Saturday, October 01, 2005

French Foreign Legion

Although I am not 100% sure that these two guys do belong to the Foreign Legion I am pretty sure they do (otherwise I am sure one of my readers tell me!). I thought it was pretty odd to come accross two of them in the middle of Paris... I understand the French Foreign Legion is pretty famous outside France but do you know it was created in 1831 by king Louis-Philippe because he needed more men to conquest our former colonies and more precisely Algeria ?


  1. 3 persons..3 foreground trees...3 window columns (or4)..3 bags (one a loius voitton)..both men instride...


  2. Looks like the guy on the right has one of these "diagonal backpacks." Not at all part of the uniform I remember seeing as a kid. I love it!

  3. I enjoy a lot yr blog, now im in love of Paris.

  4. > Craggles, you have such an eye!

    > Tomate, actually this kind of bags has been in fashion for 3 or 4 years now. The first ones were made by Viahero and now they are copied everywhere.

    > Stranger, now you have to come here!!

    I am off for a week, but don't worry you will still have your "photo of Paris a day". Only I don't think I will be able to reply to your comments very easily. Bonne semaine!

  5. From "Tiens, t'auras du boudin" (the tune to which the Legion marches in parades) to rumors that the French Foreign Legion is fraught with criminals (one does not need to reveal one's real identity when joining it), the French Foreign Legion is definitely a regiment immersed in myth. Frankly, I find those bearded men with their leather aprons and their axe a little bit scary.

    And, of course, let's not forget Edith Piaf's song, Mon Légionnaire: "Il était mince, il était beau, il sentait bon le sable chaud, mon légionnaire."

  6. Rares à Paris, sauf vers la mi-juillet… C'est l'un des côtés sympathiques de la Fête Nationale !…

  7. Elisabeth, that is one of my favourite songs - have your heard Gainsbourg's version? It is amazing.

    This is a truly wonderful photo.

  8. I have been to Paris twice - once each the past 2 years. I look at your blog every day. Keep it up.


  9. They are definitely a pair of legionnaires.

  10. Only the Foreign Legion wear the White Cap, or Kepi Blank. Senior NCO's and officers wear black Kepis.

    For their first 5 years of service, Legionaires are not permitted to leave France when on leave. Many do, by buying civilian clothing when on leave, nipping over the border on their army ID Cards, thehn changing back to uniform before returning to base. Therfore, it is quite common to see Legionaires vacationing, in uniform, in france. (The uniform makes them more popular with women!! hehe)

    although in the past the Legion did accept men with very dodgy backgrounds, today things are very different.

    First of all, everyone has to present their "REAL" identity. The Legion have their own intelligence service effectionately nicknamed "The Gestapo", who, in collaberation with interpol, run extensive background checks. If a person has committed a small crime, it may be overlooked, however if the person has committed a serious crime, or is wanted by interpol, the legion will either not accept him, or may even hand him over directly to interpol.

    On joining the Legion, an individual may choose a new identity, this is mainly due to people wanting to have a totally new life, or not be traced by familly, or has committed a minor crime etc. This identity can be changed back to the real one after 1 year of service. Very few people change their name.

    Have fun,

  11. Both are from the parachute regiment of the rench Foreign Legion as can be seen from the red braids.

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