Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love rien, I'm Parisien!

Here is a sticker I've been willing to show you for a long time, but never managed to photograph it the right way. Last evening, I did. Here is the story. Parisians have the reputation of being very blasé, of having seen and done everything and of not being very sensitive to anything. A guy (Stéphane Lecourbe) had the idea of turning this reputation into a slogan: "I love rien, I'm Parisien", which not only rhymes perfectly, but also sounds pretty funny. I cannot say it's a real success yet, but you still see a few bumper stickers like this one quite often throughout the streets of Paris. And I'm sure that if it was marketing more seriously it could be a big hit. If you're interested, click here...


  1. You're right, that is funny! I must have one of those stickers.

  2. Eric, in our country it's a bit the same. They say that people from Amsterdam are very assertive and cheeky. As I drive a car with Amsterdam on the back, I am quite often afraid that I find it back with scratches on it. You don't seem to fear this? But then again, you own a scooter!!!

  3. @Peter. And I NEVER go beyond the Périphérique LOL!

  4. I guess existentialists are alive and well.

  5. My French is not great but I laughed out loud the moment I saw this come into the portal!

  6. Ah, yes—cynicism is alive and well in Paris! Plus ça change . . . Et pour moi:
    American me
    Adores Paris!

  7. I couldn't summon enough blase to "wear" this, but it's stylishly witty!

  8. I do like it! Particular 100%.

  9. That's very interesting!

    I wonder if it will sound as nice in French...let me try (correct me if I'm wrong):

    J'aime rien
    Je suis parisien

    By the way, do the locals contract 'je suis' colloquially into 'J'suis'?

  10. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing; and thank you for endlessly capturing such a vivid city.

    If you’d like, please stop by my blog for a chance to win an original giclee art print...by me :)

  11. Cute & humorous sticker. Some days it's difficult to feel the love. :D

  12. @Photolicious "By the way, do the locals contract 'je suis' colloquially into 'J'suis'?" In fact it's not grammatically correct, and I would not recommend you use this form even though you will hear it sometimes even in the mouth of educated people.
    Or course, in this particular case it adds to the funny side of the slogan.

    Kinda "I don't like nothin', I'm Parisian"!

  13. Pretty sad slogan, not loving anything, I think. I can't believe that of the people of one of the best cities in the world.

  14. Bill, it may be the best city in the world but it's full of cavalier, desensitized citizens. It's rare to see a Parisian excited about anything, so the slogan is actually quite fitting. I feel I can say this with some authority since my husband is Parisian and I've lived here for over 3 years :)

  15. thanks for that picture!
    I love that slogan, because I'm a Parisian :)
    just check the facebook group of the name, we are quite a few

    did not know about those bumper stickers
    I bet I have to buy myself a car just to stick one on
    (do not have car, like most of us)

    @Bill : we love... making fun of ourselves
    have a nice spring day!

  16. ha ha :) that is a sense of humour alright :)

  17. I looked up rien and found this!


    I love anything, I'm Parisian! ???

  18. Personally, I find the whole idea of these silly little car stickers perfectly tedious. Yawn.

  19. My favorite bumper sticker is:

    If you're worried about what others thinking, don't worry, they're not.

    And, in fact, most time people don't think!

    Love Paris, though!

  20. Perhaps not a good idea to be wearing in Angleterre

  21. Putting a sticker on a car's paint! Argh...the horror!


  22. I'm Parisian and I love you, yes you right behind the screen, but also you and you again and you too. And does that mean "RIEN" ?!?
    No, that means I love YOU!!! Non mais des fois !!!
    Hopefully this sticker will make you smile as I did ;)

  23. Je n'aime pas rien! And j'aime PDP. One example why? This quote, which I got from clicking on the beer glass: "One thing is sure; the yearly PDP meeting will take place on April 27 in the evening. Save the date!"

    Ha! It's from the from the April 13, 2007 PDP, announcing the second annual picnic. Et cette année, le cinquième! Start practicing those dance steps, he'll have his camera! Once you see that, you will really lose the ability to love anything!

  24. Is it only for men, or is there a "Parisienne" version?

  25. Excellent slogan.
    Pretty true larious!

    I love people who are capable of self-depreciative humor!

  26. Excellent catch!
    True enough if you avoid the groups that "A-DORE!" (new) things constantly.