Friday, March 19, 2010

Cabinet of Wonders

Last night, like every night, I passed by Le Cabinet des Curieux, a Cabinet of curiosities (or Cabinet of wonders) located at 12 Passage Verdeaux. These cabinets started in the sixteenth century and were used to display collections of objects according to a theme (natural history, scientific instruments, exotic plants and animals...). Nowadays the same spirit remains, only the object have changed  and the collections can be a little more dary! Hence, this current exhibition called fantasy for which they put two live models in the window! Huge success...


  1. Thanks for giving me yet another photographic tip that I'll probably never have the time to follow up. Where DO you find the time, by the way? It's forever a mystery to me...

    I'm dying to see the live models from your posting do their thing! I'm going to look up the Curiosity Cabinet right now and see if I can find the time to get there and photograph it/them. Will the one in your pic be there? I hope so!

  2. This is just one more reason to fall in love with Paris. The curiosities and creative sense abound. The dress is perfect for the theme, too. Are the live models in a frozen stance or are they allowed to blink? ;-)

  3. Oo! The link most definitely intrigues. Passage Verdeaux is so interesting! I love it. I've a couple of odd people live around there, though...

  4. That is so cool, Eric. Is this close to your house? Only 2 days till spring officially arrives. Happy Spring (Early!)

  5. Several meanings in French fo "curieux". Either eager of knowledges, of discoveries, either indiscreet, or also singular.
    Btw, as I'm feeling like a French dictionnary today (!), Verdeau is not Verdeaux ;) oh la la ça c'est du commentaire!!!

  6. Nearly choked on my porridge when I clicked on the link.
    Pictures of (almost) bare naked ladies up to all sorts.
    These must be the kind of women my mother used to warn me about.
    Unfortunately I could never find the key to the cabinet.

  7. Fantasy doesn't mean what I thought of. And I must say that as I did not have clicked on the link before reading you Drummond, when I did, wow, I understood! LOL. That's curious as some words are not very learnt at school!
    Now I think that Verdeaux was assumed, eric, wasn't it?!

  8. Wow. You keep surprising us, Eric. My eyes got wide when I clicked on the link too, Drummond—only these are the kind of ladies my mother warned me not to become (I listened, sort of). The almost-clad woman on the floor—is that one of the live models? Not sure you would ever see this sort of art here in the States. They'd probably call it porn & shut it down.

  9. I've HEARD THAT a couple of odd people live around there, though...

    And, yes, Flore, I, too am confused about the spelling of Verdeau(x). But, I'm just a dumb 'Caine!

  10. Her make-up, combined with the lighting, make her look like a porcelin doll....very cool....


  11. @Sab. Sorry but the ladies are gone now... You can still visit the place though, it's really worth it.

    @Coltrane. Non only were they allowed to blink, but on top of that they could really move!

    @Jeff "I've heard a couple of odd people live around there, though..." LOL

    @Deb. " Is this close to your house?" Er... VERY!

    @Brattcat. Thanks

    @Drummond. "Unfortunately I could never find the key to the cabinet." Very funny!

    @Flore. Well I swear - I know you won't believe me - that I did not notice what Drummond spotted right away in the photo before today, when he mentioned it.

    @Alexa " Not sure you would ever see this sort of art here in the States. " Come on!

    @Sean. True. The other one - in the left window, looked more "alive", let me tell you!

  12. Oh, this looks fun! Love it!

    Our local bookstore did this for a while--put a big chair in the window and then invited people to read there. I did it once and scared some poor ladies half to death! So much fun though, and I saved 10% on what I bought that day! Bonus.

  13. I love your shots! This is very beautiful...thx for sharing

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