Friday, May 17, 2013

An ode to economy?

You see this band in the background of this photo? I photographed them in front of la Fontaine Saint Michel and found later their trace on the Net. It turns out that  and found out that they are the Porto (in Portugal) university of economics chorus! (In Portuguese: Tuna Académica da Faculdade de Economia do Porto, or Tafep). Who knows, the next Finance Minister of Portugal was among them! (Listen to what they do here if you're interested). As you can see the weather in Paris is still... well... humid!


  1. I just love the shots you're getting, Eric.

  2. It's the new 'singing in the rain' approach to economics. All monies raised by the band go towards reducing Portugal's financial deficit - at the expense of the French economy of course!
    What about that band name though - only a bunch of economists could have come up with that. :-)
    Listened to them on You Tube and was reminded of that Russian band that perform in the large metro stations in Paris - could be another nice little earner for the boys........

    1. The new 'singing in the rain' approach to economics !!
      I love it !!!
      Are they cousins of the French President ?
      Just a wink.. :)

  3. Musical economists? Hey, why not?? Excellent use of the famous Tenin you-know-what. :~}

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