Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking for Eric

I can't help showing you this poster for a movie that was competing at the Cannes festival and that will be in many movie theaters over France tomorrow (see trailer here). Believe it or not it's a comedy by Ken Loach - yes, a comedy! - starring, Eric a soccer fanatic postman who receives life coaching from another Eric : the famous soccer player Cantona. Even though I bear the same name, I don't think I'll go and see it as the plot sounds a little meaningless to me. FYI, here are some facts about the name Eric in France : it was the 40th most given first name in France during the XXth century and the peak was reached in 1965 (20 278 babies were named Eric that year!).


  1. I KNEW you'd gone to Cannes! I said so in the comments box! Did you? I thought of you today as I was reading about this film!

  2. Did you also notice, dear Eric, how I always call you the King, the Lord, the Baron of Blogs? See the red writing? King Eric. SEE? Confirmation! he he...

  3. Yes! Thib and I both wanted to know if you were going to do anything about Eric, the movie! Thanks for the info about the name in France, as I was curious about that too.

    I am getting you the poster for your home. and maybe mine, too, as I am married to an Eric!!!!!!!! Eric, Let's go to the msll. Eric, how do I look in this, Eric, the garbage is full, Eric, let's visit my sister.......Honey, where are you?

  4. 20.278 babies named Eric in 1965.

    I wonder how many will be named after you now that you are the world most famous blogger!!!

  5. Quite, Monica. By the way, on my crown are lots of little Eric man-dolls. Erm...does that just sound ...wrong? Eek.

  6. And will you deny that they are yours?

    "Bily Jean, is not my lover,
    She's just a girl,
    Who says that I am the one.
    But Eric's not my son..."

    Can you see M. PDP moon walking with a white glove?

  7. LOL, Jeff! I'd like to see that.

    And I'd go to see this if they were Looking for our Eric. I'm sure he could give excellent life coaching to a postman, given that he himself delivers the most wonderful posts daily! {And of course, I'd go and see it if they were Looking for Phx's Eric, too. I'm sure that would be a lot of fun!}

  8. How funny!! The only thing better would have been to see your photo stuck on to Steve's body.

  9. LOLLL Jeff

    Lynn, coming from you, no, it does not sound wrong!

  10. That's wonderful! Did you stand up and wave and say, "Here I am?"

    That is so fun!

  11. Oh, blah blah blah. Who *isn't* looking for Eric? Puh-lease.

    So you were at Cannes? I heard that this year it wasn't filled and it was possible to get hotel rooms and movie tickets and everything. So? How was it? Tell, tell, tell!

  12. LoooL Jeff !

    GF Lynn, no that's a great crown. And it is only a matter of time before we can buy PDP merchandise anyway, so why not King Eric dolls ?

    I saw this poster all over Paris when I was there and of course my first thought was our PDP Eric everytime.

  13. Yes, a merchandise shop! Of course Eric already has one, at Zazzle, but we do need the Eric doll...

    Monica LOL! You all have this strange view that I make erm... slightly risque remarks! Moi? lol I am actually a very proper, good girl, I'll have you know. Tis only my humour which appears so ;)

  14. The Eric doll must have a big smile, he must naturally be taking a photo or at least ready to take the pic, carrying the camera. He must have those snazzy sneakers on and his arms and legs must be bendy, to enable us to play with him properly ;) No, there's nothing smutty there so don't even think it. Any other requirements? Now...who knows a manufacturer?

  15. Thanks for sharing, Eric. Were you indeed at Cannes? Wherever you were, I hope you had a great time.
    Lynn, GF! The crown certainly suits you today. Hey, is there a membership card or something for the official Eric Fan Club? Because I want one too!

  16. I'm curious where you got your statistics about historical name prevalence in France!

  17. You're right Lynn, I thought about Zazzle the minute I posted, but we could do with some more Eric items there and a fan club, of course Alexa...LOL

  18. Yes, more Eric items. I think Zazzle should produce knickers. We could then transport Eric's face to our...products.

    Have I gone too far? :D

  19. "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea."
    - Eric Cantona.
    No, I don't know what it means either. The motto for the proposed Eric FC perhaps?

    Marketing memo re Eric doll: must have full range of accessories and co-ordinated outfits - and a little scooter. All attractively packaged and sold separately at a premium price.
    Oh, and a bendy plastic lady friend called....mmm....Saucy Lynn?

