Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ecole Estienne

There are several prestigious schools in Paris, especially in the art industry. You may know the Beaux Arts, for instance, that I already mentioned in this post, but I never told you about another one, also prestigious called l'Ecole Estienne (aka L’École supérieure des arts et industries graphiques). It was founded in 1889 and is dedicated to the "written arts" (fonts, binding, engraving...) and now to more "modern" techniques such as animation, movies, communication techniques and digital arts. It belongs to the city of Paris and it is located in the 13th arrondissement.


  1. I love how you can blow up the photo and see the fleur de Lys above the boat.

  2. Yes, again, "...the Paris coat of arms... a boat with a latin motto "fluctuat nec mergitur" (floats and never sinks!). How many of these have you photographed? This could be a photo theme.

    The red, gold and black are stricking.

  3. This is fabulous to see. Thank you for posting the lovely gate and letting us know of the college.

  4. Am I correct that the sign says Ecole M'le Estienne?

  5. On the "Histoire" page of the school's web site (Eric's link), it talks about "La création de l'école municipale"; therefore I would assume M'le is an abbreviation for Muncipale.

  6. Thanks for the sun you've sent us over Paris today, Eric. I miss the warmth though :) But at least, the sky is blue, like in your post today, ... cool!
    Never heard before from this school and glad I know it now, since my children are growing as fast as all other children!!
    Well, have to go now, I'm waited ... for birthday shopping... ha!

  7. I think I would prefer to take classes about the old written arts.

    That is a gorgeous gate!

  8. Oh my—what a gorgeous gate! I would think it inspires the students in their work to pass through here every day.

  9. Wow, but the Ecole de Cuisine would be MY school of choice, I believe..(if there is such a place! :) Gorgeous gate though.

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