Monday, June 11, 2007

Voting again...

Today we just had new elections (yes, again!). We elected our representatives at the parliament (called L'Assemblée Nationale in French - see the photo). There are 577 Députés and they are attached to a region. Their role is two fold: "govern" their region and pass laws (or bills, I don't know the difference exactly). As expected Nicolas Sarkozy's party (UMP) won most of the seats and the abstention rate was really high. Although there will be a second round next week the socialist party won't have many Députés. I guess no one wanted to vote for these people...


  1. We elect our députés the same way here and they have the same role, govern their region and pass laws.
    So our system is pretty similar I guess.

  2. I guess a "winner take all" mindset sort of sets in, and people think "why bother?"

  3. It's a classic photograph and one I have seen many times. You have taken it with balance and harmony in mind, a theme with which the new French assembly might be well advised to invoke in their political exploits

  4. It seems appropriate that we use "gauche" in English to mean socially inept. And 60% turnout is normal in the UK - get used to it.

  5. Voting is compulsory in Australia although some in the right wing faction of the Liberal Party (read conservative party) have been trying to remove the compulsion and make it voluntary.

  6. The députés do not "govern" their region. There are elected Conseillers régionaux for that.
    And Conseillers Généraux to run the Départements.

    The Députés do not even represent their constituency at the Parlement.Each député is supposed to represent the French people as a whole.

  7. Thank You Anonyme. You are perfectly right about the fact that each deputé is supposed to represent the French people as a whole.
    As for your comment Eric, it's a little more parti pris than usual… And I think it's not fair to show the picture of these two candidates. You can always find bad pictures of anybody…
    Last point, the PS does not do so bad compared to the previous assembly. it's more the PC and the Center that suffer…

  8. Sixty percent? That would be great here in the states. We are often fortunate to have 25% in state or local elections.

    I think most of it is due to the kind of people that run for office here.

    I like your photograph.

  9. Hello Eric,

    Can you please explain more "I guess no one wanted to vote for these people...".

    What if I did vote for them ? Do I have the right to get some respect as well ?

    I thought you did not want anything disturbing in this blog, to make it as tasty as an american cheese, but I am happy to see that we can now discover yourself under your true color ! Right Neo-Conservative... always good to know that kind of information, even though I must say it is not a surprise. And I am sure it will please your american visitors, so all good for you !

    Thank you, I am awaiting for your answer.


  10. The problem with an utterly neutral blog is that it could become utterly bland and frustrating for the owner if he's not allowed to inject a little personal humour from time to time.

    It's always a dilemma I guess and I try to really only focus on photographic issues and personal stuff that only relates to myself and my feelings rather than anyone else's, but it's a tricky call...

  11. GG, yeah you're right, it's easy to make fun of a bad picture of someone but this time I could not help it.

    I see them every morning on my way to work and I can't help thinking "Who on earth wants to be protected by these two?" (oh, yeah, Lionello, apparently ;))

    BTW GG you did not protest the day I posted this

  12. LOL. Nice try Eric ! But on this picture you were showing people making fun of Sarko whereas today YOU mocked these two poor candidates. Anyway, I agree with you that seeing posters of candidates every morning on your way office can give you bad ideas. I myself smile at this poor guy from "Les Verts" whom I wonder if he has been irradiated by a EDF nuclear Power unit !

  13. Eric, you want to know the difference between a bill and a law? Watch this, it's a classic that has taught a couple of generations of American children! Thank goodness for Schoolhouse Rock!

  14. I totally understand that Eric couldn't resist to take a picture of these two candidates who should definitly sue the photographer who took this picture... He or she is probably a secret member of the UMP ;-)))))

  15. Speaking of making fun of politicians, I'm sure you'll enjoy this (mostly you Eric, of course !!!) :

  16. Photos can be very powerful. Some will deride a poor photo on a poster, supporters will feel good to see their candidates. The photo Eric shows is not particularly flattering (though I love the clothing patterns), nor is it insulting. On an election day in a time of extremes, biases will emerge. Let's all remember that the social systems that include health care, paid holidays, paid sick time, and other elements were considered outrageously socialist/communist when first proposed. Now many (ahem) enjoy them and take them for granted. Times change, and perspectives change over time. Let's all be respectful. We don't want more W-ism.

    Eric, your photo is stately and appropriate for the occasion. (Do they move the flags to the right or left of the entrance depending on...?

  17. Don't worry Eric I understood very well what you were saying. This photo was horrible ! Your blog is good. Te laisse pas intimider par ces idiots. I voted for PS !!

  18. As Eric, Michael, and others know, I am a very intimidating idiot.

  19. LOLLLLL Soosha! That is exactly what I was thinking of when I read Eric's post about not knowing the difference between a bill and a law!

    Thanks Eric, for telling us what goes on in this building - I had been curious. My friend and I took a very fun photo in front of this building two years ago, when it had a huge "Paris 2012 - ville candidate" Olympics sign plastered all across the top of it.

  20. Why thank ya pont girl! I do hope Eric checks it out. I'm sure Michael would agree that it's the perfect way to teach him the difference, right Michael?

  21. "tasty as an american cheese

    And I am sure it will please your american visitors, so all good for you !

    Thank you, I am awaiting for your answer."


    You seem to be the same type as some Americans of the far right here who call french fries "freedom fries." Have you stopped to consider that the Americans who visit this site, but whom you so plainly despise, might be exactly the kind of Americans who see their system as flawed and look to France as an example of a more humane way of life? In this light, what good does it do to insult them?

    And while you're awaiting your answer, are you tapping your left foot and do you have your hands placed on your hips? Relax a little!

  22. There are flaws in both systems. We could all learn from each other.

    I think the real issue with Lionello's comment is how it illustrates how people make assumptions and how little tolerance there is for those with different views. Instead, they resort to personal attacks. Sad.

  23. I'm really impressed by the lack of traffic in this part of town. Wow. How did you get everybody to clear out of the way, Eric? :)

  24. I asked Sarkozy Tomate LOL

    No, seriously I went on Sunday at 8 pm precisely when they were announcing the results on TV. There were few people in the streets and I waited for the right moment.

    Luggi, you know I think Lionello always looks at the dark side of things. It's his right and he probably has good reasons for that. A little Prozac might do him some good ;)

    OK, so I understand I got a little mixed up with the role of députés... Call me a bad citizen I deserve it.

    Jeff, you crack me up. No, they don't move flags according to the winners LOL

    Soosha, thank you for the Youtube video, that is exactly what I needed LOL. So a bill is a "projet de loi" and a law is, "a law".

    PS : Puer thanks ;) Mais je me laisse assez peu intimider je dois dire...

    OK, it's 2 15 am, time to go to bed...