Monday, February 01, 2010

Bubble Wood

Today is the first of the month and therefore it is a theme day... I  found out that the theme was "Wood". In Paris we have two woods (the Bois de Boulogne on the west side and the Bois the Vincennes on the East side) but I did not really feel like photographing a forest! Instead I chose to show you a "concept store" as we call it in "French", incidentally called Bubble Wood. I know it's a little lot far fetched but I like the photo... If you want to know more (providing you understand what you'll see!) check their stunning web site. Also check what the other City Daily Photo bloggers have come up with for today's theme day.


  1. Good choice for the theme, Eric! Love the colors and the composition, and am now off to check the web site.

  2. Okay, that is a seriously cool web site! (I want the T-shirt with the vieux sale Serge on it.)

  3. Cool display and image! Great interpretation of today's theme! Cheers!

  4. wow! that website really is very cool. you are such a creative thinker!
    Happy theme day Eric.

  5. Far fetched? No. Creative. Nice composition, too.

  6. This is a creative take on the "wood" theme, and yes, that is a creative website. I am not sure it makes it easy to do business with them, but it does convey an image that they are cutting edge.

  7. You 'wood' come up with something creative for theme day, 'woodn't' you.

  8. Oh well that's just what I expected. YOU have a cool shop , I have a .....never mind. Wahhhhhh, I miss Paris. Well you knew that.

  9. very cool website and store. i was stuck for awhile playing around with the cool opening intro page on the website and then the links. great find.

  10. Super cool. And thanks for reminding me it's theme day!

  11. Brattcat, I love it!!!

    Eric, a new concept store I never heard of before but not surprising as you are my official exclusive partner for news and trends! Well, you shared a little this position with my daughter, the eldest. I'm going to wake her up in a few minutes and ask her proudly : do you know Bubble Wood? ;)
    Cool Wood theme day. Thank you.

  12. Original take on the word wood and super image. Thanks for the link - great.

  13. Even when you're not taking up your Tenin Perspective, Eric, you're thinking laterally. :) I love the lighting and colours in this one. And that is a seriously hip website, and I only got as far as playing with the welcome page.

    LOL, Brattcat!

  14. Great photo - as usual. Visually stunning website they've got there... for about a minute, after which it just becomes frustrating trying to grasp what they're actually about. Style over substance?

  15. Cheeky but fun interpretation of the theme! Quite a lot like bubble wood's website. ;)

  16. Fancy interpretation of that theme day. Fine! Good job!

  17. Comment dit-on "concept store" en français?

  18. It's a clever site and fun to use.

    As far as I can make out the concept store caters for young(ish) people who want a particlar look or lifestyle image. They can then get a number of items across a range of products which reflect this image. Takes the thought process out of shopping and produces lots of look-alike clones.
    - In fashion terms, wasn't it always so?
    We've had one for middle-aged people in the UK for years. It's called Marks and Spencer.

  19. Did I really write 'look-alike clones'? Oops!

  20. I used to go to Marks and Spencer at Boulevard Haussmann when they had a store there, which is now closed. Galeries Lafayette Maison has taken the spot instead !
    I used to love buying English drinks and foods at M&S!!! I truly loved it!
    Bubble wood seems to be very different and really more young(ish) fashion!
    Do you think that the "Colette" Parisian store (rue Saint Honoré) is another concept store ? I went there yesterday in order to show this funny store to my daughters but it was exceptionnally closed yesterday! Then, we went up to American Apparel instead, which is pretty fun and young oriented too!!

  21. I think it's super clever take on the theme & a terrific photo. I like the font & the colors on the store name.

  22. Yes, Eric wood have ideas bubbling up that go against the grain. He branched out, carving, whittling the idea before we saw it. That's why he's poplar, always fir st, as he leaves others behind.

  23. Looks like a cool store....and Colette is interesting in its own way, but had a lot less to offer in terms of clothing then I expected.

    After looking at the other theme day blog sites I have to say you are the only who really pushed the limits...Bravo!


  24. That's at least tree more word gags than I can cope with at this time of the morning. {;-})

  25. I don't have much time to drop in lately! Too busy - but I miss you guys. This photo reminds me of the paint store photo. I like both. I agree Dave-CRDP, that the site is really engaging, but they seem to be missing alot as far as it being useful. Drummond & Jeff - LOL as usual!

  26. You must have been coming home from one of your outings. :) Is that graffiti and a beer bottle? The total concept of your photo looks like jazz. I like it.

    Pssst. Merci for the link yesterday to Orpheus (Orphée) 1949 French film directed by Jean Cocteau.

  27. I noticed a few stores that have turned into concept stores while I was shopping over the holidays. For instance Old Navy; but not at their website -- just their store. I guess it is the latest market craze.

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