Saturday, May 30, 2009

European Elections

It's election times again... In one week (on June 7, precisely in France) the 375 million voters (out of a total population of 500+ million) will elect the 736 members of the European parliament. Unfortunately (well, in my opinion!) the concept of a big European nation is still too new (the first European elections took place in 1979) to mean anything to the people and only few of these 375 million voters will make the journey to the poll booths on Sunday. Unless, unless... they fall for this party who claims they found the best way to avoid layoffs: prohibit them!


  1. After an all-day class, I was half expecting a wildly photo-shopped photo. But I'm happy to learn something from you—once again!
    Did you ever get your flat tire fixed?

  2. And I hope Michael shows up to see this message from moi: Bon Anniversaire!

  3. So, Eric -- I assume you'll be voting, oui?

  4. Alexa
    Of course he will be voting! How could an opinionated person like Eric not vote? lol

    Just kidding... x

    Happy birthday!

  5. I expected a Photoshopped effort too! :( Pah! I've had enough of politicians at the moment. Grr. English ones anyway.

    Prohibit them LOL.

    Bonne anniversaire, cher Michel x

  6. Oui, I saw these metal partitions lined up on the sidewalks in preparation for the EU elections. Cool photo! You are right on top of it. You got the most popular poster so far. Let's see what the others do. So far, not much!

    BTW, further to my emails to many of you at PDP; has anyone had trouble with damaged luggage at CDG airport? I am comtemplating a letter of complaint.

  7. Lois -- I've been lucky with luggage at CDG so far —though not so with catching planes, but that's another story (one with an inadvertently happy ending).
    I digress—what happened? And are the Chanel pearls safe and sound? If you want a copy editor for your letter of complaint, I'm your girl.

  8. Voter apathy is a problem in the United States, and we've been going at it for 233 years.

    We do, of course, identify as one nation. Is there any chance your national police forces and armies will ever be the same? That seems like it would be a nightmare.

  9. Luggage complaints? Don't you remember the commercial from long ago that showed the luggage guys are really 3.000 pound gorillas, tossing your luggage around like eaten banana peels?

    I only do carry on.

    Happy happy sunny South Florida Birthday my dear Michael!

    I think it should be emphasized, because the rules are so different from America, that these metal partitions are placed in certain areas, and that these are the only outdoor ads allowed. This is the extent of my knowledge on election ads in France. Would LOVE to learn more from someone.
    Now now Tall Gary, don't link me to something that makes me laugh!

  10. Alexa, "what happened? And are the Chanel pearls safe and sound?" LOL

    They trashed my new luggage going and coming. It seems the airlines have hired a lot of shady characters. I never in my life saw so much luggage destroyed, not only mine, but everyone. They tore a handle off my suitcase (it took a lot of effort to do that, BTW), and then it had slash cuts into it. I threw it away last night. Charles (who lives in Paris) said that he has heard about this new problem. He said, he heard that it is their way of taking revenge on US flights. Charles said it is because my luggage is so beautiful. But, I told him that regular looking luggage was also destroyed. It was a mess. Everyone's luggage ripped open with things falling out everywhere. I never saw such a thing before.

    So, you will help me with my letter? :-)

  11. Ah, perhaps Eric's Photoshop class went so well, this was indeed a poster for an AC/DC concert before he went to work on it ...

    Bon Anniversaire, Michael!

    Alexa, congrats GF, again. :)

    Phx ~ a commercial or a reality TV show?

    Lois, désolée. How upsetting.

  12. Happy birthday, Michael!

    Lois, that's dreadful. I've never heard of anything that severe happening to luggage. I'd certainly write a letter if I were you.

    About these elections: how often do they come around? Annually would be too often, I'd think.

    Eric, I'm glad to hear you're taking a class in Photoshop. I've found it impossible to figure out on my own, and it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one who wants to take a class!

  13. Shell -- LOL!

    Lois -- write your letter and send it to me. No promises, but the ex and I missed an AF flight back in '05 and I managed to snag us better seats on the next day's flight; lunch, dinner, and hotel vouchers and a 30-minute international phone card to use in the meantime; and vouchers worth the exact amount we'd paid for our original r/t flights.

  14. "Prohibit them". hmmm I bet no one thought of this before!

    Lois welcome back. Good luck with the luggage.

  15. Michael HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you having food on a glass to celebrate it this year too?!
    Well, if there's a gateau, save us a piece!

  16. Je crois comprendre, que c'est une photo très techniquement belle.

  17. Happy Birthday Michael ;-)

    Lois I'm sorry to hear about your luggage. It must have been awful. I'm always holding my breath while waiting for luggage in airports ; is it there ? what shape is it in ?

