Tuesday, July 26, 2005

No nature, no future!

"Keeping a lamp on with no need kills the planet."

"Running a half loaded washing machine kills the planet."

I am not too keen on ecologist political parties here for many reasons that are pointless to explain on this blog but I do support people who actually act to keep our planet alive and as clean as possible!. Among those is Nicolas Hulot who used to produce shows like the ones of Jacques Cousteau on TV and who has started a foundation in 1990 with the aim of training the public to be more environmentally friendly. This foundation is currently running an ad campain at the moment in some streets of Paris and although it can be shocking I thought I could show it to you.


  1. I just fineshed read "99 franks" by F Begbeder and this photos like illustration to this book.

    Provocative ad as this is done to receive the next Lion in Canes.

    I think is forbiden to use pic like this on public boards.

    But also thank you Eric for photos
    You love city when you live

  2. Shocking and very graphic indeed - but I think it takes something like this to get people to see just what we are doing to Mother Earth.

  3. The problem with this kind of pics is : who cares about dolphins or tigers ? Almost nobody in our big countries. Then, I'm not sure this ad campaign would have success...

  4. the pics are...gross!!

    there must be some better ways to pass on the message than showing two dead animals, no?? ick!!

    but well, as the gross pics caught my eyes (though in an unpleasant way), they could be called good ads then. (maybe)

  5. I saw these billboards Eric and they were really eye-catching. Made me look. Made me think twice. Not sure they made me change my behaviour though.

    What do you mean Humman about "I think is forbiden to use pic like this on public boards." Meaning advertising or on a chat/blog? Either way, I think it's perfectly allowed.

  6. I think that those ads are pretty effective, although I do agree, to a point, with Isido when he says that no one cares about dolphins and leopards. I think people need to be shown that, if they do not treat the planet better, they will lose the lifestyle to which they are accustomed and take for granted, and that there will be no life for future generations. Now, how do you show that on a print ad?

  7. The thing is, honestly i dont really see the relation between "letting a light on" and "killing a dolphin". i can see one between using electricity, oil and carbons, greenhouse gas effect, etc. but with a dolphin ?

    anyway, the ad is eye-catching, that's for sure. i was obviously moved and so. but then, will i envisage to change my behavior because of this ? probably not.

    sometimes i think those publicists should get advise from a psychoanalyst - the message should be much more self-centered and narcissistic, if it is too be totally effective (i.e. what elisabeth was commenting): people dont care about the earth, the animals, or next generation (otherwise we wouldnt need those ads, btw). they just care about their lifestyle. i think the message should be more something like "if you let your light on, you will die" kinda thing.

    the leopard photo makes me think of the ad against drinking, with the girl awakening in a tacky apartment, with fuzzy looking, a kinda leopard skin above the bed, and the bum next to her and awakening at same time, saying "alors, heureuse ?". this one was awesome...

  8. Very interesting comments. Basically everybody agrees that would should pay attention, most people (well, most people HERE!) confess that they don't really feel concerned with this type od ads.

    Now Elisabeth's question is worth thinking for a while: "how to put 'you must change your lifestyle and accept to drive smaller cars, turn off the air conditionning as much as ou can, save as much energy as possible... ortherwise your children or grand children wont be able to live properly' in an ad?"

    I do not have the answer!

  9. I think they're great. Too bad they'll never be shown in the US, God knows our country needs this sort of wake up call most.

    Thanks for the website Eric, I've enjoyed it very much. I love Paris and can't get there often enough for my liking so this makes me feel like I'm there. I love that you choose anything that strikes your fancy, not just monuments, etc. all the time. Merci!

  10. Thank you very much Just Grace! (Funny your nickname makes me think of the "Just Jack" scene in Will and Grace...)

    Megan. I understand you're taking French lessons then... I dare you to say a few words that you've learnt so far here!

  11. I think the fact that this post got so many comments means that the ad must be somewhat effective. Even if it won't necessarily change MY behaviour, you can imagine children seeing it (the future) and asking their parents about it. I also think the image may have a longer term affect that you think of from time to time. Putting it into the sub-counscious.

    Yes Megan, how do you say "environmentally friendly" in French?

    And Grace's name reminds me the movie Saving Grace! Another great one.

  12. samantha jones, from samantha jones public relations: "there is no such thing as bad publicity".

    would benetton still be selling any clothes if it hadnt gotten this huge publicity about their very controversial ads ?

  13. Nicolas Hulot est un expert en communication et en marketing. En voici donc encore une preuve pour inciter les gens à rejoindre sa fondation. Le seul problème, c'est que cet homme-entreprise-pour-la-nature, qui veut faire changer les mentalités, vend sa propre marque de déodorants en bombes aérosols... Il est donc bien placé pour savoir qui détruit la planète...

  14. cet homme-entreprise-pour-la-nature, qui veut faire changer les mentalités, vend sa propre marque de déodorants en bombes aérosols... Il est donc bien placé pour savoir qui détruit la planète...

    D'accord avec ça...