Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The year of Brazil in Paris

It's the year of Brazil in Paris and everywhere you can find exhibits, concerts, shows... about this country (that I don't know yet, unfortunatly). I took this photo in one of the Galeries Lafayette (a department store, like the Printemps, I don't know if you remember) window shop for they are precisely having a special exhibit abot Brasil at the moment. I am not sure of what it shows (maybe people from Brasil who visit this blog can help adding information!), probably a traditional dress or costume. Anyway, I love it! View original picture
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  1. Yes, the foto seems to me too to work perfectly in black & white. And though the department store window arrangement certainly appears -as represented in the picture- beautiful, not a single element strikes me as Brazilian!


  2. I thought she had on a lamp shade. You know, one of those expandable ones that you get at Ikea! I like the B&W as it shows the detail (of the lamp shade better). But agree with Rock, next one needs to liven us up a bit.

    Great job Eric. What's the "Technorati tags" at the bottom of the post?

  3. > Fred. Well, precisely I liked the idea of not falling into the usual cliché about Brazil. BUT, you can now click on "View original picture" in the caption and see more colorful photos.

    > Rock. I followed your advice!

    > Bill, do the other photos ring a Brazilian bell??

    > Michael. LOL. No it's not a Lamp shade but something closer to Lace I think. The tag? Well I don't know I found this on another blog. They say it helps enlargeing your audience.

  4. Eric, The fotos in the link you provided do 'ring a Brazilian bell'. I find the idea of city-wide themes, like the Brazil one in Paris, impressive and a great way to add variety/freshness to the daily treks around the city. In Brussels a couple of years ago I saw a 'cow' festival. European artists had been commissioned to make cow sculptures of all types, that one would then bump into around town. It was more amusing than it reads :-) Bill

  5. well, i asked around, and nobody seems to know about this dress. apparently it does not have anything typical of brazil (sorry, eric - i must quote anonymous: "no element strikes me as brazilian" - there isnt any - but then, who cares, after all ? the picture is great, and that's what matters).

    the only thing i could get from my [male] neighbours was "you should ask a brazilian girl" and "looks like a dress that would be worn in the 1920s or 1930s".
    also thought it kinda looked sad (because of the B&W), for "something brazilian", but i will check your other pictures.

  6. coucou! je suis brésilienne!
    Et moi, je sais bien ce que c'est ce vetement là! (pardon pour mon français)
    c'est pas du tout un tipique vetement bresilien. C'est juste une création d'un designer brésilien, qui est descendent de japonais et qui a fait de vetements en papier. a la fin du "fashion show" les top models simplement arrachent le papier. C'est presque un happening ou un performance artistique, Vousa savez?

  7. > Debora. Merci de toutes ces explications. Je ne savais pas ! That explains why it does not look bresilian at all then!

  8. Hi, I am brazilian, I am woman and I couldn'r find anything that reminds of Brazil. Yes, I've already heard aboud this guy who does clothes made of paper, but almost anyone knows him, so he couldn't represent my country. Anyway, if I would choose a tipical brazilian clothes, I am sure it would be a biquini.
    Best regards