    We are going to the polls too next Sunday. The EU parliament doesn't mean much to the majority of Danes BUT the royal family does so the Danish government has made it a double election. We also have to vote for a change in the royal order of succession (if girls can inherit the throne automatically) and THAT will bring people to the polls. Sadly enough the EU is not important enough in itself, I think it should be.

  18. Bettina, it's exactly the same in the UK. The European elections are met with complete indifference by the majority of the population here.

    Despite the fact that the European Parliament has huge powers to pass laws that often override national laws, it's national politics which gets all the coverage.

    I like to think that I'm someone who takes an interest in current affairs, but have to admit that I have no idea who my local Member of the European Parliament is!

    However, there is currently a great outcry over the abuse of expenses by Members of the British Parliament, and the turnout at the Euro elections is expected to be higher this time - but only because we want to give our main national parties a kick in the pants!

  19. I LOVE watching the BEEB over here in the States, Drummond, but the news about your Speaker and all the other jokesters was in our news, too.

    So how DO the Danes feel about their Royality, Bettina?

    Where do the French go to vote? The local city halls? Schools, like in the US?

  20. Checking in from Atlanta where I'm currently for work and nice to see the well wishes. I confirm Lois' experience! The security and luggage in the U.S. is sure different than everywhere else I go. Amazing!

    Request for Eric: Could you photoshop a few years off of my age now?

  21. Quite, Drummond. I don't know who to vote for this time, they all seem to have been stealing our cash and then shamefully excusing themselves. Don't get me started.

    Michael hope you're having a great time. I've just done such a photo actually - a friend of mine wanted me to rejuvenate her, take the obvious wrinkles off without changing what is essentially 'her'. It was fun and I was pleased with the result. She, was over the moon!!! LOL.

  22. Hey Miguel, Happy B-Day! Atlanta is a fun place, and I'm sure you'll have plenty opportunities to occupy yourself there.

    Lois...sorry to hear about your luggage. Chicago O'Hare always tends to lose my least you have some of yours. Small consolation though. I hope Alexa can help.

    Hope the elections go well and bring about positive change.

  23. Michael having a birthday? You mean--he ages? He's mortal? I'm stunned!

    Happy Birthday, my friend.

    As to the photo: "prohibit them"? Maybe stop them, but prohibiting a party from running in an election defeats the purpose of democracy. Is our host! He's a Royalist? Vive le Roi?

  24. Eric, if you succeed with Michaels photo I would like to order too. Or maybe Lynn could do the job ? It sure is easier, and cheaper, than plastic surgery, LOL.

    PHX, most Danes really like the royal family and I don't think Denmark will ever be a republic. We can get pretty close to them as well. I live in a small town where they have their summer castle and we meet members of the royal family in the streets, in shops and in the woods, so when they have stayed here for a month or so, we feel like we "know" them. And when they go around in the country the public can get close to them as well, and I think that's why they "survive" as a monarchy.

  25. Shell Sherree, Petrea, Alexa, Monica, Bettina, Michael, Coltrane_lives, Merci! for your words of understanding and compassion. I know that many of you travel to Paris so that is why I put that comment out there. I just wanted to see if anyone else had any destroyed luggage on the way back from the PDP party.

    That is an excellent idea, PhotoShop years off. This might turn into a booming profession just like plastic surgery $$$$$. hahaha

  26. Hi Guys.
    I am heading to Paris in a few weeks via CDG Airport and your stories have me concerned. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  27. Oooh Eric's late tonight. I'm off to bed so will have to see tomorrow. Will it be a photoshopped masterpiece? :)

  28. Hetty -- seems like it might be smart to carry really crappy luggage!

  29. Hetty, PHX-CDG will have all the information, I would think.

    Lois, when I traveled to Paris in 2006, my luggage and much of my clothing was ruined when someone else had balsamic vinegar in their luggage and it broke and seeped into my suitcase. I don't remember what airline we flew, but they gave me a new suitcase and paid for my dry cleaning. However, we were only there for 8 days and it took a week to get my dry cleaning done. I almost didn't get my clothes back in time to pack them for the return trip!

  30. Alexa and Petrea, those are great tips for Hetty ~ take really crappy luggage and line it with plastic :)!

  31. Thank-you for the helpful information. Cant wait!

  32. OK, I'm late in wishing Michael a happy birthday but to make up for it, I've a little surprise for him at my blog. :)
    Happy Birthday Michael. You don't need any photoshopping darling boy, you have a delightfully young looking visage!