Monday, June 25, 2007

Paris Daily Photo in San Francisco (part deux!)

You know I very very rarely post a photo that was not taken in Paris, but today, on this special occasion, I had to break the rule. So here it is... These are the wonderful people I got to spend the evening with, last night in San Francisco. Two are actually missing (Larry, where on earth was he?!) and Clo, who arrived a little later) and I let the others introduce themselves in the comments. I really enjoyed myself and I do mean it. Once again a big thank you to BuzzGirl (slightly hidden in the back LOL) for arranging the restaurant and to everyone for showing up.


  1. oh this should be a really exciting meeting!
    I'm happy for you guys! you look gorgeous here! :)

  2. Happy to see you all had a great time there !!! W DP !!!

  3. I hope you had a great time there Eric!:)

  4. Qu'est-ce que ca a l'air tarte !

  5. I wish Dave and I could have been at the cha cha cha with the grand group. We miss you.

  6. That's got to be Ame with the pink top and the camera pointed at you like a pistol!! Looks like it was fun!


    I miss everyone!!!

    Michael, Zsolt, we even talked about you! ALL GOOD! LMAO!

    And yes, that's me pointing and shooting! By the end of the evening I thought the gang was gonna confiscate my "weapon" cuz every other word out of my mouth was, "OOO! Gotta take a picture of that!" ;)

    Can't wait for the next reunion!

    Safe travels to Boston and then home Eric! Watch out for those pesky "wet spots on your jeans and beWARE of American LOOS!!!" (Inside joke y'all, ya HAD to BE there!) =)))


  8. How we all wish we could have been there too, Eric. Let's hope you can show us all the other shots of the gang on your PDP - Making-of Blog.
    Bon vacance !

  9. Great picture here today. Hope you enjoyed the trip and Ame's company!

    We're "singing in the rain"

    South Shields Daily Photo

  10. I have to say you all look very very nice people!!!

  11. Sounds like you left your heart in San Francisco. Glad you all had a great time. Safe travels on the rest of your journeying.

  12. lol yup, that's definately Ame! I like your shoes! Glad you all had fun!

  13. Great photos. Lotsa fun. Well done, all. Definitely gotta let Eric know we appreciate the (insane) amount of work he puts into PDP. Thanks from the rest of us for making him feel welcome.



  15. PS: OK, I KNOW you're in Missouri...but your name just screams San Francisco...and you HAD to be there! NEXT TIME...down in SO CAL!


  16. I read the other posts about this get-together. Which I think is a wonderful thing.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  17. I'm about to leave my heart in SF Coltrane_lives! LOL

    As a matter of fact, right now I have to pack and I'm late...

    I'll tell you more tomorrow when I have a little more time.

  18. Here I sit and my morning routine continues. Arrive at work, power on the computer, pull up my homepage, click the link to PDP and visualize living in Paris. Today is much different for I now have come to know Eric and his San Francisco entourage, aka the Paris Daily Photo Support Group, which I am a happy member. As for where I am while this fabulous photo was taken, I ran to the car to retrieve Susan’s sweater; I am there in spirit. Susan and I thank you all for a wonderful evening and look forward to meeting up again soon. Eric, thank you for putting together this blog, for it has yield returns beyond imagination.

  19. Hi Eric,
    it looks like u are having a great time. enjoy!

  20. Help! A few weeks ago while we were in France, I caught the end of a movie about a crippled girl, a guy with amnesia, and a "good brother". It was a period piece and took place on a farm. I might not have all the details correct. If you know the title, please email me. Thanks

  21. I have to say last night was fun. I am glad that I got to meet everyone despite my being late. Eric, the first famous personality I meet in life, is a very nice person and quite easy going, no wonder people like him so much.

    Ame & Bear (her husband who is not a bear but more like a gentle cub), Tomate Farcie, Buzzgirl, KPGallant, Larry and Susan and everyone else were a blast to be with. Ame was wondering why Michael was not here, I thought he probably was train racing. Anyway, I hopr that Eric returns to the Bay Area again soon, and hope to see all who were there at another PDP party soon too.

  22. It looks and sounds like you all had a grand time! I am so envious!

  23. maintenant tu doit de venir en Corse mon amis...
    sinon attention au represaille...

    enfin c'est super d'aller au rencontre des autres daily's friendl'ys...

  24. "The Paris Daily Photo Support Group"!! LOL!! Wow, Larry...I forgot about that...that was too funny!!

