Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good deed!

This is probably not the nicest Paris photo you've ever seen here, but it's very Parisian! This, ladies and gentlemen is a Calendar (not as good as the PDP calendars of course ;-), but still!). And from whom did I buy it? From a Paris fireman that knocked at my door yesterday (Friday). It's the tradition here that before Christmas (and obviously much ahead of Christmas!) Firemen go from door to door and sell calendars to fund an association that helps firemen' family in need. I was happy to buy this calendar to support these courageous guys (and that includes going door to door selling calendars too!). That's all. We're still in the middle of a very long weekend here, and I enjoy it ;-)


  1. No pun intended, but are these firefighter photos HOT? Because I'm sure a few of us wouldn't mind it if you posted one of those photos now and then. :)

    I fondly remember the French Rugby team calendar...or maybe I just fondled it.

  2. Hi Eric,and all the best...

    My wife Eileen and I would like to present a copy of the fireman's calendar, and present a copy of the PDP calender to ourselves.

    Could you please let us know how to order the firemans calendar?

    Hope to see you and the local PDP folks in S.F. as soon as your schedule permits. It was lot of fun last time, and al true pleasure to meet everyone.

    Thanks again.

    Jim & Eileen

  3. I would never say no to a firefighter who knocked on my door—no matter what he was selling and even if he wasn't hot (though they usually are—why is that?). I notice the calendar says "depuis 200 ans." You've only had pompiers for 200 years? I'm surprised it's not longer. Oh well—enjoy your long weekend!

  4. La Poste used to do this as well. Back at the dawn of time (well, into the 50s anyway) all sorts of groups would come knocking on your door for money; Nuns for orphans, schoolkids charities, etc.

  5. How very Parisian! Not very American. Here, they don't come to the door, they call you on the phone. And call, and call, and call. Congratulations on getting a fine new calendar. :)

  6. I have bought this calendar for the last few years - usually from a gorgeous fireman in the shopping centre near gare St Lazare.

    Have to admit to buying the rugby one as well a few times!!


  7. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it