Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reporter on duty?

I know this photo is a little blurry, but I love its atmosphere. I took it last night right in front of the Lutetia hotel. My eyes got caught by the bag (and not just because I'm a journalist!) so I had to take a photo ;-). Of course the guy saw me in his mirors, so at the next traffic light he asked me why on earth I would take a photo of him from behind! I briefly told him why and handed him out a PDP button. Who knows he might check out his photo today... By the way, this bag is made by Reversible, a company that makes products with used PVC advertising banners. Isn't that cool?! I want one!


  1. Well, I hope he does come on and see his photo—and comment on it too. I can see why you had to take it—almost like taking a shot of yourself.

  2. I love this photo! It's great fun when you post a street scene, specially when it's on the left bank.

    Let's cross our fingers and hope the journalist in question will show up here.

    Today HE is the news!

  3. I love this moody photo, especially the lovely buildings in the background, the welcoming lights. Hopefully you've made a new convert.

  4. It's a bit dicey to take photos while driving, but sometimes they make the most interesting shots. You can feel the movement. But be careful, Eric. And while you're shopping, please pick up a bag for me.

  5. Love the photo - and love that you travel with PDP buttons at the ready!!!

  6. Sorry Eric, I came back for another gaze at the faun. See ya, I"m scrolling down now!:)

  7. I must admit the street scenes are my favourites too.

  8. How about a "PDP Press" bag? Now THAT would be cool. It seems these bags made of recycled material are all the rage in Paris. Elsewhere?

  9. Ooooh.... I like this photo too, and the black and white treatment is just right. I like how you can see all the striped street crossing places too.

    But, I wonder why the bag has the English translation? I think anyone would be able to recognize 'Presse'.

  10. It feels like a photo that takes me on a ride through Paris. Great shot. 'Love the black and white. And I think Michael is onto something with that PDP Press bag!

  11. Hi

    I'm the guy of the photo, i love this photo and i'd like to have it
    I didn't know this blog before but it's very good idea
    Continue to shoot friendly parisian

  12. Hey Vincent! Welcome to PDP both as guest star of the day and visitor. Eric is a friendly Parisian isn't he! So tell us, how's his driving?

  13. Great picture (as always), But I'm surprised no-one has asked.....Eric, where do we get our buttons??? Think of the free publicity ;)

  14. I give this gift to Vincent, but unfortunetly there's only one bag like this one.
    Reversible, has developed an innovative and responsible solution for the end of life of PVC advertising banners. From the recovery of these used banners, Reversible gives them a new use for at least a great white and black street scene picture.

    i like this blog.


  15. Whether by design or accident (I suspect the former), this photo has a great retro look.

    The black and white, the strangely old fashioned look of the bag, the sense of urgency that the word 'Presse' imparts.
    Could be a scene from one of those New Wave films of the sixties.

    -There's something incriminating in that bag.
    -The rider must be stopped reaching the newspaper office at all costs.

    In a breathless chase through the streets of Paris, Eric Tenin, played by Jean-Paul Belmondo, pursues the rider on his scooter- a pursuit which will have fateful consequences for them both and ultimately end in tragedy. (New Wave, remember?)

    Oh well, back to boring old work.

  16. Great photo!
    I'm becoming an addict of this blog... specially of the scenes with people in them.
    I recently added a long comment in another blog about Paris because I recently visited the city and found the people very nice, totally unlike the stereotype.

  17. First, let me say I WANT A PDP BUTTON! ;) And Eric, we are kindred spirits as I adore bags as well. This photo rocks.

  18. We want buttons!

    All my friends laugh at me, many tales I tell begin with:
    "Eric tells me..",
    "PDP picture today..",
    "Eric gave this web site.."

    They all think I'm mad and you're my imaginary french friend, but the PDP Button will either stop this..or make it worse! lol

    Bring on the Buttons!

  19. Joanne, Misplaced Parisian ~ I'm not sure if Eric's button is the same as these ones, but you can check out his lovely Zazzle store through the link in the left sidebar or just click here to go straight to the Paris Daily Photo products within his range.

    Err, hope you don't mind me giving you blatant and gratuitous promotion, Eric. :)

  20. Moi aussi, un bouton, svp!!

    And how cool that the subject of the photo is amongst us :-)

    It is a very interesting composition - I love the typography element, the geometry of the street lines, and yes I can sense the action of it :-)

  21. This looks like a still from a movie. The fact that it isn't staged makes it that much better!

    BTW, I LOVE my PDP button. Thanks! ;-)

  22. @Monica "pecially when it's on the left bank." You're so snob LOL!

