Saturday, August 09, 2014

Selfie craze!

It's not a very interesting photo for Paris lovers (even though you can see a bit of the background - including to top of the Arch of Triumph! - but I did not resist taking a shot of these two tourists (or so I think!) trying to make the perfect selfie! It took them at least 5 attempts before they managed, even though they're using a GoPro that can be remotely controlled by a phone! I can relate though ;-)) 


  1. Admittedly, I'd rather take shots of the scenery! What a view!

  2. Funny shot and oh so true - people spend way too much time trying to get the perfect "selfie" - they even miss out just being in the moment in a beautiful city.

  3. Of course this young man would think I'm an old fuddy-duddy, but I think this picture is hilarious.

  4. AHA! That's it! That extender thing he's got. Is that the GoPro? Is that how you get...the Tenin Perspective? I just don't believe you lie on the sidewalk half the time.

  5. Le cliché saisi dans l'instant fait sourire, c'est vrai # selfie !!! S'il n'y avait le haut de l'arc de triomphe, j'aurais pensé qu'il s'agissait d'une scène prise sur un bateau mouche :))
    Mais tu indiques en lieu : parking Haussmann Galeries Lafayette ? Ce n'est pas plutôt le top floor ? En tous les cas, c'est une photo qui m'est agréable.

  6. Where is this rooftop? -Jeff

    1. The rooftop of Les Galeries Lafayette Jeff?

  7. The next generation takes pictures of their food and themselves. We'll be dead soon. Let's step back and watch the show. Thanks Eric!

  8. why are none of them, looking at the view?????

    with their eyes?????


    mankind is lost.....


  9. At least he's following my cardinal rule (for taking pics of me anyway): Shoot from above!