Sunday, July 31, 2005

What's left of yesterday's market

There are 89 markets in Paris, 71 traditional ones (58 open air and 13 indoor), and 18 specialized ones (organic, African, flea, flowers...). I will show you more of them in the months to come...


  1. That is a lot of markets! Are they city sponsored or are they private?

  2. what a stack of boxes!! there are quite some open markets here in the netherlands too, which are open once or twice every week. i only head to open markets for flowers. once i've got what i need, i would leave the market asap because i just can't stand all the pushing and yelling and pushing in the market.

  3. Oh God, I do miss the French open air markets. Why is it so tough to find fresh, healthy food in the U.S.?

  4. Elisabeth> ... because nobody cares much about healthy fresh food in the U.S. Price comes before quality; the cheaper, the better. And if you can buy it in bulk at Costco, or Walmart, it's even better.. The day the Americans change their attitude regarding food, you will find better stuff in grocery stores.

  5. Funny...
    I was thinking about going to a market this week end...

    But in my neighboorhood the markets are very expensive and trendy...

    As far as I'm concerned, a market should be full of noises and people shouting to have customers buy their stuffs.

    Nevermind I think next week I'll go get this flavour of my old memories in Barbes, for sure I'll get the kind of market the 17 district can't offer ;-)

  6. just love the markets in general. makes me think of the one of rue mouffetard, where i used to go every sunday, for it was very close to where i lived. really nice.

    here in sao paulo, i find it even nicer. so many different fruits you have never seen or heard of. just amazing...

  7. > Rock. Actually the city rents spaces to private shopkeepers. So I don't know if that makes it private or public!!

    > Annabanana. I am not a big market fan either but most French people are. I like the markets in the south, when I am on vacation.

    > Elisabeth. Yes, true. But I don't think it has to do with markets. I shop mostly in large supermarkets and they have fresh food (particularly fruit and fish), including health food sections, etc. My favourite is Carrefour (I do not work for them!!) where they have excellent products that they sell under their brandname. I would also kill for their bread (Boule bio!)
    In the US, I find it extremely hard to find plain natural food. I mean plain roasted chicken that has no added - fattening - flavour on it, plain skim milk yoghurts, etc. Everything is “enhanced” and that makes it very fattening. Also I have never found “fromage blanc” which I am a sucker for!

    > Anonymous. Probably true, but it possible to maintain good quality while keeping prices low. Once again at Carrefour… LOL

    > Parisian Smile. You live near the Batignolles? I used to live there and they have one of the two organic markets of Paris. As you say: very expensive and trendy…

    > Charlus. Mouffetard? Yes, very cool. That is where this photo was taken.

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