Sunday, April 26, 2009

The City Guide for Parents with Children

You know I don't like to post photos of people on this blog without their permission... But this time I have it (well obviously not from Wiley, the little girl whose hiding behind her camera!). Let me then also introduce you to Sheridan (the mother) and Alexander, the boy in the foreground. They live in Brussels but came to Paris today to support their mother who proudly contributed to a book (The City Guide for Parents with Children) currently on display in the window of WH Smith, on rue de Rivoli. Aren't they beautiful?


  1. WHAT!?! I'm FIRST!?!? I have nothing to say buy YAY!!!!!

  2. How nice Eric! Yes they are beautiful, and I am sure they were happy to meet you. I often speak of Pdp with mine! They would love to meet you in real too!! :) They often refer to pdp as 'my' site which always make me blush!!! They know that is important for me!
    Thanks for the book idea. I'll surely have a look at it and order one as my children are very demanding about discoveries, 'sorties' together. I'm spending a lot of time just them and me. We are sharing and Iove that!

  3. Oui! they are quite beautiful, lovely family. The park setting is perfect for a Spring afternoon photo of family and children. The trees looks so "green" in comparison to yesterday's photo with the black trees in the background.

  4. Yes. They are really beautiful Eric. What a great picture. That little girl will laugh when she's older at her hiding! How lovely they all look. Did you meet them by chance, or do you know them? Hi Alexander, Hi Sheridan, Hi Wiley - coucou behind there! :) Sweet.

  5. How lovely!!!
    A very beautiful family (I'm sure Wiley is adorable too), Alexander seems to be enjoying posing for your camera.

    Congrats on the mom for her contribution to the guide. Was this photo taken in the Tuileries?

  6. Enchanting! They are gorgeous ~ and how could they possibly resist dear sweet Eric's request for a photo op. {I think Wiley's hiding makes it extra-charming.} The book's a wonderful idea for parents - and already popular on Amazon, as there were only two copies left when I just looked at it {"more coming soon"}.

  7. Eric, Thankyou so much for the birthday wishes - much appreciated. I will do that bridge climb one day!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  8. Yes, they are a fine looking family.
    I had a blog birthday too recently.

  9. How charming! Please tell us where this was taken. You composed it beautifully and they posed so well. It's a wonderful shot. Sheridan should pay you a bundle for it and use it for publicity! They're all three lovely (check the "making of" if you want to see Wiley's sweet face).

  10. I agree that this is a beautifully composed photo of a lovely family. It engenders a sense of warmth and friendliness.

  11. Living in Paris, these are a few places I already did with my children (11 and 8) or with one of them at least : of course Eiffel tower, Arc de triomphe, Tour montparnasse, musée Grevin - they loved!, centre pompidou, musee jacquemart-andre, bateau mouche on the seine, palais de la decouverte, live shows in parisian musichall, bowling etc, as for what i'm remembering right now.

    It still leaves many things to do !!!!! Such as le musée du louvre, d'orsay, picasso, rodin, walks in beautiful gardens, olympia, opéra (a bit later though), pièces de théâtre...

    I was wondering whether the book was talking about several cities or only about Paris? Because what I would like to do now is to go to European or American cities with them like London (one of my children already knows but not the other which makes her be a bit jealous of course), New York and many others (in Spain, Italy, in the north of Europe etc, etc! It is endless!). If any of you had an experience to share, I am interested!


  12. It's a lovely shot, Eric. Perhaps when my maybe-someday grandchildren come to visit me in Paris (positive thinking at work here), I'll use this guidebook. Here's something I might NOT be showing them. Did Wiley and Alexander help their mom test out her contributions?

  13. > Congrats Ujima, even if you have nothing to say!!

    > Flore. You're the one to make me blush!

    > Lois, are you really coming to the PDP picnic? I could not believe my eyes when I saw this...

    > Harriet. Thank you. I like it too.

    > Lynn. No, I did not meet them by chance ;) We had an appointment.

    > Monica, wow, you know Paris like the back of your hand. Yes, absolutely, it was taken in the Tuileries.

    > Sheel Sherree. Really 3 left?! That's good. I'm happy for her. Yes Wiley's camera shyness makes it even more charming, I agree.

    > Sally. Yeah you have to! Mind you I never climbed the Eiffel Tower, so...

    > Mme Benaut. Shame on me I missed your blogiversary! But I visited it today...

    > Petrea, I promised I would give her the photo, so I will and of course she can use it if she wants. We had several taken, but in the end this is the one I consider the best.

    > Parisian Heart. They are, and I know that for a fact, as I met them in person.

    > Anonymous. The book is only about Paris, but I'm sure you can find similar ones for every city. It's true that there is a lot to do in Paris with kids, but I'm surprised yours are so interestind in museums!

    > Alexa. LOL! One thing I can tell you; they love the Tuileries garden and all the activities (Trampolin and sil boats on one of the ponds).

    Precisely, I don't resist telling you what Alexander said in the Tuileries.

    We had just rented two of these little boats that sail on one of the Tuileries ponds, so that I could take a photo of Wiley and Alexander pushing them on the water when I realized I had little time left. So we decided to go to WH Smith right away and give up the boats.
    Alexander got a little mad, so Sheridan, his mother, said: "don't worry, we'll come back afterwards and you'll play all afternoon long if you wish.

    He was still a bit mad and said "yeah, so you say, but the man who rents the boats won't be there this afternoon"

    Sheridan: "Yes he will"

    Alexander: "No he won't?

    Sheridan: "Why?"

    Alexander: "Well, can't you see, he smokes, and you keep saying that people who smoke die, so he won't be there this afternoon!"

  14. What a great job!! I love to travel, but don't often get the chance, so I travel vicariously through many others and books. I do look forward to going when the kids are a little older (old enough to pack and schlep their own luggage!) and look forward to having a wonderful time!

  15. Oh yes, we must have her book. I will be landing in Paris 24 mai with my daughter and two grandchildren.! Are they in Tuilieries, Eric?

  16. Beautiful indeed! The green background is perfect for the fair group.