my current pen drive. It had a low resolution black and white screen and, when booting, sounded more like fork-lift than a computer. I do have fond memories of it, though, mainly because of what I wrote on it - which, for some reason, seemed better for having NOT been written on a typewriter!

    I've been a Mac-man for about a year now, and the honeymoon still isn't over...

  25. I agree, Coltrane, that the Carrie/Pont Girl story takes the cake. If there were anyone in the Mpls/St. Paul area, it would be fun to meet. I tried to connect with one of the bloggers, but no reply. A woman...what's new, Jeff?

    That photo of "computer" looks like my brain. Dig the colors, man. I'm just on wine these days, though...

  26. Oh gracious me! This is right up my boyfriend's alley as well. Ahh, Paris! Never been. Wanna go sooo badly.

  27. Great photo (looks like silly string to me), and very cool to know about this museum! If I visit, maybe I'll finally learn how computers really work. In my family, the answer to any question about how things worked was usually, "Wires!" Now I know it's true, since I've seen it on PDP! I've used computers for years, but only just bought my own (iBook laptop) 2 years ago.

    Love the Carrie/Pont Girl story of working in the same building. Small world!!

  28. I thought silly string too. Either that, or that Walt Disney was making pasta again.

    Misawa Mama - I have been to Angelina, and the hot chocolate is pretty good. The desserts are not bad either. Whenever I have walked by there, there is always a long line.

    Regarding computers, I am ready to kick mine to the curb. However I doubt it will look this pretty inside. I think it must be all full of tar, since it moves so slowly.

  29. Awwww, Jeff don't get discouraged.

    (I know I say that, yet the day you came through SF I had mild flu symptoms and couldn't come out and play. Oh, well.)

  30. Jeff, would that be when you came to L.A. and didn't call Petrea & me??? ;)

  31. The museum looks fascinating! I learned BASIC programming on a Commodore 64. The first computer I owned was a Kaypro, which used a CP/M OS and had 2 floppy drives - no hard drive. This, too, was supposed to be a "portable" computer -- NOT. The software package included a game called "Star Traders," a sort of space-age stock market game.
    Computers have come a loooong way...

  32. What an interesting place you have found Eric! I would love to visit it someday.

    Great photo as ever. :)

  33. Eric for the first time,I think, you have mentioned a place I wont make a note of in my Moleskin Paris notebook. I really don't think I'll go to this computer museum if I have anything to say about it.
    Since being in Paris is always a matter of prioritization. There's always a number of things that'll have to wait for the next time and the next time- and this museum will be one of them.
    I'm glad you had a good time though. Did you get a season ticket ? :)

  34. JEFF. You WHAT?

    Eric, could you have gotten some more color into this shot? I especially like that this museum's atop the arch of La Defense. Geek heaven indeed!

    I thought it was cool that Pont Girl and I met here on PDP, and we're at least 20 miles apart. But Pont Girl and Carrie work in the same building! That's wild. I'd love to join you for lunch. What do you say, Tall Gary?

    I was thinking of a soCal Bastille Day PDP gathering, too. Who's up for it? It's a Monday this year, but we could meet on Sunday the 13th.

  35. Petrea; do you mean meet in Paris or only you guys in the SF area ?
    Or we could have a gathering here at PDP :)

  36. I would love to meet some PDP'ers for lunch too.
    Are there any Danes lurking around here ??? Please confess :) I wanna meet too, and it's quite a journey to go to SF, or even Paris, for lunch.

  37. Lynn
    I remember very well my first PC. A wonderful guy called Ray taught me how to build one and I built mine myself. The parts cost me £350 in 1995 so it was a real bargain at the time.

    I have the perfect solution for your problem...;) get in touch with me via Facebook or email and I will explain. :)

  38. Bettina, the PDP Fan Pod forming in this thread are Southern Californians - Pasadena, Los Angeles.

    There's another Fan Pod in San Francisco and it's bay area, about 350 miles north.

    I'm not in Denmark, but my grandmother was born in San Francisco to Danish immigrants. Læsø figures prominently.

    Sorry, my Danish button got pushed. Carry on...

  39. This SoCalian says: Petrea,

    I'm game.

    Bastille Day as well. Sunday, Monday, It's all the same to me, but Sunday traffic might be better, n'est pas?

  40. carrie and pont girl, that is the best story! Tell us everything when you both meet. I love this.

  41. Carrie "Pont Girl and I -- who've never met --but have communicated thru PDP and gotten to know each other over a link that's in Paris -- actually work in the same building in Los Angeles!! Isn't that wild. :) We're planning to have lunch soon to celebrate our PDP addiction and the wonders of the internet age."

    Truly amazing. We want photos!!

  42. That's one hell of a mother board Eric and I guessed it before I read the notes.
    That's wonderful about Carrie and Pont Girl. The internet really is an amazing place and PDP of course is the best of the best.

