Monday, February 15, 2010

An evening at Versailles

Photo blogging about Paris has got a few advantages. One is to get to receive nice words from people from all over the world (!), another is to be invited to special events. Hence the private visit of the Versailles castle Saturday evening thanks to the wonderful team of Flickr France who currently sponsors a photo exhibit called "Versailles Photographié - 1850-2010" (see some examples in the making of and a little Animoto too). Wonderful exhibit (see the flickr page, especially made for the occasion), followed by a walk through the various corridors. I'll never get bored with such a scenery even tough, this is actually the second time I have the chance of attending an event in Versailles:  last time was for a Charity in 1994 where Lady Di was the guest of honor! (Me, bragging?!)


  1. Wow, this IS special. Lucky you, Eric. And of course, there's that famous perspective! Thanks for sharing—now I'm off to check all those links.

  2. Okay, the links were great! Must have been wonderful to be able to take photos there without 40,000 tourists in your frame. BTW, did you get to meet Diana?

  3. Eric, too bad Megan wasn't there. She just loves Versailles! Just kidding. Have a great vacation!

  4. Sorry I'll miss this photo exhibit. Thought I'd mention that there's a great one at the International Center of Photography, in NYC, through May 9: photos of Paris from the '20s and '30s by Brassai, Kertesz, Ilse Bing, and others, in case any of you are in the neighborhood.

  5. @ALexa. No I did not, I was just 2 tables away from her at dinner (she was at the same table as President Giscard d'Estaing whose wife was hosting the dinner party).
    She was absolutely stunning (Diana, not Giscrad d'Estaing's wife!)

    Before dinner, there was a concert in the theater (there is a theater/opera house in Versailles) and the host (Eve Ruggieri) told us (the audience) about the etiquette, that we were not supposed to applause when she arrived, that we had to stand until she sat, etc.

  6. Gee, even Louis XlV would like to be in your shoes!

  7. Eric,
    Being in Paris between March 27 and April 10, (our 6th visit) can you suggest any photographic galleries to visit please?
    I have you as a favorite on my blog and although not a regular with comments, read you everyday.

  8. Ooh, la, la! You are a blessed person to be able to do things that you love. And the photos that you take are breathtaking. (One more from the Tenin perspective here..) Merci a thousand times over!!

  9. Just thinking....isn't it interesting how few degrees of separation there are in the world?
    If Eric met Lady Di, and I eventually am so blessed as to be able to meet Eric, then that would make 3 (or is it 4?) degrees between little me and Queen Elizabeth II. *giggle*

  10. Of course you got the best shot because YOU are still able to lie prone on the floor and still get up. Moi? Not so much. I think you did a great job and lucky you Eric, your work affords you many wonderful opportunities. Now OFFF on your holiday and have fun!

  11. Love the picture... I visited France in 06, I unfortunately missed my chance to see the Versailles.

  12. Oh, Eric! What I wouldn't give to walk the halls of Versailles without the crowds. You are indeed fortunate, and so are we, that you shared this photo. I'm off to see the links! Merci!

  13. You, bragging, makes perfect sense.

    Kinda like me, dreaming, of seeing this in person. Thank you so much for showing these great shots for the dreamers...

  14. Eric—of course Diana was sitting with the prez. But if she'd known what we know, she would no doubt have caused a scandal of political protocol by asking to be seated avec toi!

  15. - Phx : "Even Louis XIV would like to be your shoes" LOOOOL That's a good one, makes me laugh !!
    And today it makes even more perfect sense ... sigh... No actually, I'm kidding, for sure, I do prefer going to work and stay in Paris.... Double sigh ...
    Great post and shots.
    At least, you are sharing, which is nice from you, ok... ok... ;)

  16. This is very gorgeous ~ your iconic perspective suits it beautifully, Eric!

  17. Utterly stunning ... I m jealous ...
    I miss Paris now ... I have not been to Versailles in years ...

  18. Oh I loved Versailles. One day just wasnt enough time to see it all tho. Lucky you living so close.

  19. Oh my this is incredibly beautiful, soooo elegant. Of course I love the perspective too. I loved Lady Di, and all she stood for. I miss her. Thank you for a beautiful glimpse... Valorie

  20. Love your Animoto. Yes, please do, brag -- you do it with such style and grace that you can get away with it.

  21. You lucky guy! It looks like the exhibit was nicely mounted and thank you for sharing all the extras so we can see, too. Love your TM Tenin perspective shot. Maybe for your 3rd blogoversary next month we should take up a collection for a wireless shutter release to give you so you don't even have to bend down to press the button for these :-).

  22. Jealous jealous jealous. But so glad you told us! What neat experiences you've had - enjoy them one and all. xo Anne

  23. This is so great! Do you know if tourists can visit Versailles in the evening?

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