Monday, April 27, 2009

Do I hear more?

You know how auctioneers (commissaires priseurs in French) put on display the stuff they want to sell before they actually perform the sale? I went to one of those on Saturday called "Himalaya and its sources: tribal and classical art!" Doesn't it sound good?! Now you may wonder why I got into this? Simple: the person in black in this photo has a lot to do with it! And if you're a true visitor to PDP, I'm sure you will have recognized her already! It's not too late if you want to buy one of these magnificent kimonos, masks or sculptures... The sale takes place on Monday evening and Guille (ooops, I disclosed her name!) accepts orders by phone... Check the catalog.


  1. I swear that before I even read the post, I said "I'll bet that's Guille!" And are you going to the sale, too, Eric?

  2. If I had any sous to spare, I might consider bidding on one of the thankas or reliquaires in the catalog. That stuff is magnificent. Lucky you, Eric, to have such a charming "in!"

  3. BTW, since it appears to be just toi et moi, I hope Guille is pleased to be featured—especially since you got down on the floor for your special angle. ;~}

  4. Bonsoir Alexa! I've just looked at the catalog and I think I'll have the little black chapeau and I'll wear it with a little black dress to the Coco premiere. Together with a verrrrry long cigarette holder, it would be the perfect bit of exotic chic, don't you think??!!

  5. Ah of course we recognise our Guille! Doesn't she look elegant, there, all in black. You so need to get this Zazzled Eric and Guille can get them to send to her friends!
    How lovely that you got to go to this Auction Preview with her. I wish I could go.

  6. Guille!!!!!!!!!

    Hey I just "spoke" to her today!!! (yesterday for you guys in Europe)

    Guille maybe I'll txt message you and send my bid ;)

  7. Lynn is right, it was easy to recognise her. Very elegant indeed!
    How fascinating that you got to go to this preview, I know we all wish we could be there too.

    Have a great auctioning today Guille!
    What gallery is this?

  8. Jeff I'm sorry I failed to answer you a couple of days ago, I only saw your comment today.

    Yes I'll be in Paris during the month of June, I arrive there June 1st.
    I have a scheduled meeting with 2 of our PDP visitors on the 4th!
    If Angele keeps us updated about her trip to Paris I'm sure we can arrange something.

    In fact, I'm sure Eric will be able to arrange something in June (fingers crossed Eric!)


  9. This is so fun! Guille, you are a sweet friend to give Eric such an "in". Hope you have a great time with the auction!

  10. Carrie -- you've invented a whole new look: Himalayan couture retro chic!

  11. Tres cool! Love the perspective across the wood floor too. Guille looks at home in this gallery. Nice work Eric.

    BTW...merci PDPers for the emails of my whereabouts. I've been away per doctor's orders (right eye problems), but I do believe I'm on the mend. Cheers!

  12. What a fun photo! Beautiful wood floors, colorful images on the wall, and of course Guille! Coucou Guille - I'll text you my bid for the Grand coffre; free shipping to CA, right? I hope the auction is a grand success.

  13. "And Guille accepts orders by phone"...hmmmm Eric. Not sure I understood that the way you meant it, but knowing Guille, I'd rather place my order in person! How great you got to go to this and catch another people shot. I missed yesterday's but loved it too.

  14. Definitely a fun and colorful photo! Good luck with the sale and auction, Guille!

  15. Wahou it's a great feeling to be the subject of the day! :)
    I actually really like the picture because I love the contrast between the black clothes and the paintings. And, of course, the Tenin effect...
    BTW Eric, you forgot to mention the Japanese part of the exhibition!

    The artworks you can see here are part of the second sale: JaponS, with Mingei Period kimonos and objects and contemporary paintings. The smiling faces behind me were painted by Takashi Murakami, one of the most famous Japanese artist.

    GF Alexa!
    Lynn, I'm not sure I want my back on a mug. LOL
    Monica and Katie, I'm waiting for your bids by texts! And Monica, this is L'Atelier Richelieu, a wonderful buildings with big glass roofs.
    Hey, Coltrane is back, just for me! ;)
    Michael....What do you mean?!!

    BTW, the auctioneer's "Do I hear more" in French is "Qui dit mieux?"

    Wish me good luck, I'm off to the sales...

  16. Guille, it's a play on Eric's words. I'll have to explain in person because it might be embarrassing here (unless someone else wants to brave broaching the subject)...Lynn? You're so good at explaining these things delicately.

  17. A beautiful shot, Eric, with the chic Black rear contrasting the vibrant colours - and of course, even more gorgeous because it's Guille!

