Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aboriginal Art for sale in Paris

Today (Sunday) the auction house Gaïa will sell Aboriginal art at 60 rue de Richelieu, very close to my house. I went to see it today, for after my trip down under I really fell in love with this type of art. One small detail though, I did not know it was so popular...You see the big one on the upper left side of the wall (by Dorothy Napangardi Robinson, who, apparently is very famous in Australia)? It will probably sell for 20 000 to 25 000 €. I can't afford it (and though I have the perfect wall for it!). May I take advantage of this occasion to wish a happy bonfire to Ian and Andrea, my dear friends from Adelaide Daily Photo ;-)


  1. Interesting angle. 20 000 for a piece of art? Some of my students have Aboriginal type artwork on display today only- then for sale. All here in Central Texas. I don't think they'll get the prices of this work though!
    However Eric, you might be able to afford them (I don't have a wall for their work at the moment.)

    I do like the natural colors of this artwork and the neutral background really helps.

  2. Again, the now usual "Tenin's angle" !
    It gives a different view on these pieces of art: Could I say I love the wooden floor?

  3. I think I prefer the 2nd one on the bottom. But I probably couldn't afford that one either.

  4. Thank you so much Eric!
    As for the artworks, I think it is, like most art, a matter of taste. The dreamtime told in dots can be interesting but only if you have an interpreter!

  5. Hey, folks. Another intriguing photo, M PDP.

    Hey, maybe it's getting time to try to plan for 2010. Over a weekend this time, I think. May is nicer weather, but school is still in session. Does that matter? I Monica going again? Anyone? I need to create something to look forward to.

  6. I like the one in the upper left corner, too. Original (or aboriginal) art is worth a high price, I think.

    Happy bonfire, Monsieur et Madame B!

  7. Eric, you have done us proud, my good friend.
    Naturally there is a long list of Frenchies who should have been in Adelaide for the feu-de joie.

    Had it been going for 120 years we may even have had Gustav Eiffel whose tower is celebrating a major anniversary this year - this week in fact.

    I wonder if we will see such crowds and publicity when our bonfire reaches its 120th year?

    Much love to you, and all my dear Parisian friends, you are all sadly missed.

    Petrea, Merci beaucoup for your lovely and kind wishes. I hope you have a ripping Halloween celebration next week.

  8. Your interior tilts always work so well! Love them, but not the art I'm afraid. Too drab for me :)

  9. I'm with Andrea. I love some of the art, but you have to also have more than the perfect wall for it. Here's something I found about
    Dreamtime that Andrea refers to.

  10. Thanks, Eric, for the angle and the sneak preview. This stuff is quite beautiful. Wish I had both the bucks to buy it and the space to display it!

  11. Where is Eric tonight? He's late in his post.

    Oh well, he's probably still feeling lazy from sunday....


  12. maybe he's watching the live U2 concert on " you tube " from the rose bowl in pasadena, ca. .......the world is (or so we are told)......i am.......

  13. We have a few CDP bloggers in Pasadena; Can8dianBen was at the concert and my husband and I could hear it from our house!

    Here's Ben's post:

  14. >>The dreamtime told in dots can be interesting but only if you have an interpreter!

    I bought two small pieces when I was in Australia in 2000 after their meanings were interpreted for me.I appreciate this art very much!

  15. Loving the new design, great work. Will it always be this way?