  43. You geeeeeek Eric!! ;)
    I had an amstrd too, very funny, I played to "paper boy"!

    Misawa Mama, if you think that the Angelina's chocolate is good, try the Colbert's Cafe chocolate, amazing.

    Carrie and Pont girl, I love the story! When did you realise it?

  44. I know quite a lot of people who'd enjoy this museum!

    What a mess of wires! ;-)

  45. Commentaire spécial pour les Français :

    Je n'ai pas fait attention, j'aurais dû monter un Macintosh plutôt.

    J'aurais pu titrer "L'Apple du 18 juin!"

  46. Coltrane oh yes Matthew Broderick is married to Sarah Jessica Parker - Carrieeeee to we Sex and the City fans! You KNEW i'd know!

    Carrie - you youngies...sigh...!

    Rose i'm so impressed you built one!

    Ms M - BASIC, yes BASIC that was it! lol i seem to remember some cool games we played on it too, getting from room to room, finding keys, treasure, really early stuff but quite intellectual as games go, with riddles etc.....

    Ah the memories we all have of our particularly firsts with these strange boxes of lights....

    Tomate, i know....;) blush....

  47. Great photo, and I'm really enjoying everyone's comments today.

    carrie & pont girl -- what a great coinkydink! You know you'll have to take pix and tell us all about your get-together.

    I think maybe the new pick-up line is, "So, are you a Mac person or a PC person?" (I'm a Mac person. Eric, which are you?)

  48. Alexa lol i think you're right about the chat-up line. I'm a laptop person, pc. Mind you, if the chat-up line comes from a handsome Mac user, I'm sure i could open a different sort of Window...

  49. lol, Lynn! Well put -- and undoubtedly true.

  50. LOOOOL Eric.
    I have just discovered (after lunch) your last comment!!! I swear!! "L'Apple du 18 juin!" Pretty good!!
    Mais la perle c'est : "Je n'ai pas fait attention, j'aurais dû monter un Macintosh plutôt".
    ROTF! Err jaune?
    Sure it is easier sometimes!!! :)

    Guille, la belle vie maintenant et en plus un temps de rêve?! Y en a qui ont du bol!! Donc c'est toi qui avais pris le soleil en otage? hehe, il faut toujours un responsable à tout en France!!
    La bonne nouvelle, c'est que tes exams étant finis, on peut espérer qu'il va briller un peu plus, alors? ;))

    Carrie and Pont girl, we all live in a small world. I could say a bit about that too...!! Great!

  51. SoCalFanPod: Monday is pretty much out of the question for me, but Sunday will probably work. How is that for you guys?

    Lynn -- " Carrie, you youngies... sigh...!" It didn't cross my mind, since I'm such a newbie on computers, that you can't actually see me, so half the joke is missing -- I'm in my (gulp) fifties. :o (How did that happen?) :) But, what with those photos from the PDP/SCFP lunch and the descriptions from the PDPers I meet, I wouldn't have gotten away with 20 for long! Drat...

  52. USelaine;Thanks for the update. How interesting you have ancestors from Denmark. Læsø is an island in the northern part of the country.

    Jeff; I don't know whether to envy or to pity you on your brain status, if it looks like this. The wine sounds great though.

  53. I remember my first computor (note the spelling!)in 1950. It was an aluminium laptop about 3ins X 5 on one side was a roll of cloth marked in degrees and speeds under a perspex window, with a rotating dial. On the back was a circular slide rule with a separate window for fiddling speeds against height. Used by navigators of aircraft and an adaptation of a similar gimmick produced in the 1920's. So nothing is new.
    OK as for electronic, my first was a Colour Genie, a clone of the TRS80, with a Basic coded in. To use it it had to be fed programs on cassette tape, or you could labouriously compose your own. Which I had to do. Those were the days LOL

  54. Kim, that's so funny, my dad worked for IBM, and he used to bring home the punch cards, too! We'd make Christmas wreaths from them. And I'll never forget the day the lone Apple arrived at my grade school library. I typed in my name, and it said, "Hi, Amy!" I ran home and told IBM-Dad that I wanted an Apple because it was the coolest thing ever. "NO!" LOL

  55. And Lynn -- you can imagine just how fantastic Dell is - truly unique - to make a girl who saved herself for that long (imagine - the peer pressure over all those long decades to just go ahead and get it over with) finally to give in and let herself go....

  56. Mwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! L'apple du 18 Juin!! MDR!!!

    CDG (non, pas US Lynn!) aurait probablement aimé cet hommage. :)

    Corinne, oui la belle vie!! Je me rue sur les expo que je n'ai pas encore vues et j'ai beaucoup de lecture en retard. Alors bouquiner dans un parc avec ce soleil, quoi de plus agréable?! Le temps allait avec mon humeur depuis un mois, je suis désolée. LOL

  58. Great idea about meeting near Bastille Day, Petrea! Yes, Sunday 7/13 is good pour moi aussi!

    USElaine, I like how you have named us the SoCalFanPod - tres cute.

