Thursday, October 29, 2009

I saw the light!

I'll be honest, I did not have enough time to take a photo today, so I'm using one that I took a few weeks ago and that I love. I took it in Notre Dame (yes, the same day I took the Saint John the Baptist one) in one of the isles where people can light up candles (candles - and more widely light - have a strong symbolism within the Catholic religion). That is all ;-) BTW: this weekend I'll be selecting photos for the 2010 PDP Calendar. If you have particular photos in mind that you think should be in this calendar, please let me know.


  1. Beautiful! I love your church photos, Eric. They always capture the way I feel when I visit the beautiful Paris churches.

  2. This is just lovely. Thanks Eric, I needed this beautiful scene, since I just recently saw the film "Paranormal Activity". This will help me sleep at night and of a course a "Hail Mary" {prayer or two}.

    There is such a calming and peaceful feeling from this photo. All I need is my mother pinching me for leaning over the church pew, talking to people in the next pew and not sitting still or paying attention during mass. Did someone say "Confession Time ?

    Mea culpa, mea culpa and mea culpa.

    Ouch Mom... Lol.

    {Mea culap: An acknowledgment of a personal error or fault.}

  3. Eric, I can feel the warmth of the candles all the way across the ocean. Seeing this brings back memories of the day that Megan and I were at Notre Dame. Thanks!

  4. Thank you Eric! This is one of my favorite pictures of yours.

  5. Lovely shot here ERic. Now about the fav photos. HHHHHHHmmmmmmm. I"ll get back with ya. I have one but i doubt you will be able to put it on a calendar!

  6. hmm.... this photo for instance, you should put this one in the calendar.
    It is absolutely beautiful.

    To name a few other recent photos that I'd suggest you put in the calendar:

    Vogue Anniversaire
    Nuit Blanche (the one in Canal St. Martin)

  7. Wonderful. This photo alone could lure me to Paris. If I wasn't already lured, that is.

  8. I light a candle then take this shot, every time I'm in Notre Dame. Yours has so much depth—and I love your post title!
    As for your calendar, here are my faves:
    8 Jan. -- the Champ de Mars in snow
    14 Jan. -- sunrise [and of course the 26th, but that one's personal :~) ]
    20 March -- the birth of Shell's PTDD obsession
    26 March -- Café Limonade
    27 March -- double rainbows
    7 April -- shadows on the quai
    27 April -- Guille!
    7 Aug. -- Paris plage
    16 or 30 August -- dancing by the Seine
    all the ET shots (8 & 26 Feb., 9 May, 8 Oct)
    and my absolute fave, your 14 Feb. lovers.

  9. Lovely! I've lit candles there. What a lovely picture.

  10. What a great image - very different that a basic Notre Dame image. Once again the Tenin perspective. The movement of the candle light gives depth and perspective

    For a calendar image i suggest December 12, 2008. Another great Tenin perspective of Notre Dame for the holiday season! It was my screen saver until the snow blanketed Paris

  11. Today's Notre Dame photo is beautiful. However...

    Favorite photos for your calendar? Our group of international friends at the picnic. It doesn't matter that it is in a bar, or on the Seine, or anywhere else. We are friends. You brought us together, and if there were not PDP, we would never have met and come together as friends. Ok, ok. we only see each other once a year, but: Do your remember the smiles? ET Suzie's surprise arrival? Sab from 'Paris Set Me Free'? Katia, my French teacher in Minneapolis? Why would I ever meet Guille? (She may regret it!) Think about it, mon ami...

  12. Very nice..especially with "La Toussaint" fast approaching!

  13. Gosh, I have alot of favorites!

    8 Jan; Champ de Mars snow
    14 Jan; Place de la Concorde dawn
    8 Feb; Eiffel Tower snow
    10 Feb; Graffiti
    19 Feb; Pigalle
    26 Feb; Eiffel Tower out a window
    27 Feb; Fauchon reflections
    13 Mar; Institute du Monde Arabe
    20 Mar; Bateau Mouche
    1 Apr; Post box
    7 Apr; Game of Shadows
    9 May; Eiffel Tower
    17 Jun; Paname boat
    27 Jul; Shop at St. Roch
    5 Aug; Cafe sign against apartments
    7 Aug; Paris Plage
    27 Aug; Baguettes and tortes
    1 Sep; Conciergerie
    16 Sep; Typewriter
    4 Oct; Nuit Blanche Canal St. Martin!

    It was really fun looking back!!

  14. Oops - maybe I misunderstood - do they all come from the past year? If not, forget it, I can't choose - there are too many great ones!!

  15. So, on another subject, Eric, I just searched your site for "purple" or "lilac" because I want to buy a photo in that color. (I am doing some interior design work.) And I realised that I cannot search by color on your site. :-s

  16. I just searched "Provence" as I remembered you posted photos there that were the color of lilac and/or purple. Is it possible to still purchase your photos?

  17. These are the photos that I am referring to -- you took them in 2003.

  18. Your blog is very interesant designed and again I am here in Paris web sight. Always very different and new. greetings from Bavaria Manuela

  19. @Lois. I don't sell my photos, I give them! So you can take which ever you want... (if you want a larger size just let me know).

  20. Pretty pic, Eric!

    I like the Guille one of her standing in the gallery, her back to us.

    Also the close kissing one, with their bags and things hanging and the kiss so urgent in the street. Sigh.

    Sorry no time to look up the dates but hope you know the ones.

