Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Harmony by Volti

His name is Antoniucci Volti, he was born in 1915 and died in 1989 and he made this fantastic sculpture called Harmonie. You can see it, and even sit around it, if you happen to walk by the rue de Turbigo (3rd arrondissement) at the Arts et Metiers metro station. After all it is true: walking down Paris is like walking down a museum!


  1. Ouch ! I've pain in my back just by seeing this...

  2. Eric it's true. It's one of the things I find so wonderful about Paris and not as interesting about New York. Everywhere you walk, there is a GOOD public art, tradtional buildings, and NO skyscrapers. I'm sure that there are those who will disagree with me, but hey, that's what makes the world so great!

  3. Hello Eric, good day to you. I found your Blog a few weeks ago, believe it or not it was one of the first Blogs I had ever seen and I have been back to visit everyday since then! So make that 81 visitors you have! I live in Southern California, but I go to Paris everyday! Thanks for the wonderful pics.

  4. Great sculpture. It must be quite large, actually. I know nothing of that area of Paris, and should check it out.

    Paris is, indeed, a great open air art museum!

  5. you've got quite an eye, because i've never seen this sculpture, although i've been around this neighbourhood (rue aux ours...) pretty often...

  6. > Isido. LOL
    > Michael. Well actually, yes I disagree with you! I think New York is superb a city. There is also street art and I love skyscrapers as much as ancient buildings.
    > Love in B&W. Thank you very much. Actually these past days I am closer to 90 returning visitors than 80; I am glad to welcome you among them! PS: nice kids you have!
    > Elisabeth. Well, it's 1,5 meter high and 3 meters long approximatly.
    > Charlus. Thanx. I go often to this neighbourhood too for there is an Office Depot where I buy my office supplies...

  7. Hey, I've been to that Office Depot before (well not in a long time Eric), but I've never seen this sculpture.

  8. Hello Eric.
    Believe it or not, a few minutes back I decided to have a look at a few blogs(see what all the fuss is about... yeah, I actually, never viewed one before today, except my friend's) and yours just happen to meet my cursor... And it's actually the first 1 I really like!!! I've went to france quite a few times, I'm planning to go back soon and for long this time (maybe for good)... and I just find it great being able to visit like this... specially when it's not only tourist attractions...
    But, I was wondering why on Earth did a Frenchman decide to write a blog in English?:)

  9. > Ayla : why a Frenchman do write a blog in English ? I'm not answering for Eric, he can do it. But I'm sure that writing in english helps the blog to be discovered by english spoken people. Internet is worldwide !
    And, also, it's a good way to practice english, for us poor frenchmen not too good in other languages (Hey, Eric, I'm not talking about you !)

  10. Ok, ok isido... so am or maybe I didn't choose the write wording for the question... It should have been "why only english"... I guess it's because I love french language and would have liked to visit Paris in french... so to speak ;)... But hey, this blog is not about deciding upon the best language for worldwide communication, is it? So, i'll stick to my feeling that it's still great the way it is and will keep on checking it out!...As many out there already do!

  11. > Cyril et Deb. Well, that is true, I do not see only homeless people in Paris like you do apparently.
    I see a big city with its beauty, its uglyness, its rich its poor, its outrageous wealth, its homeless people brigade,its wonderful old stones... And I am thinking: I love Paris.

    > Ayla. I am sure Isido did not mean you're stupid! You're right to wonder. In fact I already explained it once.

    I started this blog as a hobby, because I had been offered a digital camera and because I love my home town. I thought only foreigners would be interested in Paris photos for the French already know it. That is why I did it in English.
    In fact it turned out that a lot of visitors are either French (abroad) or from the provinces. I therefore started a French version but it would take me too much time to run both of them. So I gave up and kept the English one.

    That's it; you know everything now!!

  12. And you're right, Eric, I never ment Ayla was stupid ! But my english is not very good so I can't write exactly what I think. It may sound offending but it is never !
    In conclusion, Eric is a better spokesman for himself that I am. Keep my big mouth shut...

  13. I think her right wrist is severely broken