Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A French designer you may not know

Curiously enough, most of the famous clothing designers are men. France makes no exception, even if we've had Coco Chanel of course and a few others. That is why today I would like to introduce you to Nathalie Garçon, one of the rare French female "Stylistes" (designers) we count. She started her own company in 1989, after working for several senior designers, and sold it 10 years later to a larger group (Garella), but she still continues to design clothes for the brand. Last but not least, she claims she designs them for "the average woman in the street" not for anorexic models!


  1. What an interesting story Eric and to think that a girl can be called a "garcon"! You're so clever aren't you... Thanks for a great photo!

  2. Woo-hoo, Michael -- GF!
    Finally, someone's designing clothing for "normale" bodies. Though I wonder how high the sizes go.

  3. Eric: I love when you talk fashion!

    I wonder how high the prices go. I would imagine the anorexic models can afford them as they do not spend money on food!

  4. hahaha! Lol, cali. But cigarettes and other ... ahem.. "low calories snacks" are more expensive than a meal :) OK, we're bad. Oh, well (shrug).

  5. You are right, as usual, Tomate. That is a diet I haven't tried, YET. ;-)

  6. Cali "Eric: I love when you talk fashion!" LOL.

  7. Yeah...interesting last name on that one.

    Cali, I like the way Eric talks Eiffel Tower more than fashion, but I guess we can't have that every day!

  8. THIS is a good idea, clothes for the 'average' woman. So rare nowadays, really.
    The name written in white is quite difficult to read. (Or maybe I should go to the ophtalmologist...).

    Suzy, you're so demanding... LOL

    Michael, hm, well, congratulations for beeing GF. It hurts me to say that. Grmmrm (muttering, mumbling).
    Remember the Bratlib'®

  9. Alexa - I'm thinking there's French average, and there's American average, in both size and age appropriateness. But that's okay! I always like to window shop. 8^)

    I've been looking forward to Eric's fashion posts as well. But then, I look forward to the food posts. And the landscape posts. And the event posts. And the art posts. And the structural posts. And the people posts...

  10. And the mojito posts...

  11. Suzy, I expected that from our punnymen.

  12. Average....I've always been way above average!! Fashion is fun to see though. Not something I would usually spend a lot of $$ on, but fun to see nonetheless.

  13. Another great shot by you! I've actually seen some of her work, they're beautiful. Plus, haute couture for "the average woman in the street" is a great idea.

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  14. uselaine -- Think you're right about French vs. American sizes. When I lived in Paris, I probably wore the equivalent of an American size 4 or 6, and I felt like a perfect cow (of course, I worked in a modeling agency, so . . .). Also, I'm with you; I just look forward to whatever Eric gives us to talk, argue, or pun about, and I'm still laughing at what the resident lyricists provided yesterday!
    P.S. -- that was funny what you said yesterday about my photo. But don't blame your eyesight—blame my ex, who took the picture (we've been divorced for 15 years, but we still hang out and travel together).

  15. I like your fashion shots, too, Eric. You do shop windows so well.

    Maybe I'm crazy (you could make a case for it), but Nathalie Garçon and I have a different idea about what the "average woman" is comfortable wearing. The average French woman must be a good deal slimmer than the average American woman. (Highly likely.) If the designer's name was Natalie Boy, those hems would be lower, less belly would show...

  16. The shop has a rustic interior design thing going on there. You are so sweet to let us ladies see these glimpes of Paris fasion from time to time. I use to design my own fashions as I was a size 1. There isn't a lot out there for a size 1. I remember I wore my own creation on my interview/painting demonstration on "Good Morning America" when I was 16. For those of you who are not from the US, "Good Morning America" is a talk/interview show in the morning. I followed the fashion shows last month coming out of Paris for the Fall and Winter Season -- they are Awesome, very HOT!!!!!

    BTW, the photo of me by Katie in my profile shot -- those are Coco Chanel pearls (with little black bows) from the Spring and Summer collection. I just had to have it since I am so into BLACK; I have seen other promenant designers copying that look since (but late) -- just between you and me -- I won't mention any names.

  17. Great photo:)
    Hey, im a newbie to your paris daily photo.I've been lurking about for not that long.anyway--i've really enjoyed all of your photos.When i was in Paris last summer.The one thing I did enjoy was seeing french designers ,and some i've never heard of.
    So it was refreshing:)

    and i loved every minute of my trip to Paris.

  18. * one more thing i meant to say.
    I've never heard of Nathalie Garcon.but just from looking at her website.Her clothes are beautiful.I would prob.wear every piece,IF the price wasn't too ridiclous.

