Friday, January 13, 2006

Petit noir

Do you remember this post about the bistrot earlier this week? Well I was telling you about expressos being called "petit noir" - rather pronounced : "p'tit noir". Here is one, that I just had on the "Zinc" (the counter top) of a bistrot down from my house. And while I was there, since today is Friday the 13th and that in France some people say it brings luck, I also bought a Lottery ticket! If you don't see any more pictures here on Monday it's because I'll be in the Bahamas counting my money! Just kidding...


  1. good luck for the lottery tonight ! i will also buy a ticket during the lunch time, as many other people ...

  2. Et Madame Irma, que lit-elle dans le marc de ton café de ce matin ?

  3. Trop tard Eric, c'est moi qui ait le ticket gagnant! Le buraliste me l'a certifié!
    Retente ta chance une autre fois ...

  4. Good the more people buy a lottery ticket the more money I'll get in the end. For make no mistake: I HAVE the winning ticket (nice try Arnaud...)!

  5. Oh, I wonder if this also works with the Spanish lottery? Rushing out to buy ticket now ...

    Mind you Eric, I am disappointed that you will take that money to the Bahamas. You know it will go further and last longer in the Canary Islands and, you wouldn't even have to exchange it! :)

  6. I hate to break it to you Eric, but you might as well count on drinking your coffee at that bistrot again on Monday as there seems to be a lot of people holding the winning lottery ticket. Good luck! Will you share a million or two with your blog fans? You'll never miss it!

  7. Il a l'air dégueu ce café, on dirait du charbon !


  8. I was thinking more or less the same thing the same thing as Thibaut: this coffee looks a little thick, especially by US standards, but I love the shot! Funny, I did one almost like this yesterday... arghhh!! Oh, well, that doesn't matter since you'll be in the Bahamas on Monday, I guess if I publish mine, you will never know ;-)

    Good luck everybody with your loto tickets!

  9. If I win tonight, I promise that I visit every country of the Euromillions and I give one or two coin for charity in each one....

    By the way, you can visit and enjoy here :

    Have a nice rich eurovision.... :-)

  10. Thanks everyone! I hope at least one of us wins...

    Pamela: LOL, you’re right but I think the Bahamas are much safer for money Laundrying

    PetitBrin: I loved it! I voted for Autriche!

  11. By the way everybody, I'm a little late for some, and at least one just got added today, but I'd like to welcome the following city Daily Photo blogs to the list (You can find their links on the left sidebar):

    - Brussels (Belgium)
    - Cedar Key, FL (USA)
    - Dijon (France)
    - Greenville, South Carolina (USA)
    - Manila (Philippines)
    - St. Kilda (Australia)
    - Sydney (Australia)
    - Port Vila(Vanuatu)
    - Tokyo (Japan)
    - Trier (Germany)

    I never imagined this would grow so much!

  12. how did I forget about the lottery ticket!!!!!

  13. Hélas, mon billet était perdant...
    Good Luck Eric.

  14. Eric, the expresso remains look like charcoal! I hope it tasted good, at least. :) Of course, I'm probably the only Seattle-area native who doesn't like coffee, so what do I know?!

  15. The friday the 13th superstition is totally different here in the Philippines, for us we think it brings bad luck! Most people took a leave from work and tried to stay at home to avoid any strain of bad luck!


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