Monday, May 23, 2005

Fontaine Stravinski near Beaubourg Center

On the side of the Beaubourg Center in the 3rd arrondissement you cannot miss this fountain which is really extraordinary (well according to me...). It's real name is "la fontaine Stravinski" (and not Beaubourg Fountain as everybody calls it!) for it is located Place Stravinski and it was created in 1982-83 by Jean Tinguely and his wife Niki de Saint Phalle.


  1. Je déteste toujours autant ce type d'art... Comparé aux arches gothiques juste derrière, ces trucs colorés sont quand même faiblards... On verra bien s'ils sont encore là dans 500 ans...

  2. Yes Rock, it's a must see! In fact you will find many of these sculptures in Paris for the artist who makes them (and who is also a painter) - Niki de Saint Phalle - is very famous here.

    Thanx for all previous comments. I am just back from Barcelona and discovered them.

    > Jean-Michel. Et oui j'ai du stock! Mais bon ça va commencer à sépuiser... J'ai presque acheté uin appareil ce week-end mais je n'ai pas trouvé exactement ce que je voulais.

  3. Yes Rock, I totally agree with you. Crap is a point of vue...
    And man creates crap since he is man...
    In fact, what bother me (is that good english ???) is the melting between old and new things. I can understand people love those St-Phalle creations. But why put them there ? I think they will be better in places specially created for them.
    Maybe I'm a little bit "integrist" with art... But I'm an old man, isn't it Eric ? :-)

  4. ceci dit, on a fait un scandale (moi inclu) de la pyramide du louvre, a l'epoque, mais finalement je la trouve vraiment geniale. comme quoi...

  5. Ah, so we will "segregate" all this "stuff" over there in the "crap getto?"

    This concept slaps of recent history auf Deutchland.