Monday, August 02, 2010

The end of the Summer Sales

Today is a bad day for shoppers... Not only is tomorrow (August 3rd) the last day of Les Soldes (Sales) in Paris, but on top of that a lot of shops will close for the month... Parisians usually go away in August for their summer holidays and shopkeepers do too... Don't worry, though, if you're a tourist and plan to come during August, the big retail stores and department stores are open of course. I found this cute little Sales announcement in a shop called Desigual at rue du 4 septembre, near the Opera.


  1. Oh no! Don't tell me I missed les soldes—again! Oh well, there's always January, right. I'll say one thing for the Paris shops: when they have a sale, they have a SALE. Did you take advantage, Eric?

  2. I think these two coming weeks are going to be the quietest in Paris like each year. Except in touristy areas. Funny ad as we now see the I <3 tee shirt for almost everything. Desigual has original clothes collections. I like them but never bought one so far. I may change it!

  3. Maybe only Alexa will find this funny, but today in NYC,on Canal street, I saw someone wearing I love (love, with that heart motif) NJ!!!!! That's New Jersey to those who don't know. And, for those who didn't know, it started with I love NY. But then again, I guess it really started with the artist Robert Indiana.
    After the sales, a few years ago, I kept seeing quoi de neuf in Galeries Lafayette and could NOT figure out what "what of nine" meant. To those of you who speak French.....stop laughing.

  4. Only 50%? I've just come back from shopping here in the U.S. and I can tell you the stores seem to be hurting so bad that 50% is the minimum reduction on things! Of course, Clermont Florida isn't anything like Paris though!

  5. PHX -- You gave me two good laughs! Thanks (and sorry about the second one).

  6. I must remember not to visit Paris in August.

  7. quoi de neuf
    what [is] (of) new?

    yeah, don't worry, there is plenty of opportunity for French speakers to trip over idioms in the US, too.

    PS. "I love NJ" in Manhattan? That guy has

  8. well, there is always the pleasure of buying something for a new season at a full price :)

  9. Wife/girlfriend (hopefully the same person) tells you excitedly " I've saved 200 euros today darling!"

    "Great!" you reply, " Let's put it straight into the bank"

    She rolls her eyes and replies, "Well I don't actually have the money, silly. I had to spend 200 euros first to save the 200 euros in the Desigual Sale."

  10. Excellent Drummond!!!
    It does make a 200 euros saving, doesn't it?!
    But it is true too that I like Ella comment : "well, there is always the pleasure of buying something for a new season at a full price :)"
    Sales are only a way to buy cheaper but I don't hate buying something I really fancy at a full price or let's say at its fair price when it is a true decision to buy.
    Yes, nothing best than a true and full decision :)

  11. I love a good sale! (But I have to admit, a good sale for me is about 80% off) We just had our annual downtown sales too, lots of fun shopping early in the morning, almost bought a new leather chair, but my hubby hesitated, and someone else did instead. Oh well, maybe next year. (It was on sale for $495!)

  12. let's admit it : we all like to spend and buy new things :)
    I suppose all of us have more things than we really need. But, what the hell, when I look at my LV scarf, still packed in a posh bag, I cannot wait to put it on, feel a bit Parisian and remember that wonderful time I had in Paris in July... (I begin to forget that I had to queue to enter the shop!)

  13. I heard from the TV news flash that globally the Summer sales result has been pretty good. And it was now time to the Autumn/Winter season collections! Don't know why but this has made me laugh. And even wish to see the new collections :)
    Ella, I agree with you. I spent a lot of time this last July to
    sort out my children's clothes/shoes/games/books/ and also mine. What a job... But a safe job. It is necessary to make empty space to go further. Well to me it is. But it is always hard because we feel ourselves attached to these things we bought or received. Succeeding in getting rid of some things (I gave most of them), I felt lighter! But there are still many left!

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