    @Petrea "It's a bit dicey to take photos while driving" It is! I concur, but I was at a traffic light, so not really moving.

    @Carrie. I wanted to give him a card initially, but I did not have any left.

    @Virginia. "I came back for another gaze at the faun." Well, I'm sorry but today's photo is less graphic!

    @Michael "How about a "PDP Press" bag? " That's an idea. But I understand you don't really get to choose your motive. You buy what they just received...

    @Joanna "and the black and white treatment is just right" That's me cheating,because of the poor quality of the photo.

    @Vincent "Hey! Well send me an email and I'll reply with the photo (

    @Joanne. "Eric, where do we get our buttons???" On Zazzle

    @Eric. "but unfortunetly there's only one bag like this one." Ohhhh that's really bad. I want THIS one! OK, Next time I see Vincent on his bike, he'd better be carreful or else I'll steal his bag! "i like this blog." Thnak you ;)

    @Drummond "In a breathless chase through the streets of Paris, Eric Tenin, played by Jean-Paul Belmondo, pursues the rider on his scooter- a pursuit which will have fateful consequences for them both and ultimately end in tragedy. (New Wave, remember?)" I alsways admire your imagination ;-)

    @Lu "I'm becoming an addict of this blog... specially of the scenes with people in them." Well, I'm afraid you won't remain addicted too long Lu, as I don't show people very often (image rights, you know...) Only from the back or if people are masked...

    @Misplaced Parisian "This photo rocks." LOL (I'll give you a button next time you come to Paris...)

    @Joanne. You too!

    @Cali "BTW, I LOVE my PDP button. Thanks! ;-)" ooooh you're going to make some people jealous here!

  23. This photo is very 1960s film noir.

    Vincent: bienvenue à PDP.

    Joanna: It is we who are mad, and while the images often are imaginative, we are not imaginary.

  24. Eric I am not!!! But what can I do, I have a thing for Rive Gauche!!


    Hey the reporter showed up. That's always amusing to see the subject posted showing up here! Welcome!

  25. Your lucky your not in NY.....or else at the next light the guy might have turned around and....

    Haha! Just's only a stereotype that NY-ers are violent!

    Great pic, the B&W effect makes it...


  26. Love it! I hope this one shows up on Zazzle in some form that I can get as a gift for the three journalists in my family. If we can't get the actual bag, maybe the photo on a bag?

    I'm with you, Monica. Love the left bank. I'm going to close my eyes now and imagine I'm strolling down the rue Jacob...

  27. Ok, I get it now. The website for the bags is excellent, but they are truly unique as the "other" Eric says above. What I like is that you have to choose quick to get the one you like and then you're sure to have a one of a kind. Now, does anybody know how to get PDP Eric's photos onto bags like this? That would be fantastic!

  28. I need that bag!! Oh yes.

    What a great shot, Eric especially in black & white. Really in the moment.

    Hi Vincent! Bienvenue a PDP! :)

  29. Vincent - bienvenue!! Keep checking in - we have alot of fun here.

    Micheal - doesn't Zazzle have bags? I think they do.

    But I have another idea, too. If they could make a decal of it, it could be put on a certain kind of coffee pot and we'd have a French Press (or French Presse)!

  30. When I first heard you say 'buttons' I was confused. Why on earth would you give out buttons? These, in the UK, are fastenings on coats etc. I think we would say badge, yes? Is this what you gave out? I'm guessing buttons are American. ;)

  31. Lynn - you're right - we do call small pin-on items buttons. I never knew you Brits call them badges! For us a badge is something one carries to identify where one works. They're most often associated with law enforcement, but employees get company badges that identify them, too.

  32. Oh that's interesting Carrie! Those are also called ID badges here, and I'm not sure what these pin on items actually are! Yes I think it's a badge but without seeing them...not sure. I don't think we have them, in UK, in fact. It's made of paper, then? We sometimes have stick on paper labels, for children at parties, perhaps... lol!

  33. We'd call the paper labels stickers, really. Children get 'brave boy/girl' stickers at the dentist for example.

  34. Eric, this is a 'ripper' shot.

    For one small moment I thought it was you !

    I must wear my PDP BADGE more !!!

  35. Eric,
    You are forgiven. We can always come back for a quick glance, n'est pas??? :)