    Alexa, congrats GF!
    Coltrane, so lovely to see you!
    Caro, looking terribly elegant as always.

  18. Alexa & Shell - LOL.... (teensy puff)....but of cosse, dahlings!

  19. Dir: Air kisses all 'round and exeunt. (There is shopping to be done - with a quick restorative at Laduree to follow so that the ladies do not simply drop from fatigue.)

  20. So nice to see Guille, Eric and especially in this setting.
    And, what a marvellous catalog(ue) !

    It has been so long since we hoisted her up onto the Buren Columns at the Palais Royale last August.

    Guille also gave me many books to read, which Michael kindly posted over to Oz.
    Thank you Guille I have read them all !!

    And, yes, Guille, I can just see Eric sitting on the floor to capture just the right angle.
    I shall send you one of him sitting on the ground in a lovely Passage in the 9th.
    (He was taking my photo.)

  21. Guille!!!!!!!!!

    Easy to recognize the hair!

  22. YAY, Guille! The perfect Parisienne deserves her very own photo of the day.

  23. je découvre juste votre photoblog. Je l'ajoute de suite à mes flux !

  24. The question is ...






    Le mysterieux!

  25. Michael, I'm afraid Lynn didn't dare...too bad! You'll have to explain later!

    Tomate, too MUCH hair! I realize it now with the picture LOL.

    M.Benaut, I'll never forget the day spent with you, it was so great. I'm glad you liked the books, but they were for your grand children, remember! ;)

    Anonyme: I love you too. Be sure of that. So, now, who are you? :)

  26. OK, Guille, that's fine, I will reveal my identity.

    But first, I think you better email me a picture of your armpits!

    I've been told that French women never shave! Eww.

  27. Armpits?

    Anonyme, that's got to be the worst internet pick up line I've ever heard!

  28. Oh no Guille, you have a secret admirer with an armpit hair fetish. Run...

  29. "that's got to be the worst internet pick up line I've ever heard!" LOOOOOL so true Suzy!

  30. You mean it wouldn't be bad if it was in person and not on the internet? You're worrying me Guille.

  31. Sure, you get it Michael! Honeslty, do I look cheap?!
    (Gee, it's really time to sleep.)

  32. Gosh Anonyme how ungentlemanly! You need to work on that attempt to woo our lovely Guille, I'm afraid.

    So. Guille. Michael. Um. Er. Well! I think that he infers the meaning of Eric's line 'accepts orders by phone' as, well it could be construed as (gosh I'm stuttering here. Yes me!) a certain request a man, possibly not a gentleman, might make of a lady of a certain professional disposition. There you go! Typically English, conservative and skirting around the houses, but... I did it! Michael - please don't tell me I was wrong now! Aaarrgggh!

  33. You look the quintessential opposite of cheap, Guille. N'inquiete pas x

  34. Advertising services other than auctioneer. There. I did it one sentence. Of course that is not the case. Ok I'll stop digging now.

  35. The pick-up line given in person, dear Michael, would not require a photo of the armpit in question. One would only have to lift.

  36. Lynn, that's exactly what I understood but thought that it could be funny to let you explain. And I was right!
    You can thank Michael, I'm sure he's proud of him right now. ;)

    Opposite of cheap? Cool!

  37. lol yes I can imagine Michael giggling at my attempt to be delicate in such circumstances. lol.

  38. I'm a day late and don't have time to read all the comments now, but I knew that was Guille! Yay! Great shot, you two!

  39. Oh yes Guille, you know me too well. I was definitely giggling at the proper English explanation, which one must admit, Lynn performed perfectly.

  40. Eric, I love the slant on the photo and your trademark floor sitting perspective. And of course I recognised Guille immediately. Hi Guille!

  41. How did the auction go, Guille? Be glad you too much hair, it thins as one ages, or so I've heard. ;)

    "Qui dit mieux?" is a lovley expression.

  42. Cali, it was okay. The auctioneer expected better results but you know, the crisis... ;)
    From my point of view, it was a manic day, full of stress but great.

    Hi Madame Benaut! How is life down under?

  43. 30 Avril

    Guille and Michael and Lynn,

    Aren't you glad no-one started with the limericks !!

    Yes Guille, Ella is now 16 months old and has heard all the little stories.
    She lives in Bâle and stayed here for a week - after Eric was here.
    William in Sydney is now 2 1/2 and I have kept the books here so I can read them to him as I see him more often. He was also here in the start of April.

    You can see them both in my profile picture.

    ( And no matter what anyone says, your hair is brilliant and it suits your happy youthful and playful image.
    That's my opinion so just shake it in their faces.)