Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Window shop of florist Hervé Chatelain

Yesterday evening I went to the second edition of Paris Blogue-t-il ? A Parisian blogger gathering that I attended already last month. Once again I spent a very good evening and I had the chance to get to know bloggers that I regularly read and chat with many interesting people.
On the way back home I drove pass the window shop of Hervé Chatelain, a florist, and I could not help taking a picture. His shop is located on 140 rue Montmartre (2nd arrondissement) and it’s not the first time I noticed how attractive it is.


  1. The lighting is nice. Its as if there is an aura surrounding th objects which contrasts well with the dark background.

  2. Je trouve votre site genial! Je viens de rentrer apres 4 moins a Paris et cela me fait vraiment plaisir de encore des choise de la vie quotidienne des parisiens.


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