  21. Pretty pic, Eric! It rythmes! Congrats Lynn lol!

    Here down is my little selection in a calendar spirit... Needless to say, many others are special to me. There are also other photos already selected at the Zazzle site which could suit as well (Ballerina, White Dinner, Rabbits, Ferris wheel, etc).

    16/11/2008 : Pont Marie at night
    28/11/2008 : Another dawn photo
    12/12/2008 : Notre-Dame Christmas tree
    23/12/2008 : Eiffel Tower blue
    05/01/2009 : Snow alert (part II)
    14/01/2009 : Place de la Concorde at Dawn
    08/02/2009 : Eiffel Tower in snow
    14/02/2009 : Le baiser de Beaubourg
    22/02/2009 : The auction sale of the century (not really in a calendar but I love it)
    26/03/2009 : Café Limonade
    27/03/2009 : double rainbows
    06/04/2009 : Paris Marathon
    07/04/2009 : Game of shadows
    23/05/2009 : I love Paris in the Spring time
    27/05/2009 : Casual Paris scene
    07/08/2009 : Paris plage 2009 – mid term
    27/08/2009 : yummy
    30/08/2009 : Dancing by the Seine
    01/09/2009 : La Conciergerie
    04/10/2009 : Nuit Blanche by Canal St Martin
    13/10/2009 : The Barberini faun (maybe a bit too much during a whole month ;)

    I really have a blast looking back at all these pictures.

  22. Beautiful! It brings warmth in my heart =)

  23. Oh, candelight makes me melt...

    So tough to narrow down Calendar choices ~ but here are a few particular faves:

    8 Jan: Champ de Mars in snow
    20 March: LOL, Alexa! Go, Pointy-Topped Doo-Dads. {And no, I'm not talking about the Faun}
    26 Feb: Eiffel Tower out a window
    13 Mar: Institut du Monde Arabe {for sentimental reasons}
    26 March: Café Limonade
    8 Oct: sparkly ET

    But there really are SO many beauties! Have fun narrowing it down, Eric.

  24. Nice photo. Wish I was there and got it myself!

    For the calendar, I love the one of 03 January 2009, "Snow dress" an Aristide Maillol sculpture with a dusting of new snow in the Louvre gardens. And so nice in B&W.

    I used it on my desktop last winter. Everyone who noticed it said, ohhh!

    Steve in overcast Chicago

  25. This reminds me of the smell inside a catholic know the one, from the candles burning. Reminds me of my youth :-)

  26. Everyone lists wonderful photos, Eric. I don't know how you'll choose. If I had my pick I'd have a PDP photo every day.

    Hey! That's a brilliant idea!

  27. The photo has a real celestial glow - brilliant!

  28. Serene and lovely.

    Some of my faves:

    8 Jan: Champ de Mars in the snow
    25 Jan: Eglise des Invalides
    8 Feb: Eiffel Tower in the snow
    27 Mar: Back to Paris
    13 Mar: Institut du Monde Arabe (same reasons as Shell)
    16 Jul: Save Our Soul
    27 Jul: The little shop near Saint-Roch (everyone needs a Roger in their life)

  29. This is beautiful... love the glow and I love lighting the candles for a special cause or concern. Thank you for another lovely photo!! As for the calendar, whatever you choose will be lovely. I look forward to it!! ciao ciao, Valorie

  30. Hi,

    Very nice picture and its great. Last year I went to London and maybe next time I will go to Paris. Hopefully..

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  31. What a great shot.....

    We are so excited since we leave tommorow and will be in town on Saturday! Now that we are expanding our "to do" list, we are going try and attend the 10a mass at Notre Dame on Sunday as I read there are chants during the mass....

    Until we return....


  32. I'm stuck for time so I'll just mention my favorite one - the kissing couple with the Sex Pistols bag.

    OK, one more. Champs de Mars in the Snow from January 8.

    Dammit. Another one. Bye Bye Paris from 2/26.

    And another - Bateau Mouche from March 20.

    Ok, this could take all day. I'm outta here.

  33. You have a wonderful creative spirit Eric. I would like the two photos you took in Provence in 2003 of the Senanque Abbey in print size 22" x 15". Or, would it be easier for you to post them on Zazzle?

    I noticed the Ferris Wheel at Dawn photo is posted on Zazzle and it is purple.

  34. You have a wonderful creative spirit Eric. I would like the two photos you took in Provence in 2003 of the Senanque Abbey in print size 22" x 15". Or, would it be easier for you to post them on Zazzle?

    I noticed the Ferris Wheel at Dawn photo is posted on Zazzle and it is purple.

  35. Thanks a lot everyone, your choices help me a lot. I'll be working on this this weekend, so I may ask you for more help eventually.

    @Lois, I'll send you an email.

  36. Eric do ask for our help whenever you need, I'm looking foward to seeing the new calendar.

    I agree with Lynn, it would be lovely to see Guille in one of the months, it would make our days better just by looking at her pix!

  37. This is a beautiful photo Eric and you should include THIS one (light) and perhaps one of each season - especially the snow photo - and La Tour of course. Perhaps a romantic (love); a fashion photo, a statue, a building and a delicious food photo. I can't name specific photos but you will be able to find ones that suit. Then you will have together all the things that Paris (to a non-Parisienne) represents: light, love, food, fashion, romance, gardens, La Tour Eiffel, architecture, history and art. Well, that's just a suggestion from my perspective anyway.