Thursday, July 21, 2005

Paris Plage day 1

Here we are... remember this photo? I told I would show it to you again the next day? Well in fact you had to wait a little longer because it took more time than what I thought (4 days, and a couple of more hours...). Anyway, the whole idea is to turn the thouroughfare that runs along the river Seine in Paris into a giant beach and walking area. They installed palm trees, sand, showers, several little cafés, springs... Of course you - obviously - can still see the concrete of the road, but globally it's a nice change of scenery! I will show you much more of Paris Plage in the days to come...


  1. I think it's a great concept! I don't live in Paris, and don't know much about him, and do not want to start a controversy of the comments to this post about this, but from what I have read, heard, and seen (on French TV), Bertrand Delanoe rocks!

  2. that's a great idea and loads of work!!

    i hope they can do something like that here in the netherlands too, so i don't have to travel for like 2 hours to reach the beach.

    how long would this "beach" stay??

  3. -The last time I was in Paris I walked through the Plage. I loved going down there and watching the locals enjoy the sand and looking at the tourists scratch their heads. Its a perfect way to enjoy the beach if you're trapped in the city during the summer.


  4. How long are they going to leave the "beach" there? What a great idea! I just sent the URL to this page to the the Columbus Mayor's office and to the city Chamber of Commerce.

  5. Bonsoir,
    En fait PARIS PLAGE est une opération qui vise à faire reculer l'utilisation de la voiture dans le centre ville principalement. En cela le défit est exceptionnellement réussi...Preuve en image par cette photo sans voiture, sans personne...Paris sera t'il vide un jour? Abadonné du monde entier et de tous pour cause de polution. Merci à l'Amérique de ne pas accepter le protocole de KYOTO....Un ami

  6. > It lasts one month exactly, that is until August 21. They take advantage of people being away for the summer (in Paris a lot of people go away for 3 weeks or one month and mostly between July 14 and August 15.)