Friday, July 31, 2009

Too much sun really?

So the weather in Paris is still beautiful? I bet it's not as hot as where I am at the moment though... It's unusual to see people with sun umbrellas in Paris (the sun is so rare that whenever we get some we don't hide from it!!) except people from Japan, who must be more sensitive to the sun than southern Europeans (yes, I consider the French as "Southern Europeans", although some might argue we're more in the middle ;-) Anyway,  I just thought this scene was pretty funny and cute, so that'll be my contribution for today to put a smile on your face...


  1. It is a cute shot. Where is she sitting, though?

  2. Yes, a very cute shot for today! I've got first dibs on that purse, ladies.

    I've started thinking about carrying an umbrella for the sun. It's so damaging.

  3. Gorgeous lavender field! Lynn's going to enjoy seeing that.

  4. That's funny - I always thought Paris was really sunny in the summertime!

  5. I have been to Japan, and never seen a place where they had so many different umbrellas!!
    But I guess I think of Paris, - perhaps more sunny than it is.
    Where you are now,looks also really pretty!
    Have a nice time!

  6. It is a cute photo.

    Suzy, your remark reminds me of a song by the Countours and coverned by the J.Geils Band: "First I Look At the Purse". I have to leave work to join family for dinner or I'd look up some lyrics.

  7. Eric -- hope the lavender is in bloom for you right now! That's gorgeous.
    Forgive a value judgment, but I doubt that this woman (who appears to be "une dame d'un certain age") is French. While she DOES have a very chic purse and clearly takes care of her skin, she's also wearing jeans and light-colored sneakers. I'm just sayin' . . .

  8. Lavender fields

    It's a beautiful photograph Eric, it reminds me of Northern California {Napa Valley}. All we need is the honey, oh that's you Eric. Lol. I meant wild honey in a jar of course. Now ladies, sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen... or a parapluie like the lovely lady in the photograph.

    The Lavender Grace Band
    I'm just a Bohemian artist afterall. Lol

    Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits, with few permanent ties. Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers or vagabonds. And maybe a photographer or two!

  9. Ohhhh lavender fields like I photographed recently too. ARen't they just fab, Eric? I found it so pretty and peaceful. We're helping to preserve bees too if we plant it! Yay.

    The photo of the lady is superb. Title: Yellow Umbrella With Lady. lol. Your photos lately are very painterly.

  10. She looks like she could be waiting for someone. The purse and the umbrella do match, both yellow.

  11. I was just in Tokyo (and Vietnam, too). Tokyo had lots of women with umbrellas as parasols! I think the idea is that pale=not a manual laborer. Me, I'm really tan, so I stuck out like a sore thumb!

  12. Having lived more than a few years in Texas I must admit that I can never have too much sun. Great for that good ol' sun tea, too! This lady with the yellow striped umbrella is living the good life...relaxing, watching Eric with his camera, taking in the Parisian thoroughfare... before she heads to one of the parks for a leisure stroll in her walking shoes. I'm just sayin'. [wink wink Alexa]

  13. Eric, where are you? I wanna go there!! It's so beautiful!

    Sorry. Was I shouting?

    The photo is charming. I agree with Alexa, I think she just might be a tourist.

  14. clicked on where i am...
    wow, what a place! what are those? and where is it?

  15. it's the abbaye de senanque near gordes....i was there last fall.....the lavender is harvested in the summer so i didn't get the "full effect", but it was beautiful nonetheless

  16. This is a very common scene where I come from. Escaping from the hot Arizona sun is a summer long pastime in my part of the world.

  17. Asian Traveling Gal (Pittsburgh)July 31, 2009 at 7:57:00 AM GMT+2

    Being fair is considered beautiful for women in hot and sunny Asian countries. However, tan is considered beautiful in the Western world, and women try so hard to get that by sun bathing and tanning bed. ;)

  18. Both photos are great, Eric.

    Donna's right, the "lavander abbey" is the Abbaye de Senanques, in Provence (Vaucluse). It was built in XIIth century, and cistercian monks are still living there.
    More details here:
    And a "virtual visit" here:

    Enjoy ;-)

  19. Nice picture! I would like to be there. Unfortunately my city (Lima) is cold, humid, and grey at this time of year. Maybe I'll move to Paris next year!
    Warm regards!

  20. I think that French people are Southern Europeans like spanish, portuguese or italians and greece...

    If que have a good weather, good mediterranean diet/food, etc.

    We are the same kind of people...

    Robert, an spanish southern european guy


  21. I laughed - she does look cute -when I looked at her feet above the pavement. She looks like me sometimes - I'm pretty short and sometimes its hard not to feel like I'm a 5 year old, even if I'm all made up and wearing a suit, when my feet are swinging out there in midair because the chairlegs leave me two inches too high off the floor! I hope she's having a nice day, Frenchwoman or not.

    You know, in California a rivalry has arisen between north and south and so you can always get a rise out of people by asking them which is better, since they'll usually be passionate about one at the expense of the other. It sounds like a similar thing exists in France if you ask people whether France is a "Southern European" country - as in which part of Europe does that person want France to be associated with at the expense of the other parts. Am I getting the flavor of what Eric's hinting at - or am I reading my own culture into it!?

  22. Hello! Yes, in Asia people of the older generations use umbrellas cos they like to be fair and don't want to get tanned. Young people tend to love a nice tan though. :)

  23. I am a nubi to your website and for the last few days, I enjoyed very much looking at the pics from Paris and reading the comments. Now my day begins with a visit to your website! And the comments always bring a smile to my face.
    Eric great job documenting Paris everyday life and architecture. Have a great vacation.

  24. The Nike's are a dead giveaway...she is a tourist, probably American :-)

  25. Although I'm the first to admit DW Quilt Art is probably correct, I just want you all to know that I didn't wear running shoes in Paris. I wanted so much not to be pegged as a tourist that I researched the Parisian wardrobe and got the right shoes.

    Of course as soon as I started speaking French, they knew...

  26. LOL, Alexa, tho Gramma Ann sees the positive side of this fashion question!!!
    I am FREEZING right now, I left my winter coat at JFK security. I am REALLY in a southern climate at the moment, Buenos Aires, where they are in the middle of winter. I am hotel bound. (I am a forgetful flight attendant).I will not complain another moment about the heat right now in NYC .

  27. I would agree that Asians tend to covet a pale complexion, but in this case I get the sense she may be British....who like us Irishmen tend to burn at a moments notice! As my Brazilian wife likes to say, I could get sunburned while opening the fridge in the middle of the nite for a snack!


  28. At one point does one give up on preventing wrinkles? Even if she's protecting her skin, an umbrella is only 5spf, she's much better off just staying in the shade.

    Or maybe she's trying some reverse-psychology on the universe. If she prepares for rain, maybe she'll get sun? Maybe you have her cunning ways to thank for your sunny days!

  29. I confess I love the sun and even if I am perfectly informed about the bad consequences for my skin, I love to be suntanned. Now that is not the kind of information that might have a lot of interest for you all, ok, forgive me! :)
    No, but that's just because I think I should do like this lady and protect myself from the sun but ... I can't help myself... unless, unless Eric is here to take a picture of me !!! LOL

    Bises all.

  30. Probably a Californian -- we see lots of sun umbrellas here!

  31. pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!

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