Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Restaurant Le sel de la terre

It's been a while since I recommended a restaurant on this blog... So here is a new one, called, Le Sel de la terre, very French, where you can enjoy balsamic roasted shallots and garlic confit or a pot de crème with pistachio biscotti. You think we're lucky to have such a temple of French haute cuisine in Paris?! Well, all wrong, this one is 3 445 miles away from the capital of France! It's located in... Boston, where I am currently ;)


  1. Can I order some pistachio biscotti to go?

  2. Where did you get 3,445 miles from? ;-)

  3. Hi Eric, I was at Harvard Square myself today!
    Bonne Annee 2007!

  4. I make it 3440.66 miles from Place de Liège!

    Looks like the weather is nice in Boston and hopefully the food was too.

    Bonnes fêtes à Boston et beaucoup de mercis de la photo merveilleuse, Monsieur.

  5. I hope you had fun bringing in the new year while in Boston!

  6. Hey, now you're cheating!... Since when has this site become Boston Daily?

    Just kidding... Enjoy your time away from home, Eric!

  7. Eric! Welcome to Boston, my home town! Sel de la Terre is a fun place. Let me know if I can buy you a glass of wine!

    Chris Late

  8. Mmmm, sounds good. I'll try to remember it if I go to Boston.

  9. thanks for the recommendation, eric! i'm currently in boston too so i might actually go try this one !

    you should recommend more restaurants in paris as well! because i'll be going back there in a couple of weeks and i'm always interested in checking out new places to eat. :)

    hope you're enjoying boston! we're supposed to get great weather in the next few days.

  10. Whem will you come to NYC?? Dinner's on me. :-)

  11. I hope you have a nice time in Boston Eric!:)

  12. Somehow "le sel de la terre" and "salt of the earth" don't seem the same between french and english. In english, I think it refers more to "people" doesn't it? I don't know anymore!

    Love the perspective you shot Eric and the sky is even clear.

    Eat any clam chowder yet?

  13. Quel blagueur ! Tu es vraiment impayable Eric ! Peut-etre devrais-tu aussi te lancer dans un blog de bonnes blagues !

  14. ok Eric, what the heck are u doing...you ARE Paris, how can Paris be away from Paris???
    Happy New Year, Chief! :-)

  15. Enjoy Boston! It's my hometown and second favorite city (after Paris!)

  16. Thanks for the tip, Eric. I will be in Boston in early April, and will try this one out.

  17. Mmmm, clam chowder. That's the only sea food like substance that the hubby actually likes and will devour like there's no tomorrow! Haven't had any really good stuff in awhile. Think I'll have to add it to the grocery list. Thanks Michael, now I'm hungry!

  18. hey guys after some time i am finally back. I have a cousin who lived in boston once and i faintly remember that he went there once. i have a question for any french speaking person here : how do you pronounce the Nintendo Wii. do you say Oui or Wii. dumb question, yes i know, but i would like an answer.

  19. Thanks, now I'm hungry. Happy New Year

  20. Well, has anyone yet suggested that Eric do a tour of America or even the world for that matter? He certainly knows someone on every continent who would host him! Put me down for the Philadelphia leg of the tour.

  21. Happy New Year my friend, wherever you are.
    Hope to catch up with you sometime this year in Paris, Sydney, Boston or... who knows where?!...

  22. Shame on you, Eric. And here I was all ready to copy down the name for March...lol
    I don't recall this restaurant when I lived in the Boston area, but I'll keep it in mind.

  23. Eric, Sel de la Terre is near my office in Boston's Financial District. Wish I knew you were so close by! I haven't eaten there, just grabbed a quick espresso to go. I believe they carry Poulane (sp?) bread from Paris...

  24. Wonderful. When are you coming home? ;( lol...

  25. Great idea ujima! I'll host him if he comes to St. Louis! Then he can take a picture of my adorable son at some fancy frencie restaurant around here and put it up. Then Owen will be a PDP star!

  26. It is Poilâne bread: www.poilane.fr

    Viens nous voir, Eric! Il fait beau et doux à Montréal aussi.

  27. I love this photo! The angle you chose to shoot it at is great.

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