Monday, June 27, 2005

Victories Square (Place des Victoires)

Here is my favorite square in Paris! It's located in the 2nd arrondissement, it is not too big and not too large and is surrounded by 17th century buildings that are just fantastic! In the center you can admire a statue of Louis the XIVth (which is not the original for it was destroyed during the French revolution), one of the most prestigious kings of the French History. This square is so elegant and classy that a lot of "new" designers have opened a shop nearby (like Kenzo, Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, etc. ).


  1. > Rock. This square is never very busy especially during week-ends (I took it on a Saturday at 5 pm. As for the sky, well I enhanced it a little bit!

    > Fred. You are so right and I am so ashamed. Not that I did not mean Louis the XIVth though. I just inverted the "I"; not very good at Latin numbers!! Thank you for being so attentive...

  2. When I have appeared on this area has solved that has got in a fairy tale-very beautifully and without people! Thanks for this photo, at once have gushed fine memoirs

  3. j'aime bien le qualificatif "enhanced" pour le ciel...

    moi aussi, j'adore ce carre. tres tres tres classe, c'est clair. en plus, il a moins cet aspect touristosse que peut avoir la place vendome...

  4. In fact it's "Louis XVIII" (18 ;))
    It's 'written' on the statue. But it's true that Louis XIV was on that horse before the revolution..

    Pour le quartier, c'est plus animé en descendant la rue Etienne Marcel. Avec plein (trop) de boutiques fashieeeeuun de fringues..

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