  20. ROFL! Love it! OOoooh yes make me into a doll (make me slim and gorgeous, natch; what else are pretendy items for?). You KNEW I'd love that didn't you? he he... though tragically for this purpose I'm not nearly as bendy as I might have been once ;) I'm happy to give it a go... well, my new plastic partner needs me doesn't he? I might resist the 'saucy' though (who moi?) - let's call her Lady Lynn (one must always keep a little sauce back). MUCH more suitable. Bahaaa! Isn't ONE of us here a manufacturer?...sigh... :D

  21. LOL !!! Lynn et Drummond quel couple, euh enfin, quel duo !!!

    Moi j’adore les sardines, surtout celles qui sont en boîte, avec citron et huile d’olive. Je dois être une mouette dans une seconde vie !…

    Looking for …, excellente idée! Cela me fait penser au jour j’ai revu par hasard un ancien voisin de quartier que j’apprécie beaucoup et que je n’avais pas vu depuis son déménagement, hormis une fois en coup de vent dans un couloir du métro. On était resté en contact par échange de mails et de cartes postales mais en le revoyant récemment « pour de vrai » comme disent les enfants, j’ai eu un choc : c’était bien lui, celui avec qui je papotais via FB et autres mais en chair et en os. Sensoriellement interessant!Bon, tout ça pour dire qu’il faut chercher à voir plus souvent ses anciens voisins. D’ailleurs ce soir ça tombe bien c’est la fête des voisins !
    Mille excuses pour ce texte en Français mais je n’ai pas trouvé les conditions générales d’utilisation du site… ;)
    Pardon quand même, je pourrais faire un peu d’efforts… on est d'accord...

  22. NB : Ceci dit j'ai déjà essayé et cela n'a pas été très brillant, le moins que l'on puisse dire.

  23. lol Anonyme! Amusez-vous bien ce soir a la soiree avec vos voisins.

    Alors, est-ce qu'il etait tres different, que l'image a FB ou comment?

    Moi; j'adore les sardines a la BBQ. Miam! ...et aussi en toast. Hmm, j'ai faim maintenant :( merci...

  24. Wasn't there a "fangirl" section in the hardly-used message board section of PDP?

    Yes, this poster is all over Paris and the Confessions of a Shopaholic one (title in French, of course). I almost went to see the Audrey Tautou Coco Chanel movie while I was there, but I figured there wouldn't be any subtitles!

  25. Speaking of Eric...the only other Eric from France I know is Eric Vincent, a talented musician whom I met in South Dakota on tour back in the 90s. I hope he, and you, are doing well. Any of you French folk familiar with E. Vincent? I've lost touch with him over the years and wonder how he's doing. Extraordinary talent and cool dude too.

  26. You were at Cannes. Now I'm envious. A comedy by Ken Loach is an oxymoron surely? Actually Eric I do want to see this. Eric Cantona yes please.

  27. Lynn, bravo pour votre français. Je vais continuer alors!
    Mon ex-voisin était en bonne forme et je ne sais pas si c'est le fait de ne pas l'avoir vu depuis plusieurs mois, mais nous étions heureux d'être ensemble et puis on avait pas mal de souvenir en commun. Très chaleureux. Romantique. Oui. Vous savez quand tous les sens entrent en action et les capteurs fonctionnent!... Oui vous savez ça Lynn :)
    bonne nuit!

  28. Shell Sherree "I'm sure he could give excellent life coaching to a postman, given that he himself delivers the most wonderful posts daily!" LOOOL

    Jeff, you're on drugs!

    Petrea "So you were at Cannes? I heard that this year it wasn't filled and it was possible to get hotel rooms and movie tickets and everything. So? How was it? Tell, tell, tell!"
    I was NOT! I was in the middle of nowhere near Nîmes. No movie theaters there, believe me, barely a cell phone signal!!

    Lynn, "but we do need the Eric doll..." you're on drugs too!!

    Drummond LOL (about the Saucy Lynn comment among others ;)

    LifeonEight "I'm curious where you got your statistics about historical name prevalence in France!". Well we have several sites that list first names. pretty interesting. This one for instance.

  29. he he I don't need such things, Eric! ;)

    Merci Anonyme! Il y a quelques annees depuis j'ai parle Francais chaque jour. J'aime bien d'avoir l'occasion ici de temps en temps. ;)
    Oui, je comprends... :)

  30. I too have been looking for Eric. No luck so far . . .