Saturday, October 25, 2014

The vegan "food truck"!

Here is the most amazing "food truck" you can find in Paris at the moment! And when I say "at the moment" I really mean "at the moment", for it'll only be here until October 26... After it'll probably go back to London (in Soho, more precisely) where it normally belongs. As you noticed, it's a genuine doubledecker bus: the kitchen is downstairs and the dining area is upstairs (and outside, when the weather allows it). The food is apparently very good, but I haven't tried it. Maybe this weekend.


  1. By report of vegetarians I know, it is nearly impossible to be a vegetarian, let alone vegan in France. French people do not appear to know the meaning of the word. One's vegetables are likely to come poached in chicken or beef broth. A vegan food truck must be a real shock. Good idea though.

  2. Rabbits don't dine! I love the red double decker, but vegans, hmmmmmm? They should go back to where they came from! I like my tete de veau, thank you!

  3. Live and let live, that's what I say. Nice to see this bus. Pity I will miss it. Not that I am vegan but would have been intetesting.

    I quietly chose not to eat meat for many years, but didn't tell anybody or describe myself as " vegetarian"

    is it the foood truck or the double decker bus that is the novelty?

    1. I'd say in order vegan (not very French), double decker bus (not very common here) and food truck (same, they were just introduced recently).

  4. English vegen food. Hmmm. I'll pass. But the bus is very cool.

  5. Oh ... si j'avais su ça plus tôt ... Jolie photo !

  6. Bringing good food to Paris is a bit like carrying coals to Newcastle.