Wednesday, May 04, 2005

If you're European you probably know this car. It's called a Smart and it is taylored for European cities streets size! That is why you see a lot in Paris. Moreover, because it is small and cute, advertisers use it as an adverting medium! The principle is very simple : if you own a Smart and want to make money with your car, you just need to contract with one of the many companies that offer this service (Carlogo, Lybertydrive, Autocrea, Carpub, Upskin) and wait... They will contact you a couple of weeks later, check that you meet the requirements (you must make at least 700 km par month, park your car outside, etc.) and send you to a workshop where the ad will be installed. Each campain runs a month and depending on the programs you can expect to make between a 100 to 300 euros a month.


  1. Je viens juste de remarquer qu'il y avait un aileron de requin sur le toit. Cool..


  2. Bienvenue Smalltalkgirl (quel pseudo !!)sur ce blog et... à Paris puisque tu viens nous rendre visite.
    Bizarrement on entend très peu parler "Canadien" - enfin Québécois - à Paris, certes nous n'êtes pas très nombreux mais quand même.

    En tout cas bon voyage au pays de tes ancêtres!

  3. Thanks Eric for adding to my collection! I have seen Smart Cars in Seattle, Washington on occasion. As a matter of fact even this weekend one was parked at the Seattle Bike Expo.

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