    Eric, I think Carrie and I are both computer impaired so it will be hard to post a photo, but we can try. When we are with Petrea it will be a snap :)

    Guillemette the 1st - Carrie and I have a friend in common named Grace who also works in the building with us. Grace is in love with Paris and knows that I am a PDP addict and told Carrie about PDP, because I think Carrie is planning a trip to Paris (is that right Carrie??)

  59. First computer experience: 8th grade Algebra. The instructor tried to teach us COBOL. Dating myself.

    I understand the words in the "18 juin" joke, but I don't understand the joke! Gotta be French, I guess. I can tell from Tomate that it's hilarious.

    However, I'm still laughing from Lynn's joke, "I was convinced I was using the world's first laptop."

    July 13th/LA area/PDP fan/Bastille Day celebration. We can start planning now. I'm sure From Cali will want to come, too. Anyone else? I'll begin putting an email list together, and we can go from there. Hey! We already have a date, that's a fantastic start.

    Tall Gary and I also accept the lunch invitation from Carrie and Pont Girl, if you'll still have us (I'll bring my camera). Don't worry, Carrie, I'm in my gulp fifties, too.

  60. Tall Gary, Carrie, and other SoCal PDPers who want to join us on the 13th of July (Luggi?): please email me so I can add you to the mailing list. (It's for this event only, if you want me to spam you you can just forget it, I'm sorry but I don't have time.) It's easy to find my email address by going to my blog and clicking on the "email me" link on the left side of the page.

  61. SoCalFanPod: Sunday is good.

    Thanks to Wikipedia I could get a grasp of Eric's more than clever play on words intertwining Apples and a speech of de Gaulle (De gall o' dat guy to make an appeal like dat in 1940). English here.

    Tomate led me to: "MDR: Mort de rire, the French equivalent of LOL." At first it sounded like a modern military K-Ration thing along the lines of "Meals: Disgusting Repast."

    The French love their "little deaths," don't they?

  62. MDR ! Eric !
    Ce sont les premiers soleils sur Paris, ceci explique peut être celà .

  63. Demande à la reine Guillemette : j'ai prévu de monter à la capitale demain me faire un peu de balade ou quelques musées.
    Quelle sera l'humeur de votre Majesté puisqu'elle semble commander aux éléments ?
    Puis-je prévoir un déjeuner en terrasse ou une séance de ciné bien au chaud ?

  64. Petrea, dear you already dated yourself when we were discussing the AARP discounts, remember? ;) but COBOL, I'm impressed!

    I don't know why the Apple du 18 Juin tickled my funny bone that way but it sure did. Apple sounds like "appel" in French and of course, it's the 18th and I don't know, just imagining De Gaulle with a Mac, I guess ... I don't know. I didn't think about it much, it just made me laugh.

    It's hard to explain why one thing is hilarious to some but only mildy funny to someone else. So anyway, dont feel left out or anything, there isn't any hidden joke or anything. Maybe, some things (especially humor) do get lost in translation?

    Here you go, the Appeal of June 18 in English:

    in case that helps any?

  65. OH, yeah, NOW (after typing all that), I see Tall Gary's link.

  66. L'Apple du 18 juin ......... excellent !!!!

    When I try to explain to my eldest son (21), who's now in an engineer school, that PC didn't exist when I was a student, and that I learnt "informatique" with punch cards, he never believes me ;-((

  67. Eric, tes photos, les commentaires et tes réponses, c'est tellement bien..
    Je comprends que tu n'ai pas le temps de m'envoyer le petit résumé de notre discussion :-))))))))

  68. Marylène, I planned good weather for the whole week! So I suggest you to have a wander and not a film! ;)
    Il a des expos très bien à voir en ce moment. J'ai vu Zao Wou-Ki hier, et je le conseille à ceux qui ne connaissent que ses grandes oeuvres. Et aujourd'hui China Gold ouvrait au Musée Maillol, j'irai probablement demain, peut être nous y croiserons nous Marylène! ;)

  69. Tomate & TG: I love "MDR" I thought it had something to do with Marina del Rey...

  70. quand on voit ces vieux ordinateurs ont a l'impression d'etre a l'age de pierre et pourtant ce n'est pas si loin, c'est fou l'evolution de l'informatique en si peu de temps. Dire que dans 20ans on regardera nos micros ordinateurs en ce demandant comment cela pouvait exister.

  71. lol Petrea, yes indeed. I keep looking for the wind-up key.

    LOL Carrie! Well you're still a youngie on the computer front - let's look on the bright side, huh? I have to every day!
    Dell must be quite a guy to convince you to give your cherry rather than to take an Apple.