  19. I am assuming PDP is checking out the OLYMPICS. As I told PDP, my X was in Asia for the past three months working on his artwork. If you forgot, he is a filmmaker and photographer. Here is a link to a few China photos.


    Don't throw anything at him because of politics. Quote by JB Petitpas, "Lois, Have you ever noticed how ugly politicians are?" I roared laughing. BTW, he's 19 years younger than me, that is why I spoil him so.

  20. Whew! Just flew in from tending to my eBay listings and from fencing off a boastful cow. Exhausting day. Hope this post finds you all... well, all well. Another round of mojitos on me!

    Is that Miguel wearing the GF Crown? Nicely done. You outhoofed the hoofer. I knew you could.

    Eric, were you in the Gallerie Vivienne for this one? There is a cool toy store there called "Si Tu Veux" that my little gals would go crazy in. They haven't gotten to "really" know French clothing yet, but when they do (and they no doubt will), I'll know where to send them.
    Nathalie Garcon has a beautiful line...keen sense of style. Nice that there are designers thinking about the "average French woman" but hey, I didn't think there was such a thing as the "average French woman." Aren't they all above average? ...BIDDA BOOM!

    In the words of that most famous and revered philosopher of my youth, Mr. Foghorn Leghorn, "That's a joke son. A Flag waver. I keep pitchin'em and you keep missin''em. Ya gotta keep your eye on the ball. Eye. Ball. I almost had a gag, son. Joke, that is."

    All's well that end's well...and no more mojito's for me. ;-)

    PS: Highly don't Go-lightly into this good PDP blog night. ;-)

  21. I really like this little peek into Nathalie Garcon's boutique. The photo gives me the sense that you're trying to sneak us inside for a look around. (Oooh, fun idea for a PDP field trip!)

  22. Thank you Coltrane, but you know that I remain humble and will always bow to the cow.

  23. Nathalie Garçon, I like a lot this name, something like both genders in perfect harmony. Cool.
    And her work is excellent.

  24. Not just clothing designers, but hair stylists, make-up artists, chefs -- why so few famous women in these arts? I've often wondered about it myself.

  25. Lovely photos, Eric. These bring back memories of a wonderful trip to Paris in early April 2001. That was a cold spring, but everything was fascinating from the Louvre to the Marmottan and the shops and the boulangerie on the Rue Cler. And every person we met was quite friendly and could even understand our little bit of French! I look forward to seeing more of your photos. And to returning to Paris and perhaps venturing down to Avignon just so that I can sing "Sur le pont de Avignon" in the proper setting.

  26. All these PDPers writing "garcon" without the cedilla because of their QWERTY keyboard, it makes me think about...it (or it). Sorry, silly link. :)

    Comme quoi une cédille -ou un accent- en moins et ça change tout! Thanks for this lovely silly link ;)

  28. Another beautiful window display to grace the streets of Paris; truly an adult Disneyland!

  29. Wow Eric, what a perfect post! I just today finally got down to the weight I was at before I got pregnant with Owen 5 years ago and I will celebrate by going out and buying some cute clothes that have been made for average (American) women!

    Speaking of, I had the hardest time finding a dress to wear to my sister's wedding on Friday because women like me are apparently not average (apparently all overweight women have large breasts). UGH! Luckily I finally found a good one.

    I totally want that orange/yellow dress in the shop there. So cute!

    BTW Michael, the GF crown looks good on you! Tres chic!

  30. Excellent Guille! Just to prove I can, here's a big, bold Ç for you! And I loved the clips!

    Thank you Soosha and congrats on the accomplishment! Are you still coming to Paris? If so, I can take you shopping! Well, I can "take you" so that "you can shop"!

  31. Guille...I'm still singing diddidoum diddidam didididididi! I'm just lucky to get most of the letters right in the English version, let alone the French with all those accents, acutes, graves, yadayada. Go easy on blokes like me. DIDIDIDIDIDIDIDIDI!!!! BTW-- Great video!

    Soosha...Michael's a "Celib" now so he might charge you a few extra Euros for that shopping. Guille might be able to get you a discount though. ;-)

  32. Guille! Merci for the videos (especially the one with the printed lyrics). I didn't get all of it but I got enough. Très amusant!

    I have a QWERTY keyboard, but I like to use the right accents (when I'm not rushing). So I copy the letters with accents--usually from comments here--and save them to a document on my desktop, to access when I need them.

    If anyone has a more efficient method, I'd love to hear it.

  33. Petrea, try Alt+128 for a Ç,
    then mess around with the different numbers 130, 131, 132, 133, etc and you'll get a variety of accents/characters.

