Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Olympics: D-day!

Of course I think London is beautiful, sure I like the Spanish very much, naturally I'd love the Russians to have the chance to show more of Moscow and yes I simply love New York BUT... I wish so much Paris could win the Olympics race for 2012! Come on guys, we have not had the summer games since 1924...
Meet me here @ 13:00 am (GMT) and you'll have the answer.


  1. Well some parts of London are nice... Chelsea, South Ken, Portobello...

  2. > Fred. LOL. Well, yes, but very often nice buildings are to be found in posh areas, aren't they?

  3. london is beautiful ?
    t'as de la merde dans les yeux, ou entre les deux oreilles ?

    c'est une ville super pour bouger et sortir. quand t'as plein de fric. mais pour le reste...