  72. I learned 'l'informatique' too Thib! In FRENCH! At uni (all my lectures were in French apart from one - Spanish). Ha. Impressed? You'd think so, but I'm still really none the wiser... my computer techie looks at me blankly when i explain the problem in French so what use was THAT to me exactly? ...

  73. I beg to differ Lynn, I have forgotten my first! But my next one might be a Dell, although I've hear once you go Mac you never go back.

    I will email you Petra. I'd like to attend your gathering.

  74. Ok Petrea -- I'm going to email you at the address I think I see on your webpage. I couldn't find any link on the side of the page on your blog, but, that may be the ol'computer impairment poppin' up. If all else comes to naught, I can get it from Pont way or another I'll get it to you.

  75. LOL From Cali i heard that too. he he. Careful with the language - keep it nicely pc won't you. Groan...sorry...

  76. Eric -- you truly get the wit prize with "L'Apple du 18 Juin"! And though pas du tout "Gaulliste" moi-meme, I have to say that that was a fine speech, mon general!

    also uselaine, forgot to say thanks for the Pollock link. What a fun way to waste time at work (doing what I'm doing at this moment I don't consider wasting time -- at all.)

  77. Pont Girl: That's not fair! I hardly knew you two in January when I was in LA. (Not nearly as well as I know you and Petrea now!) Next time I visit, I surely will make contact first.

    I like the 18 Juin joke, thanks to Tall Gary.

    Soak up the sun, Guille et Marylene. Just remember, Guille est la reine, vous avez raison, mais Eric est le Roi du Soleil!

  78. the only thing I understood Guille, was TG's reference to little deaths....giggle.
    And Carrie, I figured you Petra and I are all women of a certain age.

  79. Alexa "(I'm a Mac person. Eric, which are you?)". Er... I'm a PC person! I know, it's not politically correct!

    Pont Girl "Eric, I think Carrie and I are both computer impaired so it will be hard to post a photo, but we can try. When we are with Petrea it will be a snap :)" Send it to me, I'll post it on the making of. You HAVE TO! LOL (Especially if, as I just read, Petrea, Tall Gary and possibly others will join! I wish I was there with you.

    Marylène "Demande à la reine Guillemette : j'ai prévu de monter à la capitale demain me faire un peu de balade ou quelques musées."On pourrait éventuellement s'apercevoir, mais j'ai une réunion à 14 heures donc très très peu de temps de libre (ambiance Sushi devanat ordinateur !) si Guille et toi voulez passer du côté de la porte de Vanves (wow, super exy la porte de Vanves !) je peux prendre un café rapide sinon une autre fois.

    Thib "When I try to explain to my eldest son (21), who's now in an engineer school, that PC didn't exist when I was a student, and that I learnt "informatique" with punch cards, he never believes me ;-((" Come on, you're not that old!

    Laurent "Eric, tes photos, les commentaires et tes réponses, c'est tellement bien..
    Je comprends que tu n'ai pas le temps de m'envoyer le petit résumé de notre discussion :-))))))))" C'est en position 2 ou 3 de ma to do list! Surtout ne pas désespérer...

    Lynn "I learned 'l'informatique' too Thib! In FRENCH! At uni " Now I understand ;~) LOOOOOOOOL

  80. I have to say it,

    What is this, the Geek Squad!

    Eric went from sexy in a suit to computer nerd in just 24 hours.

  81. Lois "Eric went from sexy in a suit to computer nerd in just 24 hours." LOOOOOOOL!

    Look at Thursday post Lois, much less nerdy!"

  82. Loïs, that is a really good one, I think!!!!! I know Eric has already tell it but I just can't resist! LOL! I am glad the Thursday post is less nerdy.

    Marylène & Guille : Porte de Vanves is fabulous, believe me!!! I hope you will come and if so, maybe I could join you too for a coffee break. That would be nice.
    Ou une autre fois.

  83. Eric, this photo brings back memories. I was a keypunch operator in a bank and we had a computer that was programmed with these wire boards. If you dropped the board and wires came loose, well let's just say you weren't the most popular person that day.
    Thanks for the memories!

  84. Avec mon plus grand regret ce sera "ou une autre fois" pour moi.

    Ma fille s'est chargée de mon programme de la journée, pour une fois qu'elle me tient à Paris, et ce programme n'inclue pas de détour par la Porte de Vanves.
    J'espère que vous pourrez vous y retrouver pour un café.
    J'en boirai un à votre santé du musée Guimet ou de Cluny selon l'humeur du moment.
    Ma fille est en recherche d'emploi comme on dit pompeusement pour ne pas dire au chomage donc elle privilégie les musées gratuits.
    Zut, je viens de vous donner une idée de mon àge !!!!!