Saturday, July 09, 2005

Yummy jam!

OK today is Saturday, it's been a tough week on the news front, we all deserve a little treat! Here is a photo of jelly sold by a shop very close to my home. Hard to resist!


  1. I don't like jelly at all, but on this picture it looks so attractivly and even magicaly that it seems to be prepared by kind old woman from wild forest!I'd like to try strawberries one...:-)

  2. Your blog is magnifique. Thanks so much for the great photos!

  3. Lovely. I especially like the mini-slates that are used as price tags. I personally adore currant jelly - on toast or on an English muffin, it's divine!

    My boyfriend gave me this morning two mini jars, one of "pine forest honey" and the other of "sourcherry jam" from the hotel where he had recently stayed in Istanbul, and the packaging was just exquisite. I may never open them...

    And, by the way, I may be prejudiced but no one dresses store windows better than the French.

  4. houlala
    8,50 euros le pot de confiture, y'a pas de doute, c'est bien à paris que ça se passe !

    chouette site tout de même

    de la part d'une lyonnaise

  5. Jawohl, lecker lecker! Schade das in Deutschland so viele Geizkragen rumrennen, sowas leckers findet man irgendwie immer seltener:-(

  6. imagine jelly on a warm slice of toast with a nice cuppa coffee on the side in the morning...

    as the french say, "c'est la vie"!!