Sunday, September 17, 2006

Big green man

Since yesterday's green man inspired you, I thought I'd show you another model today. This one is much taller and much more alive too! You can meet him everyday sweeping the sidewalks, washing the streets and emptying the garbage can. Thanks to him - and his numerous colleagues... - 62% of the Parisians think their neighbourhood is clean (2005 poll).


  1. The pants are quite stylish. The hat less so.

  2. Green is my favorite color! When I've seen squads of these workers, they seemed enthusiastic about doing a good job. They must be well trained and well paid, non?
    PS- as an add-on to Luggi's fashion comments, the polo collar and reflective tape distinguish these from surgical scrubs. :-) -K.

  3. Oh, yeah, I saw them in June, too! I was really impressed by the color-coordinated fluorescent-green brooms and the green uniforms. Matches the plastic garbage bags all over Paris, too!

  4. Love it are just on one big Green Man roll! LOL! And aren't their trucks green too? I seem to remember having to dodge one as we were walking to a museum in the 16th! ;-)

  5. The green broom looks very funny.
    I think that all this green theme is quite useful in making them visible to people and therefore they realize their neighbourhood is cleaner!

  6. I love this photo and series of men walking and green! Links perfectly to your Waterfalls post as well Eric. Super!

  7. Haxo station...this is how you make a text link.

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    Thus, your link above becomes Haxo Station's Link .

  8. Love the way you set this photo out Eric. I tell you what - that guy has the sort of swagger a model on the catwalk has! Maybe he was one before he put on some weight and was forced to find a new job! LOL

  9. Very funny Eric.... well done. In fact I would add the 3rd last post to make it a trilogy.. they all flow on nicely to tell a story... how long can you keep it up?

  10. that soundz like a personal question john

  11. > Several days Latecia... ;)

    > Haxo. And after the lyrics, here is the song : Il est 5 heures, Paris s'éveille

  12. I love to see the "men in their uniforms" when we are in Paris. They keep Paris clean, have style, and deserve the praise you give them. We saw "Devil wears Prada" last night. The "shots" of Paris were fabulous. I wanted to rush to the Lexinton airport and fly to Paris, right then but must wait until May, 2007. :(

  13. I love this photo. The colors and the angle of the shot are great! Very artistic. I almost feel dizzy looking at the guy from this angle.

  14. Il est cinq heures, Paris s'éveille is one of my favorite French songs ever. I was totally in love with jacques Dutronc when I was 14.

  15. coucou toi lá in France!!!!!!!!!
    Je suis bresiliene,mais there is no one else place of this hole world that i love most than France!!!!
    Pardonne moi,mon français is not the best ones!=o)
    Juste passer pour te dire que is awsome your blog!!!I'm going to check it every single day!
    Bonjour pour toi lá!!!

  16. Forgive me dear folks. I just had to write a few lines because my partenaire (so clever, so smart)added my photo to the blog profile. I have been trying to do it for weeks but had no success. Back to the subject: I love the angle from which this photo was taken.

  17. Greetings, Johnny Parsons! That's a good looking picture.

  18. Superbe Trilogie. Que des grands hommes en fait. Ils ont sauvé tant de monde : du nazisme, des voitures et des glissades sur peaux de bananes !
    Great trilogy. Only great men in fact. They saved so many men : from nazism, cars and bananas skins !

  19. I had a good laugh reading your comments. The fashion comments (luggi I never thought their pants would be stylish LOL).

    Kim. What's your second favorite color (for next time !)

    Yes Tomate and Ame, their trucks are green too and so are the bags (I think the city tries to send us a message...).

    Edulabbe, I will pass your theorie to our mayor LOL and Haxo thanks fro reminding us of this song. I love it too - and so does Elisabeth apparently (all women were in love with Jacques Dutronc, even my mother!)

    Michael thank you for giving to trick to Haxo.

    Ladyjicky, I doubt your theory, but, well, one never knows, if I see him again I'll ask him the question LOL.

    John, see, after 3 days I stop. I bet you're less impressed Latecia!!

    Johnny. I thought of you; Monday's picture is another man in uniform LOL. I haven't seen the decil wears Prada yet, I did not even know it had scenes in Paris. And thank your partner on everybody's behalf. Now we know what you look like.

    Carol. Sweet of you to say. But do fall off your computer screen!

    Joujou. Coucou à toi aussi !! Buon dia (I am not sure of the spelling). Come back here anytime...

    Haxo. I love it too, but why do you mention La Bohème about this photo??

    Chris. LOL. Of course that was totally planned

  20. Love the green man in fact most of the photos are really lovely. Inspiring. I miss France... Anyone who wants a moan about Britain? Have a look at my blog.