Friday, May 29, 2009

Crossed Lines

I had a flat tire today and while waiting for the garage to fix it (which they ended up not doing actually, but that is another story!!) I spent some time in the Batignolles area. I found this bike attached to the fence that protects people from falling on Saint Lazare train lines. I thought it was cool. I also ended up talking to a real estate agent who is also a photographer; he told me he learned that a good photo (technically) is not necessarily a beautiful photo (emotionally). Interesting. BTW, tomorrow all day I'll be in a Photoshop training...


  1. Okay, how do you ride it up here? Lol.

  2. Sometimes I like to hang my velo from the ceiling in my apartment. It looks like art. I believe that was what Eric was going for here, non?

  3. This photo IS cool, Eric—and you are good at both technically beautiful and beautifully technical photos!
    Have fun with Photoshop demain.
    Congrats on GF, Without A Map!

  4. Being broken down in Paris sounds like a dream.

    I like the way the blue curves of the velo interrupt the uniformity of the black bars.

    Without a Map - Bikes hanging from one's ceiling is definitely art!! After all, someone very talented designed that bicycle.

  5. Lovely shot of the blue bike.

    Photoshop training. I've taught myself but would love the training. Can you pass on to us little tips please? Just a couple of useful ones here and there...not fussy ;)

  6. What a great bike. Classic styling, and a generator on the wheel for the light. Love it.

    It looks like the weather it nice in Paris. I apologize that I didn't bring good weather when I was there.

  7. Jeff, I don't know if I'd call the weather nice. The humidity in Paris is at 94%.

  8. “Available: One blue bicycle for the taking. Must forego front wheel.”

  9. What a cool bike...and a beautifully unique shot :)

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  11. Bikes hanging from one's ceiling is definitely art!! After all, someone very talented designed that bicycle.

    @ Eiffel Tower Suzy
    I totally, entirely, completely agree with you. Definitely art!

    @ Alexa
    I grew up wearing a tiara, since I was the only girl in my family. I think I could get use to wearing a GF crown. Lol.

    Nothing from Lynn? That's not like an aries. Lol.

    2:54 AM

  12. Somehow this may tie in with my 'locks on the river fence' but I'm not sure how. I like the semetry of the bike, the gate and the wall.

  13. And the contrary is true too:

    a beautiful photo is not always a good (technically) one!!!

  14. Do they have those He and She bikes in France? To me, this is a she bike.

    Drummond: I can't wait to pass on "Lyric" to my husband. Now, why didn't I THINK of that! Love it!

  15. I love Photoshop! I am not very good at it, but I use it a lot for Scrapbook Digital,...very cool!

  16. Another nice one for the Razzle Zazzle! Gorgeous, with the wall and greenery in the background. That's a great observation by the real estate guy. And Eric's photos are beautiful in all ways.

    You've heard of Brangelina... Beniffer... but the newest sensational couple is Lyric! Perhaps some t-shirts are in order.

    Phx, this could also be a She bike.

  17. Uh oh. Photoshop training. If Eric were to bring himself along, Alexa would be quite pleased at something like this.

  18. I love the photo and I really like the bike. It's a woman's and looks like it would be faster than mine. Hmmmm.. mine is languishing in the garage. I should hang it from the ceiling in the house. Nope, can't do that. Ceilings are too low.

    I can take it places and photograph it. I was running out of ideas for my blog. Thanks Eric.

  19. Boy that seat looks hard!

    Confession: I have total bike guilt. I bought one a year ago and haven't ridden it since about two weeks later. The poor little guy has been sitting in his dark garage on two slowly flattening tires meekly waiting for me to go out and play and I just ignore him. Think of all the money I'm going to have to spend on bike therapy for him when I finally get him out into the sunlight again. Sad. Very sad.

  20. Eric, are you not a professional photographer? I always thought you might be a photojournalist or something similar. I noticed your photos are not Photoshopped - or at least no noticeably so, but they're still very good.

    As a journalist/photojournalist, I know what that photographer means about technically good vs. emotionally good. I have taken photos of events, looked at the photos, and seen that one has excellent emotion, but the lighting is bad or the colors are off, and another has perfect photo characteristics, but the emotion isn't there.

    I always end up running the emotional one.

    Enjoy Photoshop training. I only know the basics, and it helps very much.

  21. My real estate agent is never that are fortunate to have met one with such a keen sense for the artistic merits of the photographer. I believe Aristotle would refer to these as logos and pathos respectively. This bike reminds me of the one I learned on...the kind that for whatever reason kept pulling left or right into parked cars, trees, curbs, thorny bushes,...ah, to be young and imbalanced and pushing pedals like these again. Sorry you got a flat...and had to wait and wait...that sounds too familiar. May you have a better tomorrow to end your workweek.

  22. Coucou,
    ce que j'aime beaucoup dans la photo, c'est le nombre très élevé d'intersections.
    Ce que j'aime beaucoup dans le texte sous la photo, c'est le nombre d'informations toutes simples mais toutes intéressantes qu'on y trouve.
    - flat tire today
    - spent some time in the Batignolles area
    - this bike attached to the fence
    - protects people from falling on Saint Lazare train lines
    - a real estate agent who is also a photographer
    - a good photo (technically) is not necessarily a beautiful photo (emotionally).
    - all day I'll be in a Photoshop training...
    Un petit échantillon de vie.
    Des instantanés d'échanges, de réflexions, de sujets qui se prolongeraient, se détacheraient et poursuivraient leur chemin.

    Bon Photoshop. Je ne sais pas à quoi cela peut servir mais si Eric s'investit là dedans, sûr il en fera un truc intéressant. Je pourrais peut-être lui envoyer des photos à retoucher... :)

  23. This Aries says Yay GF! to Without a Map!

    I know quite a lot about Photoshop and use it often, though not every day for my blog. I'm still grateful for any tips you pick up, Eric, particularly short cut ones! I'm so impatient...

    Oh by the way I have bike guilt too. My lovely pink bike doesn't often see the sun.

  24. I really like this photo, Eric.

    BTW - only 2 days left in my Paris blog series. The entire month of May has been devoted to Paris (May 1-10 travel, May 11-31 blogging!)

  25. Interesting place for a bike :)
    Love the graphical touch here, with all the lines crisscross each other.
    Nicely done!
    Great blog!

  26. Beautiful photo. I like this blue bike - it's very chic and parisien (everything in Paris is to me).

    Have a great day in photoshop Eric, it sounds like fun.

    Anne, can't you extend your Paris blogging, Pleeease...? You really have to do that Paris book, I'll be the first one to buy it.

  27. What a fun picture. Would you believe I never could get the hang of riding a bicycle. I tried when my children were learning to ride their bicycles, and never could get it!! ;)

  28. I will Lynn, but later, because I'm really too tired now !

  29. Anonymous "Bon Photoshop. Je ne sais pas à quoi cela peut servir mais si Eric s'investit là dedans, sûr il en fera un truc intéressant. Je pourrais peut-être lui envoyer des photos à retoucher... :)" LOL Noooooooooooooon !

  30. It is very nice. I use to ride a bike. I don't see a lot of people do it anymore here. It is good exercise though.

  31. Oh,yes, Bettina, there will be a book on Paris - I promise! I have already started it...

  32. your real estate agent is exactly right - beauty and technical perfection don't make a good photo