Saturday, June 18, 2005

The French Republic

Remember one day I took the photo of the bust of Brigitte Bardot and told you how we like to think of the French Republic as a women? Well here is another proof of that. This time it's not only a bust but a whole statue dedicated to the Republic. It stands on the Place de la République (no kidding!) where Parisians tend to gather spontaneously whenever somethings important happens in the country. Why am I putting this photo here today?
Well maybe because it's the anniversary of "l'appel du 18 juin" (18th June call) made by General de Gaulle in 1940. He urged the French people to resist although the French government had just surrendered to the Germans.


  1. Hello Rock. Well, I poested this photo pretty quickly this morning and did not have the time to explain all about it. It's fixed now!
    I enjoy very much your having demanding visitors!

    And my photo, well I don't understand, it probably comes from my providers; that's where I put the photo. It's now on Hello, probably a safer choice.

  2. Eric, does this come from the late weaning of French babies from their mothers? Thanks for the book you sent me via e-mail by Baudry. Really great!