Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday reading

It's Sunday, it's time for a little rest. How about a good book? If you already visited Paris, you probably saw the Bouquinistes on the riverbanks, but that is not where I took this photo. I took it on rue de La Roquette in the 11th arrondissement, in front of a small second hand bookshop. Have a cool Sunday everyone and thanks a million for your votes for the festival. I ended up with 500 hundred votes which will allow me to take part in the final. Then a jury will make the final decision...


    And a massive thank you for responding to all our comments yesterday, and good luck with the jury!

  2. eric did i mention that books are my favorite thing in the world?

    and did i mention that rue de la roquette is the coolest street in paris (ok, one of the coolest)?

    but most of all, did i mention, that you have the best blog and the best photos in all of paris?

    mais, oui oui !!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Eric! I wish Megan & I were there to help you celebrate! Have a great day--and relax!

  4. Quelques dizaines de bouquins ... Les membres du jury auront certainement autant de bloc-notes à visiter. Félicitations pour toutes ces voix recueillies et bon courage pour la suite.

    Je crois que j'ai manqué quelquechose, alors bon anniversaire !

  5. In Paris, I see people reading on the metro, while walking, crossing the street even. Reading is an amazing activity. It makes me wonder, what else could we have learned as children?

    Bon anniversaire (?).

  6. Hi Eric,
    No Sunday reading for me, I'm out at the beach (lucky Australians) and catching up on work (your lot after you go on holidays when you're self employed). Greetings from Sunny Sydney.
    PS - loved your Mariannes of a couple of days ago!!!

  7. Eric, Bon chance for the festival! I voted early, but they would not let me vote often ;^).

    I wonder what PDP visitors are currently reading? I'm trying to finish up Canadian writer Robertson Davies "The Cunning Man," but have too much necessary non-fiction reading for work and a discussion group that I'm not getting to read much just for pleasure of lately.

    Since you seem to be getting happy birthday wishes today, I'll add mine for what appears to be your special day!

  8. Did Debs say "birthday"?!


    I hope you are relaxing today, maybe curled up with one of Lynn's books!

    And if the Festival de Romans chooses you, it should be a very nice birthday present! (doesn't "roman" mean "novel" in French?)

    May you have a wonderful birthday and wonderful year!

  9. Kim said, "I wonder what PDP visitors are currently reading?".

    I'm reading, "Waiting for Snow in Havana", this year's "One Book, One Philadelphia" selection. It's such a pleasure when people in the city and surrounding suburbs are reading the same book. You see someone on public transit or walking down the street with the book, and you stop and talk with them.

    The discussions are scheduled at library branches around the city. Many other cities do the same project using books og their choosing.

  10. Je pas réalise que c'était votre anniversaire, Monsieur.
    J'espère que vous appréciez le jour et célébrez l'année du plaisir que vous nous avez donnée tous.
    Très joyeux anniversaire "from the Land Down Under".

  11. Looks like someone is celebrating a birthday! If I was there I would "eat up" all of those books. Instead, I hope you "eat up" all that birthday cake. What do people do in France to celebrate birthdays anyway?

    Happy birthday Eric, and many more!

  12. il semberait que ce soit ton anniversaire, alors je te souhaite un excellent anniversaire. je viens tous les jours sur ce blog voir les belles photos et lire les textes toujours tres pertinents.
    a propos de la photo du jour, ne serait-ce pas cette librairie ?

  13. Happy Birthday!

    --buzzgirl (too lazy to sign in)

  14. Eric,

    In your honor I am playing Marilyn Monroe's version of "Happy Birthday". If she could, she would surely sing to you "Happy Birthday, Dear Eric". Now that should make your day!!

  15. congratulations and good luck for the final decision!

    have a great day :-)

  16. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    (I would've made you a cake, if I knew...)

  17. What a beautiful photo. This was one of my favorite things about Paris - the books. As Luggi said, I saw people reading everywhere, not magazines but big fat books. Then there were the bouquinistes and also the big tables of used books outside of bookstores. I was in heaven. I took my lunch money and spent it on books, so that in my time in Paris I lost 10 pounds and had a big backpack full of books to take home!

  18. yeah, need to catch up on my reading since received books as xmas gift !

  19. dear eric,
    looks like you'll be getting at least 500 birthday wishes today!!!

    hmm, so this means that you are on the cusp of capricorn and aquarius...which one would you consider yourself?

    have a super day eric, with best wishes for the coming year.


  20. Joyeux anniversaire, Eric!!

  21. Best bithday wishes, Eric, together with thanks for such a consistently high standard and originality of photographs of Paris, together with comments that never fail to interest and inform. long may you continue!


    Forget the books...just concentrate on shielding yourself from all these hugs & kisses I'm sending your way!

    Hope your day was AWESOME!

    And CONGRATS on the 500 VOTES! You're amazing and we LOVE you!

