Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paris 1910 flood marks

In 1910 there has been a terrible flood in Paris. Water not only flooded along the river Seine but went through the newly built Metro network into the center of the city. On January 28, 12 days after the beginning of the flood, water was 6 meters higher than usual at the Pont d'Austerlitz... Needless to say that damages have been enormous! What is "interesting" though, is that throughout the city you can still find marks of this flood. Here is one, located inside the Conciergerie (a building where queen Marie Antoinette was kept prisoner during the French revolution). By the way, the authorities have already said that a new flood like this could happen anytime now...


  1. Eh, ben, c'est pas joyeux tout ça!

    (Les photos noir et blanc de Paris sous l'eau sont extraordinaires!)

    Hard to imagine what would happen if Paris were to flood again in the same way as it did at the turn of the last century.

  2. perhaps you can return and get a shot that shows it in relation to the floor. It would be interesting to see the height in relation to a famous parisian landmark!

  3. I looked for these marks the last time I was thereBut I guess I didn't look hard enough ;)


  4. in 1910 my grand father went to paris from south america.and the day he arrived he witnessed the great was on carnival time or caresma like the french called.he leave manuscripts of his trip tp europe.
    are you interested.