Sunday, May 01, 2005

Yes, we also have Gospel in France! Last Thursday I went to listen to one of the choirs (Gospel Dream) in Saint Germain church (6th arrondissement) the oldest church of Paris - opposite to famous Les deux magots café. Very nice evening: magnificent scenery, very good singers, outstanding trumpet player... And an incomparable change from television!


  1. Well, who's to say where Gospel can flourish? Let us not forget what great things happened when Jazz took root in Paris. Even today, there is some amazing hip-hop coming out of Paris. My current favorite is Orishas, a cuban rap group that has gotten help from MC Solaar.

    Eric, do you know if Gospel singers in France tend to be of a particular ethnic background? Americans? Africans?

  2. Wahou, you know more than I do! (Well I know MC Solaar, of course, but not Orishas).

    As far as Gospel groups are concerned I don't know in general. I know this group has singers from the West Indies - I could tell from their accent when they talked between songs! - but some of them spoke English too. So I suppose they are a mix!

    Gospel is not very big in France anyway. 1) We are not very religious, 2) Slavery was abolished early in France: once in 1794 and a second time (Napoleon abolished the abolition!) in 1848.

    Sorry, I am not of great help!