Thursday, January 19, 2006

Carah Exhibit at La Grande Arche de La Défense

ParisDailyPhoto received its first "formal" invitation to an art gallery opening! I went yesterday evening not only because I was curious to see the work of CARAH (an artist from the south of France), but also because it took place at the top of the Grande Arche, at La Défense. I took many shots of the exhibit and some of the breath taking night views of Paris you can see from the terrace at the top of the Arch. I will save them for another day...


  1. Hy Eric , my name is not Georgette, is Georgeta and I'm from Romania - Bucharest; i use Georgette because is more french... or is not?

  2. Congratulations on your "formal" invitation. That would be very flattering.

  3. Have just caught up on your shots of the past week. (had a houseguest visiting) They're spectacular, as always. Love the heated bistrot one.

  4. Fantastic shot Eric, I love it ! Very clever shot indeed, you are a brillant photographer ! Oh, I love Paris so much ! You see the world through a fantastic lens and makes my life happier every day !

    God bless you Eric,


  5. that painting was a great choice to photograph. Against the gray and the dark figure is a nice contrast.

  6. Hi, I like your photos and all the comments too. It's the place to watch sth nice and to meet people, what's amazing :)

  7. Nice movement and colour. Looking forward to the shots of the exhibits - and to getting to Paris again soon

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  9. Eric, j'ai trouvé ton blog il y a quelques semaines et maintenant je le visite tous les jours. J'aime Paris et j'espère pouvoir aller de nouveau.

    Pardonne ma mauvaise orthographe, je suis du Chili.

  10. > Redlady. That is exactly what this blog makes me do: get off my butt and start exploring Paris again! Thankw for the nice comment.

    > Manuel. Thanks. I just realized you were missing from my city dailyphoto blogroll! It's fixed now, you're in.

    > Georgette. Yes, you're right, Georgette is very French and very cute although a little bit old fashionned... I can name two famous singers who had this first name: Georgette Plana (Riquita, les Roses blanches..) and Georgette Lemaire. I am sure GG (a regular visitor here)call tell us more.

    > NoWords. Your photos are stunning!

    > Denton. In fact I deal with the PR company that sent it to me already, but for very different accounts (technology) that they manage.

    > Thanks Terri. If you want to make sure not to miss a shot you can definitely subscribe to the mailing list (left column). Thanks to Ham from LondonDailyPhoto it now works!
    (People who already subscribed will receive a reminder soon, sorry for that...)

    > Jess. I am so happy to hear I make somebody's life happier every day! That makes my day too... ;))

    > Chantel. Thank you. In fact I must have 30 pictures of this exhibit but I was only left with 3 good ones in the end. I picked up this one (and resized it a little bit) and I must say I like it too!

    > Anonymous. Well, come back here anytime! ;))

    > Michael. Sbut that will be the only shot of the exhibit. The rest you must come to Paris and climb up the big arch!

    > La rêveuse. You changed your mind?

    > Parisguy. Thank you, thank you!! I will keep up although it is extremely time consuming!

    > Eduardo. Mais quelle mauvaise orthographe Eduardo ? Il n'y a aucune faute dans ton texte (bon, éventuellement, il faut mieux dire : "J'aime Paris et j'espère pouvoir [Y] aller de nouveau" mais bon ce n'est pas très important. ;))

  11. I will make sure I try this place the next time I visit Paris. The Japanese food is great in Paris!

  12. Oh no, Eric, I didn't change my mind. I deleted the message when I was just trying to correct my wording.

  13. Congratulations for the formal invitation, Eric. Gives us all hope! - Sab :@)

  14. As a expatriated parisien, it's been a nice surprise to discover such a nice blog. I think it gives a very realistic yet poetic view of paris.

    Please go on!



  15. This shot ranks right up there in my top faves of your work, Eric. It's very well done. Bravo.
    PS--at the end of the year, we (your daily fans) should send you our lists of "best of 2006" choices. I'm sure they would be highly personal lists, but I wonder if our combined top five or ten picks would match your own favorites. Something to think about . . .