Friday, January 27, 2006

Welcome to Club Etoile

L'Etoile has been one of the trendiest clubs in Paris for a while. It is located near La Place de l'Etoile (no kidding?!) and organizes a lot of private parties for companies (there is not a single mobile phone that has not been launched there!!). The inside is OK - make sure you go to the inside terrace if you go there - but what I wanted to show you is how they use the outside wall of the building to promote their brand - or the one of their customers - at night. They use different colors, it is simple but pretty effective.


  1. ca m'a fait plaisir que l'on se voit.
    à la prochaine...

  2. Ah ben tout de même ! Je me demandais si t'avais eu une panne d'oreiller !… Encore forcé sur le Diet Coke VIP au Club de l'Etoile hier soir ?…

  3. Fantastic shot Eric, I love it ! Very clever shot indeed, you are a brilliant photographer ! Oh, I love Paris so much ! You see the world through a fantastic lens and makes my life better everyday.

    This is just the daily highlight of my miserable existence

    God bless you,

    And thank you again.

  4. Suzy, today… Peter, yesterday… Jack, the 24th… Jenny, the 23d…
    Eric, don't you think this is a sort of spam or a silly joke ?…

  5. I don't know GG, I must say I don't really understand for there is no link to any blog. What is the point? On top of that the message is personnalized.

    Really weird...

  6. Hey Eric!
    Just wanted to let you know your photos are absolutely brillant! I am heading to Paris at the end of February so I wanted to ask your advice (if you dont mind!!!)My husband and I are going to stay in Montmartre ( he has been to Paris before and I have not). Do you know of any art exhibits on that we shouldnt miss? Or flea markets that are better than others?
    Im sure you get tired of people asking you all types of questions, so if you dont have the chance, dont worry.
    Keep up the amazing work!!

  7. Maybe Suzy, Peter, Jack and Jenny are telling the truth! Eric, can you see what tremendous effect your photos have on people? Now, you must know you have an awesome responsibility, saving the world, one photo at a time ...

  8. know where there's an art exhibit? You should be honest with "good souls make life better" and let them know that this is a big question even for you. LOL

    Great shot today and I just want to add a God bless you as well so that Suzy, Peter, Jack and Jenny don't get all the credit for your blessings!

  9. Bonjour Eric,
    I was introduced to your blog through EasyJetSetter--I visited her in Paris last May, which was my first experience with that marvelous city. I am very grateful for the daily reminder. Your blog is most lovely. Thanks for sharing your images!

  10. Is this place on Champs Elysees? Was it purple during the Holidays? Anyway, great pic and just in case:

    Can you please add a link to my blog. Thank You

  11. Eric,
    This lighting brings back memories of my childhood in Southern California when lighting the outside of buildings, houses, and landscapes with colored flood lights was tres chic. I love the collage of extra photos in all the colors--another take on the theme of your beautiful colored windows from the other day (sans the logo). Thanks for this new bit we've learned about the "city of light."

  12. This is place I was lucky to be on the inside. My company formed a joint venture with Crédit Agricole, and they hosted a party for us. It was amazing.