Friday, September 29, 2006

Don't feed the humans in the cage!

In the Palais de Tokyo (16th arrondissement) there is a brand new modern art museum like I explained a few days ago. There is also a restaurant that I once photographed from the outside. On the inside this restaurant is separated from the museum by a grid. That is exactly where I took this photo.


  1. Not even a peanut? Very tempting, though ;)

  2. um..why the grid is red??
    And I noticed there is a long hair lady,right??
    umm...i cant think out a proper english word to describle the atmosphere there...hee hee, i will think...:P

  3. Is that a cigarette in the blond guy's hand?! Tsk, tsk, tsk...

  4. Oooooooo, cool shot Eric! I like how the fence color matches that smoking blonde guy's shirt...and I agree with Tomate...tsk, tsk, tsk! Oh, and I love yesterday's sculptor shot...amazing craft...and there sure is enough evidence of that around Paris! (=

  5. j'suis le cinquieme ce soir.... :-)

    i really like this photo, Eric. I generally like photos that focus on one thing (whether it's the object in the front or in the back) and leaves the blurry part to the viewer's imagination.

  6. ON ANOTHER NOTE, this is a general announcement for whoever is currently living in Paris :

    From January-May/June, I will be in Paris studying at the Sorbonne :-) I'm very excited...but need to start securing a place to stay.

    Can anybody give me recommendations for places to stay or know of a friend that would like to sublet their apartment to me?

    ....Because I'm only going for four months or so, I am looking for something already furnished....also, if possible, something in the center of town (I was thinking 4th, 5th, or 6th)

    Merci en avance! :-)

  7. cet endroit est un lieu magnifique, boire un verre a la terrase est tres agreable.
    La derniere fois que j'y suis passe , malheureusement il y avait plein de travaux.

  8. A very odd way to separate different areas INSIDE a building...
    Is the fence really pink?

  9. It's quite funny what you choose for photos sometimes Eric. Most people would have focused on the Palais de Tokyo itself, but somehow you give us a pink fence. Pretty "cool" (and I meant to use the word that time everybody!)

    ::Nahal:: First of all, that's great that you are going to come to Paris for a short time at the Sorbonne. Many people wouldn't be as brave. Check out for a possible link to apartments for short-term let. It might be a source for you.

  10. What about la Cite Universitaire? Can't she find something there?

    Ou le CIDJ (Centre d'Information de la Jeunesse) pres de la Tour Eiffel

  11. Man Tomate, you know your stuff! I never thought of these! I'll even pass it on to my trainees at work.

  12. Now I'll find out how long a post I can leave! This photo reminds me of an original Twighlight Zone episode - "People Are Alike All Over" The gist is that two astronauts crash on Mars. One dies, one survives as is rescued by human looking and seemingly friendly Martians. The next day, the Martians give the survivor a home of his own. Left alone, he quickly realizes there are no windows and all the doors are locked. Suddenly, a wall slides up, revealing bars through which a crowd of Martians stand. Conrad then realizes he is in a zoo. Rod Serling's moral of the story:
    "Species of animal brought back alive. Interesting similarity in physical characteristics to human beings in head, trunk, arms, legs, hands, feet. Very tiny undeveloped brain; comes from primitive planet named Earth. Calls himself Samuel Conrad. And he will remain here in this cage with the running water and the electricity and the central heat as long as he lives."

  13. > "tsk, tsk, tsk" : the last cigarette ! For it seems it will be forbidden in EVERY public place from next january on.

  14. yeah great title, i like the light a lot - very soft and pleasing despite of the cage.

  15. A really nice effect in this photo! I love it.
    PS-what do you think the man in the foreground is pondering?

  16. I can't believe that old standard link fencing has been painted pink and elevated to decorator standards. The whole restaurant is too sterile for my taste but I will check out the museum. We'll probably have coffee there and it will be smoke free by then.

  17. Eric,

    I stumbled across your site quite by accident a couple of weeks ago while googling "things to do in Paris". I am coming there at the end of the month on an unexpected business trip. Since I have never been off the North American continent and have DREAMED of Paris since I was a little girl, I am , needless to say, tickled to be coming. Your site, it's pictures, and all it's regular visitors, have given me an unexpected gift. Your perspective is fresh, your pictures beautiful and the comments from everyone the highlight of my recent personal history. I am only there for 4 days but thanks to you all...I have a list as long as my arm of places to see. Merci!!!!!

  18. gg: NO SMOKING AT ALL in public places in Paris? You mean, not even on the patio outside?!!! Wow, that's a little extreme, isn't it?!! (Don't get me wrong, I don't smoke, so it's no skin off my nose either way, but shouldn't people be able to smoke outside? Hummm.... Next thing you know, you'll see Parisians pick up dog poop after their dogs on the sidewalks, I suppose ;)

    Susanne: LOL on the twilight zone...

    Michael/Nahal: I'm not sure about the CIDJ, though; it might be designed for French youth rather than foreign students? But from there, you can probably find other links or tips. Good luck and congratulations Nahal!

  19. Since I noticed that there were so many car fans from Eric's post below...

    For those of you who are interested, the Mondial de l'Automobile 2006 (World Auto Show) is taking place now in Paris.

    At the PARIS EXPO
    Place de la Porte de
    75015 - PARIS

    Open to the public :
    From Saturday 30 September through Sunday 15 Octobre

    10:00am - 10:00pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

    10:00am - 8:00pm Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays

    Price :
    12 EUR (free for children less than 10 years old)

  20. I'd love to be on either side of that fence..

  21. Jolie composition en tons de roses et verts

  22. > Tomate : no you're right, it should be possible to smoke "in the patio"… The only problem is it's quite rare to find any "patios" in restaurants, bars and discos in Paris ! Of course you'll still have the café terrasses.