  34. Michael, thank you and yes I sure am still coming to Paris. I'm more excited now then ever because I just might be within the realm of "average" for French women by the time I get there!!! Wait, I guess that depends on what average is for the most beautiful ladies on the planet. But I definately look forward to spending way more money than is wise on a fun shopping trip with you! Assuming my enthusiasm, girliness, and running all over the place doesn't irritate you after only a couple hours!

    coltrane, I know what you mean. Can't go putting in all the fancy accents and whatnot if I can't even type properly in English most of the time! I'll be watching out for Michael. If his head starts to look like its getting bigger from his diva status then I'll be sure to get another shopping guide!!!

    Petrea, when I do use the fancy non-English letters, or anything not commonly found on a QWERTY (such as ¥¾œ˿•☺) I use the character map that comes with Windows. Well, I use it for ones I don't have memorized anyway. In Vista it's found under accessories/system tools ont he start menu. I can't remember where it was on previous versions of Windows, but I do remember it was easier to find. It's a handy tool and has the codes for every character you could possibly want along with the option to just select and copy the character instead of constantly typing Alt+236 or whatever.

  35. Petrea, in "files" or "edition" don't u have "special letters/characters"? On Imac it exists. But maybe not on PC actually. Do not know.

    You caught the lyrics? It was pretty hard, almost only slang but I couldn't resist... :) If you need a short translation, ask for it. I gave you the printed clip on purpose, I knew it was not possible otherwise...

    Coltrane, you found an English version?!

    Soosha, I agree about that cuuute orange dress. Be careful, Michael will ask you for money to show you his favorite places...

  36. busy, busy, busy here @ work, so I'm sneaking a moment & will check out all those links later.
    coltrane -- you usually remind me of my brother Chris, the drummer. But today you remind me of my brother david, the poster boy for adult ADD! (But fun-ny)

  37. You always have so many comments! How popular you are. Next time I'm in Paris I'll have to meet you so I can say I've met someone famous.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that I love this picture. What a nice shot with the name in the forefront and what it means in the background. Very nicely done. As always.

    I do have to say, though, that the "average woman on the street" in France is DEFINITELY closer to an anorexic model than the typical American woman on the streets. So for Americans, it may still not work!

  38. Thanks, all. I have the accents in my Word program, but no access to them when typing here in Blogger. Can't write on a French blog sans cedille!

    Well, maybe I could, since I write sans Français here tout le temps.

    Guille, I caught the gist of the lyrics, not details. I read French much better than I speak or write it.

  39. Guille, loved the videos. That little girl is perfect!

    Michael, You are a pro! merci for the tips on typing French on this blog.

  40. I sat down at an internet café in Florence last year. I planned to send some e-mails to everyone I knew. Eeek! My buddy and I were laughing at each other because the keyboard was very strange for an American.

    Thanks to Michel the tour guide, I enjoyed a walk through Galerie Vivienne this year.

  41. Petrea...if it makes you feel any better, my keyboard is fighting me all the way too. Won't let me drop any accents on this French blog commentaire. I won't lose much sleep over it though, but please don't take anything personal if I drop a "gar aux cons" from time to time. DIDI DIDI DIDI DI! ;-)

  42. Suzy "Cali, I like the way Eric talks Eiffel Tower more than fashion, but I guess we can't have that every day!" True, we can't!!

    Golightly-1983 "Hey, im a newbie to your Paris daily photo.I've been lurking about for not that long." Well, welcome. 1983 is you birthday isn't?! How can someone be born in 1983

    Coltrane "
    Eric, were you in the Gallerie Vivienne for this one? " I was. How did you guess??

    Lady Like "that I can sing "Sur le pont de Avignon" in the proper setting." Funny you mention that (no that many people must know Le Pont d'Avignon song here". But now that you mention it, that is exactly what I did: sing this song on the bridge! Isn't that ridiculous?!

    Guille. Your links are just PER-fect! Corinne said it all : une cédille ça change tout!

    Soosha_q "I just today finally got down to the weight I was at before I got pregnant with Owen 5 years ago " Congrats! I did not yet. But wait, I have never been pregnant...!

    Jeff "Thanks to Michel the tour guide, I enjoyed a walk through Galerie Vivienne this year." I think it's the most beautiful galerie in Paris, isn't?

  43. Aaaah la galerie Vivienne, le Grand Colbert, où l'on boit les meilleurs chocolats chauds du MONDE!

  44. Eric,
    yes 1983 is the year I was born.October 6,1983 to be more specific.Holly Golightly is from the Audrey Hepburn movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's".and Holly Golightly was her name.I found it fitting since I'm a big Audrey Hepburn fan.

    I hope that makes sense.and Thank You for the welcome.