  23. mmmm...books....

    currently on the nightstand:
    TALK TO THE SNAIL stephen clarke
    WORDS IN A FRENCH LIFE kristin espinasse
    UNBOWED wangari maathai (nobel peace prize laureate's autobiography)
    RIPE FOR DESSERT david lebovitz
    JAMIE'S KITCHEN jamie oliver
    SWANN'S WAY marcel proust (admittedly i haven't made it past the first chapter yet :)

    PARIS HANGOVER kirstin lobe (witty and entertaining view of an american in paris)

    due for a reread:
    PARIS TO THE MOON adam gopnik (two thumbs up)

    yep, i'm definitely on a 'french kick' ... :D

  24. Thanks for putting up your Filmloop... I just luv it!

    It is a work of ART! I absolutely loved watching all those pictures from posts of the past. They bring back memories of having seen the photos before, and therefore I knew a bit about each scene from the blog.

    But altogether they really do assume a different aspect of a wonderful portrait of Paris from so many points of view. For someone like me who's never been to Paris and may never make it... it's the next best thing.

    A work of ART! Bravo!


  25. Great news Eric and well deserved ! I would love to go here, i adore books and to find them in french is quite hard.

  26. JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE, ERIC!!!! And congrats on the 500 votes - good luck for the final!

  27. OOhh Eric, bonne anniversaire a toi! I only just had time to read comments so found out it's your birthday (thanks Michael for the recommendation, hope Eric might read it!) I trust you've had a great day.
    Now how does a PDP proprietor spend a birthday? I'm guessing a large, family table at lunchtime with various courses of yummy food stretching well into early evening, where you might attend some glittering soiree on behalf of all of us - let's hope the shot shows you drinking some champagne as birthday toast. Must be of you, today, i feel Eric!

  28. eric in honor of your birthday, here are some fireworks from all the pdp'ers.


  29. Great idea Barbara, thanks for doing that on behalf of us all!

  30. Every time I read a book these days, I tend to fall asleep!

  31. Thank you everyone. I did not want to make a big thing about mybirthday this year but since someone remembered it, after all (Johnny even found out way before ;))

    Now Lynn, I laughed a lot when I saw your description of my day... The truth is that after a gourmet meal at Mc Donald's (no kidding) I spent 6 hours on my computer trying to cope with my survey thing!

    I was so mad that everytime someone would calld to wish me a happy birthday I would barely say thank you and try to keep the conversation as short as possible!!!

    So much for the friendly Parisian?! Eh ?! LOL.

  32. I guess this means that you are not a Libra afterall....a capricorn. That explains your ambitiousness! And conservatism too! A good earthy sign (me too)!

    Happy belated!

  33. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!! Sorry I'm late here, my internet connection was down for most of the day. But better late then never, huh? Anyways this ecard is for you. Ignore the email addresses on it because I had to just send it to myself to get the link. Anyways, hope you enjoyed your day!

  34. Glad to see that these second hand shops for books are still around. The bouquinistes carrying anything good are few and far between these days; they seem to mostly cater to the tourists and many sell the exact same tired postcards and stuff. Times change, I suppose.

    Oh, and happy belated b'day! :)

  35. Ohhh that's not how to spend a birthday, Eric. I need to descend upon Paris and upon you and take you for a great lunch full of laughter and relaxation. We would speak half in french and half in english. What fun!

  36. > Susan. I'm an Aquarius!! Usually anything but ambitious and conservative!! But you're right, there must have been something wrong with the stars when I was born because I am closer to what you describe than to the usual airy aquarius!!

    > Soosha, that is a great card! LOL I opened it in my office with the speakers on. You can imagine...

    > Thanks Tomate. (I'll be checking my mailbox...)

    > Lynn. OK c'est une very bonne idea. Je agree avec you!!

  37. Eric,

    Maybe you are more like Cap than Aq because you are born on the cusp (could be either). Your comment got me curious so I looked you up....guess what? Your moon is LIBRA!!! LOL! That explains so much!

    I know that sounds silly and ridiculous and I would normally agree since I am very logical and rational but....

    it seems more than a coincidence that someone's "chart" always is an accurate picture of them (and cannot be applied to other people I know)! Not talking about horoscopes here (I do not believe in them) but someone's chart...that's a different story. But I know that most men "poo-poo" that...but that is just because they haven't tested it. So, you are on the cusp. Could be Aquarius or Capricorn and you have a Libra moon (your outer self)....that's why you seem like a Libra! LOL!

  38. Eric I'm so sorry! I hope it wasn't too loud!!! I also hope you didn't get embarassed around anyone else!!!

  39. Eric, dis moi tu ne peux pas écrire en anglais ET en français. Pour les parisiens francophones qui adorent voir Paris en double mais qui préfère l'espagnol à l'anglais. Merci :)

  40. > Susan. "I know that sounds silly and ridiculous " Well... LOL (just kidding!) Maybe planets do influence our behaviour but it's never been really proved has it? Anyway I take your words for it: I am a Libra acting Aquarius...

    > Soosha. No harm! A good laugh that's all.

    > tfxx. Oui tu as raison. J'ai voulu faire deux blogs au début, un français et un anglais et puis ça me prenait trop de temps alors j'ai laissé tomber le français car je voulais faire découvrir Paris à un maximum de monde. Pas bien sans doute, mais j'y passe déjà tellement de temps !

  41. Ah, that's chouette Eric! Nous have un rendezvous! But... quand?