Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Statue of a Grisette in Paris 11th arrondissement

Don't go thinking this picture was taken somewhere in the country. I took it right in the middle of the 11th arrondissement, in the Jules Ferry garden. The statue represents a "Grisette" (that is what young female workers were called at that time) in 1830 and it was made in 1909 by Jean Descomps. For your information, in 1830, the average annual working time of a worker (male or female) amounted to a little more than 3 000 hours. Nowadays it amounts to 1 620 hours.


  1. Mercredi, 9 heures, pas de photo. T'es à la bourre !
    Sinon, elle est vraiment sympa, Cosette, euh je veux dire Grisette...
    Quant aux chiffres, si je comprends bien, un chômeur actuel fait 1 620 heures de non-travail contre 3 000 à cette époque. Finalement, y'a du progrès social.

  2. Effectivement aujourd'hui c'est le rush!

    LOL sur les chiffres de non travail (enfin quand je dis LOL...)

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