    As someone who is forced to attend three or more social events a week for work I am usually a bit hesitant to mix with a group of "strangers" on my day off...but yesterday was different. We really did have a "Blast"!! I had met the "Fabuloussssssss Buzzgurlllll"[and her charming daughter]and the "Colorfullllll Tomate Farcie" on a previous occasion, but it was all new with the other folks. It was like reconnecting with old friends. We had a great afternoon that turned into an evening[typical San Francisco]and since it was Gay Pride day as well, ALL of San Francisco is walking around with a hangover today!

    The party moved from ChaChaCha to the SkyTerrace at "Medjool", where Eric was the perfect diplomat when conversation turned to "Politics..." What?? People talk about Politics even at a PDP party?? Quelle Horreur!! LOL!!!

    Ame[while wielding a mighty Camera Phone]threatened to do this all over again if Michael should ever be so brave as to cross the Atlantic and the Rockies and visit this locale! I can attest to the fact that Eric was accosted by only two San Francisco HomelessPeople and in the style of a True San Franciscan he shrugged his shoulders without missing a word of his conversation and continued his stroll!! Which city will host the creator of our favorite blog next!! Bon Courage!!!

    johnnyparsons...your name came up yesterday, glad to see you are back from your trip!!

  25. so sorry i missed it!
    next time you're in the bay area be sure to let us know.

  26. It was my great pleasure to meet all those who came out yesterday. I really had fun. I had the distinct honor of being with Eric from 10am to 10pm... I can't believe he didn't get tired of me. Special thanks to Ame & Bear, Larry & Susan and Eileen and Jim for coming up to the City from the South Bay. Next time we'll hold the PDP Anonyme meeting down your way!

  27. What fun to meet Eric and the wonderful group of Bay Area PDP faithful at Cha Cha Cha in SF last night! Thanks Eric for driving up from Silicon Valley to meet us all and thanks too to BuzzGirl for putting together such a fun event. And what an honor to make into a PDP photo!

  28. LOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE the photos on your bloooooooooogggggggg AME (<---you have to read that like Ame would write it!)

    It gives a great sense of the evening and all of the nice people.

    So, where exactly DID Eric "leave his heart" in SF? Details! Details!

  29. Oh Michael... I could tell you, but that's a conversation better left for the forum!

  30. OK, just landed in Boston this time - I swear I'll go back to Paris one day (my stock of photos is coming to an end anyway LOL) - and reading all your comments really put a smile on my face.

    Like someone said it was like meeting old friends.

    Both places we went to were cool. Cha Cha Cha is a typical tapas bar like we have on rue de Lappes in Paris and Sky Terrace, was quite impressive because the view was the one of... SF. (OK, we could have done with an extra blanket LOL but this is SF not Honolulu!).

    Larry, now I know why you weren't on the picture. That is the price to pay for being a gentleman ;) At least we have Susan.

    Tonton flaneur (aka KP Gallant), I protest. I did NOT shrug my shoulders without missing a word of my conversation... I showed some consideration!

    As for stopping the dangerous political discussion, I've got to confess you're right!

    PS: your brownies are fab! Only 2 left to this minute...

    Clo(vis), merci beaucoup, these are really kind words. Good thing you arrived just on time for the second half of the evening ;)

    And Katie, the pleasure was really all mine as you can imagine. Don't forget to send me an email when you come to Paris this fall.

    > M. Benaut, if you want to see more photos, go to Ame's blog. She used up all the memory of her phone taking pictures of everything!!

    >Terra. La Corse? Ben vouim of... Course. D'autant que maintenant il y a aussi Ajaccio!

    OK, gotta sleep now...

  31. Well, Eric, isn't somebody missing from your photograph?

    here you go

    It was great fun meeting you all! :)

  32. Ame´s photos are great! We can finally see faces and names!!! And what happy faces you all had!

    Isn´t PDP greaaaat!!!! Look at all the wonderful things it (Eric) provides!!!

  33. Oh and i would have liked to see Clo! Ah well the rest of you look just fab i'm sure you all had a great time. Eric you escaped the lens as usual...... tut.

  34. Oh Ame, I would have loved to be there. Maybe if there's a PDP meetup in St. Louis or Chicago someday I can attend. Chicago I can drive to no problem, but San Fransisco is waaaay to far! Oh well, there's always next time!