Thursday, November 25, 2010

An inviting grave

Call me weird, but sometimes, when I want to take a little break from the rush, I take a walk in one of the many cemeteries that we have inside Paris. And for the first time in my life I visited the one of Montmartre, right at the bottom of the "Butte", near the Place de Clichy. A very interesting one, with many famous people. I took a few photos while I was walking without knowing exactly whose grave I was taking. It's only when I came back home that I discovered  that I had taken the tomb of a famous French actor who died recently: Jean-Claude Brialy.


  1. I don't think it is weird. Cemeteries can be such peaceful and beautiful places, and they usually have interesting things to take pictures of.

  2. The Paris cemeteries amaze me. Ours do not intrigue so because they are not dominated by above-ground crypts. (New Orleans is an exception, but they are dangerous due to violent criminals robbing people.)

    Your cemeteries are historical and artistic journeys. I recommend buying a guide to find the famous people. I've not walked the Montmartre one, but I would like to.

    By the way, I love the photo of the Opera yesterday. It reminds me of escorting a certain English/Brazilian person back to her safe house after our PDP dinner. We emerged from the Metro and bang! there was Opera Garnier at night. Always stunning at night, no matter what colors.

  3. It is an amazing cemetery. I visited it 3 years ago. (Je ne savais pas que Jean-Claude Briali etait mort).

  4. That's an intriguing title, Eric, and a beautiful photo.

    I like visiting cemeteries, too, especially old ones (well, only old ones).

  5. beautiful grave, if appropriate to say. I liked J-C Brialy, saw many old films (black and white) with him.
    You are not weird Eric, I know many people who like to walk or just sit on cemetaries just because they are so quiet and peaceful.

  6. I love the almost closed eyes. Modest and soft tone.
    Walking in cemetaries surely helps to think about the very quintessence of life! Sometimes we just feel like it has to be thought a little about!
    I do not think you are weird nor even that your title is. An inviting grave to keep in mind all our remembers and to feel the way ahead.
    The way to meet new people, to simply look peacefully at our environment, animals, trees, dead leaves, snow, and then the yellow, the blue, the red, etc... The way to forget all and any disagreable parts. The way between those who sound really happy and those who sound less. And the truth behind that...

  7. J'adore moi aussi les cimetières, notamment les cimetières parisiens. Celui de Montmartre abrite deux tombes chères à mon coeur : celles de François Truffaut et de Sacha Guitry. Il faudra que j'y retourne pour me recueillir sur celle de J.-C. Brialy dont j'ignorais qu'elle se trouvât là. Merci pour la jolie photo et l'information.

  8. You are not weird. When I go to Paris, one of my destinations will be the cemetery of Montmartre to visit Cesar Vallejo tomb.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  9. You're not weird. Sometimes I go to cemetaries to get away and to think. For me, It's an escape to another time and place. I read the dates of birth and death, the names of the dead and try to imagine what their lives were like. For some people, it's the only remaining trace of their existence and I like to think that for the few minutes that I spend at their grave wondering about them, I'm somehow keeping their story alive. That's WEIRD!!!

  10. Beautiful shot. If wandering in cemeteries is weird, I'm a weirdo too.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the PDPers who are celebrating today. I will be giving thanks for the talent and dedication of Mr. Eric Tenin, who makes every day of the year special for me with his wonderful photos.

  11. OK, now I can see I'm not the only weird one LOL!

  12. Hi,
    keep visiting this blog often, but commenting for the first time. I dont find it wierd if you go to a cemetery to take mind off things, where else will you go? the metro:P
    Is this the same cenetery in Montmarte that is seen in 'Paris J'et aime'? I have never been to Paris, but Montmarte is one location i keep a keen eye on thanks to the French comedy - Amelie:)
    take care

  13. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  14. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it